Wasatch Custom Angling Products

For several years, I have been selling Dean Child's Wasatch Custom Angling Products and I have been very pleased with the quality and performance of Dean's tools. All of the Wasatch tools have a wooden insert with brass ends, each tool is designed to fit in these handles and Dean has done a fabulous job of creating and developing new tools. Each handle is made of a stabilized birch that is dyed to match exotic coccobolo wood. ( No endangered woods or rain forest woods are used.) The stabilizing process, makes the wood last indefinitely.

The Wasatch line of tools was profiled by Paul Schmookler in the premier issue of the Art of Angling Journal. His sets, tools are often used as a part of Paul's artistic pictures of flies which grace the pages of his magazine. In 2004, Dean was asked to make a special set of tools for Vice President Dick Cheney. To make this set, he used the Vice President's seal and had it laser etched into the top of the box he uses for his 32 piece set of tools. He received a kind letter of appreciation from Vice President Cheney and was very pleased to be the first tool maker to an executive in the White House!

Dean also has made several custom sets for the Federation of Fly Fishers ( as well as several other groups ). His limited edition sets often command a premium price and has helped to enhance his growing reputation as one of the world's finest fly tying tool makers in the world.

For the past several show seasons Dean has also been my partner at the Somerset Fly Fishing Show. Dean and I have sold an unbelievable number of tools and tool sets to those at the show. I thought you would enjoy seeing a complete collection of Dean's tools. All of these tools are for purchase and offer a complete lifetime warranty.

Wasatch J Vise:

Wow! This is cool! This new vise from Wasatch offers all the features you are looking for. This vise is machined from tool steel and brass and offers a full true rotatory 360 degree head. Installed in the head is a material holder. The head has a locking feature which allows the head to be locked into place so you may use the vise as a stationary vise. The jaws will hold hooks from size 20 to 4/0.

Each vise comes with a bobbin rest, that may be used as an extended body tool or parachute tool. The base is made of hardwood birch with a lazer etched logo featuring artwork designed by Jason Borger. The base has a brass locking head and the vise may be removed and used as a c-clamp vise. The base is designed to fit Wasatch hook cups and Wastach tools. ( Tools sold separately).

This vise has a lifetime warranty and will provide years of enjoyment.

Price: $450.00



J Vise Accessories and Add-Ons:

J Vise Gallows/Parachute Tool: This is a great attachment. Allows you to tie parachutes. The tool has an added bonus unlike many others, it will rotate in a complete circle. As you turn the vise, the tool rotates with the head making for many unusal new possibilities. $10.00





J Vise Midge Jaw: Need to tie small flies? Than this the jaw that you need. Ties to the smallest of hooks. Really useful for tying flies, size 16-32. Makes a great addition to a nice vise. $80.00





J Vise Streamer Attachment: This attachment is specialized material holder. Holds extra materials and long materials. Use for making long wings or placing a wing in the correct position. Acts as a third hand to hold materials in place while you add additional materials. Very slick attachment. $25.00





Tube Fly Tool Attachment: New vise attachment allows you to make tube flies. Remove existing jaw and replace with the tube fly head. Has pin to hold tubes tight. Will also fit new Regal Revolution Vise. $80.00


Bonus: Buy all three attachments above( Midge Jaw, Streamer Attachment, Tube Fly ) and Get a Free Gallows tool. $185.00


Wasatch Boxed Sets

Wasatch Boxed sets for many years have been a favorite item for fly tyers at many of the shows I attend. Tyers love the tools and are a practical, yet useful gift. All sets come with wooden boxes, a velvet covered foam die cut insert. Each box has a cover that has attractive artwork laser etched to the tops. If you are looking for a great gift for the boss, your Dad, Grandpa, this it! Contact me and I can help you pick out the set that matches your tyer and your budget.

Wasatch Custom Angling "Favorite Tools Boxed Set". The set contains 14 of Wasatch's most popular tools. Included in this set are: 2 springo whip finishers, 1 hackle plier, 1 bodkin, 2 hair stackers, 1 small fur comb, 1 small hopper leg tool, 1 soft dubbing brush, 1 standard bobbin, 1 fur rake, 1 midge dubbing picker, 1 turbo shepards hook, 1 loop bobbin threader. The cover of the box is laser etched with a copy of the mayfly life cycle. Price: $210.00








Wasatch Heirloom 32 Piece Tool Box: If you are looking for a one of a kind gift , this is it! Your fly tyer will love this special heirloom quality chest. This is chest contains the entire, complete set of Wasatch's Fly Tying Tools. 32 tools. This is THE set for the tyer that has it all. Makes a perfect gift or is great for the person that collects tools. Each tool is American made with wooden handle and a brass insert. The hardwood display box has a laser etched cover with brass hinges. This is a really special set of tools. Usually this set is priced at over $500, as a special promotion, I am able to offer this set for $500.00

If you would like to see larger pictures, click here.






Wasatch Limited Edition 32 Piece Tool Set: This new set has a hand carved brown trout that is stained. Beautiful workmanship and totally unique. This set is available for a limited time. Each Limited Edition Set comes with the same 32 piece tools as in the standard set. All tools are American Made and have a lifetime warranty. Each tool has a wooden handle with a hand polished brass insert. This is bound to be a gift treasured for years. $700.00


If you would like to see larger pictures, click here.




Wastach Individual Fly Tying Tools:


Wasatch Wire Frame Bobbins: These bobbins have a solid wood insert, stainless steel arms and also feature a ceramic tip.

There are 3 sizes: Saltwater, Standard and a Mini used for midge work.

Prices: $15.00 each

Specify Standard, Mini or Saltwater





Wasatch Wire Frame Pearsall's Silk Bobbins: Attention all of you soft hackle addicts! These new bobbins are one of the only ones on the market to match the narrow spools used on Pearsall's Silk Floss and Thread. The Bobbin on the left is a ceramic and will hold the floss, the Bobbin on the right is a fine tube bobbin that will hold the Pearsall's Silk Thread. Very well made and ideal for using to make soft hackle flies.

Micro Ceramic Bobbin: $16.00






Wasatch Rite Bobbin: My favorite Rite Bobbins just got a bit better. These have wooden inserts with a ceramic tube. The outside has an adjustable hub and you spin the dial to adjust thread tension. These are wonderful to use. The large sizes are preferred for making deer flies by tyers like Chris Helms.

Standard Wastach Rite Bobbin: $22.00






Wasatch S & M Bobbin: This is a long time favorite of tyers like AK Best, Ralph Graves and Bob Jacklin. The outside frame is a square and is the only bobbin that allows you to actually stand the bobbin up. This is a new updated design ( the old S & M Bobbins never had a ceramic insert ). Comes with the Wastach wooden handles and a ceramic insert to reduce thread breakages. $16.00




Threaders, Bodkins, Stackers and Hackle Pliers:

Wastach Threaders: The Standard Threader ( shown left ) allows you to pull thread through any bobbin. The Rotating Bobbin Threader ( shown right ) allows you to turn in any direction, pull thread through bobbin.

Standard Threader: $8.00

Rotating Bobbin Threader: $8.00


Wasatch Rotating Hackle Pliers: These are similar to the Griffin Rotating Pliers. Wooden handle with gold inserts. Holds hackle tight. $15.00







Wasatch Revolution Hackle Pliers: New design plier has a weight attached to the bottom. Designed for use with the new Regal Revolution Spinning Vise. The weighted plier will hang with the additional weight. Great desgin. $15.00




Wasatch Test Clip Hackle Pliers: Long favored clip pliers by tyers like Jack Gartside and Craig Mathews, these are an updated version of the old design. Has a wood insert and are reworked to hold hackle tight. 2 Styles: Short or Long.

Long Test Clip: $15.00

Short Test Clip: $13.00




Wastach Large Hopper Leg Tool: Has hook end, ideal for making hopper legs. Adds knots for hopper joints and knees. Great for UK daddies and craneflies also. $10.00





Wasatch Hook Bowl: Designed with a little help from me, this bowl stacks and allows you to put several bowls together. Felt bottom, machined brass, holds hooks, beads and such to keep from dancing around the table. $20.00





Wasatch Wooden Stackers: Turned out of wood, with a brass coin base, the largest stacker is ideal for making bucktail streamers or use for evening hair for Clouser Minnows.

Micro: $16.50

Mini: $17.00

Medium: $17.50

Large: $18.00

Magnum: Not available

Wasatch Thread Splitting Dubbing Needle: Use this for all of your Magic Tool Flies. Has a standard handle for splitting. $10.00









Wasatch Standard Bodkin: Has a long handle to allow you to pick apart fibers, split thread or add glue. Has a nice tip. $9.00






Wastach Eye Paint Set: Perfect for making Clouser Minnows, use for Thunder Creeks or Use to paint eyes on your favorite streamer. One side is the iris, other is the pupal. Just dip the paint in and touch. Designed by New Jersey streamer geru, Chris DePlato. $35.00









Whip Finishers

Wasatch Whip Finishers: Both the standard and extended reach whip finisher have the Materalli design, which allows for a tight knot at the end of the fly.

Standard or Extended: $15.00






Springo Whip Finisher: This whip finisher has a spring tip that flexs and moves to provide less break offs when making a whip finish. Ideal for the newer tyer. $17.00






Springo Midge Whip Finisher: This is just the ticket to tie really small flies. The head is about 40% of the size of a standard whip finisher, allowing you to get much closer on smaller hooks. $17. 50





Wasatch Extra Large Saltwater Whip Finisher: This is about 50% larger than the standard extended reach whip finisher. Use this for giant jumbo sized pike, bass, saltwater bugs of the biggest size. Very large. $15.00

Dubbing Tools:

Wasatch Small Dubbing Comb: Small laser etched comb, ideal for combing out fur, hair and fine deer hair. $15.00





Wasatch Dubbing Rake: Used to remove hair, drag through a dubbing patch to take guard hair out. Ideal for making dry fly dubbing. $11.00







Wastach Dubbing Picker / Brush Tools: The Small Picker (shown left): Allows you to pick out the finest dubbing. Useful for making tiny flies. $10.00

The Medium Picker ( shown in the middle): Has a small piece of cable wire inserted to allow the tyer to make scruffy looking nymphs. $8.00

The Dubbing Brush-Standard ( shown right): The larger brush is ideal for making bigger stonflies, dubbing collars or sculpins. $11.00


Wasatch Rotary Dubbing Tools: These tools allow you to spin loops and create loops of dubbing:

Rotary Shephard's Hook: Has a long round hook which makes creating loops easy. $14.00

Rotary Bird's Tool: Similar to the Cal Bird's tool , allows you to turn the dubbing,flip and turn the tool. Ideal for use with a rotary vise. Also used with silk floss. $14.00

Rotary "Y" Shape Tool: Has a small "Y" shape head like the Dubbit tool. Locks in thread to create a tight loop. $14.00


Dubbing Whirlers and Turbo Dubbers :

Wasatch Dubbing Whirlers have ball bearing heads which spin to create dubbing loops.

Bob Jacklin's Whirler: This has a small hook on it, use to make the hair hackle dubbing brushes or create your own dubbing brushes. $25.00

Long Turbo Dubber: This has a long handle with a turbo dubber head, uses wire to spin dubbing. $25.00

Short Handle Dubber: Favored by Darrell Martin, this small handle turbo dubber is just the ticket in a close, tight spot. $14.00



Wasatch Custom Angling's Tool Lanyard: Very hot seller at this year's winter shows. Made of strong woven repelling cord. Has clips to hold all of your tools. Ideal for float tubers, kick boats or drift boat fishing. Also favored by salty anglers as well. As special I include a free nail knot tool and a small fly box. Elsewhere these retail for over $30, a great value at $22.00








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