TerrA Fly Tools went out of business late last year. I have some remaining stock of their's. I have located a new imported tool maker and many of these new tools are similar if not identical to the tools I've offered from Terra. Very shortly, I will update this page and add new items and newer pictures. If you have any questions, email me for more info.

Terra Vises and Vise Accessories: These vises are well made and make an excellent addition for travel kits, classes for kids or newer tyers.

Terra Rotating Vise: This is really nice. Made of stainless steel with brass parts. This is a true rotatory vise which has loads of features. The arm is articulated which allows for up and down movement of the turning arm. The jaws are fully adjustable to accept nearly every size of hooks. The head also moves up and down to keep the turning radius true when using different sizes of hooks. $52.00


This vise is a steal at this price!


Terra Vise Extender: One of the best ways to improve your tying comfort if to use an extender. This takes the vise down and away from your desk to reduce stress on your neck, back and shoulders. Like any computer tray for computer key boards, this is the best way to improve your comfort when tying. $12.00

Not Shown: Terra Hook Trays: These are small trays that go on your vise stem. Use them to hold beads, hooks and eyes. Makes a handy edition to your vise. $9.50 ( I have a limited supply of these, when gone, that's it!)





Terra Standard Base: ( Not shown ) This is a standard base, Black with a gold knob. Nothing fancy. A bit lighter than the Big Foot. Vise stem holder unscrews to make this vise travel easier. $15.00

Terra Spring Material Clamp: This is a wrap around spring that attachs to the AA Vise and the Challenger Vise. Holds chenille, wire and lots of other stuff. $1.50


Terra Parachute ( AKA Gallow's Tool ): This has a machined aluminum block and has a bent arm with a spring attachment. To use attach a hackle plier and pull down. Holds materials for para flies. Fits most 3/8" stem vises. $12.50

Bobbins, Hackle Pliers and Tools: Terra Has some great tools at reasonable prices. These can enhance your tool collections at a reasonable price.

Terra Deluxe Bodkin: An Extra heavy large handle with standard bodkin tip. Very nice. Machined aluminum handle. Won't roll around or dance the Texas Two Step. Gotta Have this one! $3.50

Terra Ceramic Tube Bobbin: Standard bobbin w/ceramic tube. Ideal for bass/saltwater. $9.00

Terra Thumb Hot Spot Bobbin: This bobbin has a hot spot for your thumb to add extra pressure. Ceramic tube tip won't cut thread. Great for saltwater and bass flies. Brass feet and metal legs.Price: $9.00 each





Terra Heavy Bobbins: ( Shown Left and Center): The extra long, extra heavy bobbin is ideal for tying deer hair or saltwater water flies and has extra long arms. The shorter heavy bobbin gives some extra strength as well. Both have bullet heads. $3.75

Terra Fine Tube Bobbin: This is a standard basic bobbin which has a fine tube and brass feet. Ideal for a travel kit, classes, the Grandkids or use an extra. $3.50






Terra Dubbing Rake: Back at a great price! Get this and use with the Dubbing Comb for a super combo. Comes with brass handle, metal teeth allow to remove guard hair or use for teasing out dubbing. Very nice. $3.50

Terra's English Hackle Pliers: Spring type wire useful for a 3rd hand. This style is used by Stalcup to wind biots. Midge or Standard: $4.00 each






Springo Whip Finisher: This new design has a flexible head that gives a bit when you form the head, adds some extra space to prevent you from breaking the thread. Great for newer tyers. $8.00








Terra Fine Tip Tweaser: These are just the ticket you need for making Ray Bergman style wet fly wings and all of your married wing salmon flies. Extra fine points allow you to pick up strips, split quill or put together small pieces. You can also use these to grab flies out of boxes and bins. $2.50



Terra Turbo Dubber: This has an interchangable head which features three different styles. There is a fine wire, a "Y" tool and a shepard's crook. Ideal for use in making dubbing brushes, dubbing loops or spinning fur collars. $12.50




Terra Stackers and Tool Sets and Misc Tools: Terra Tool sets have a great selection of complete tool sets, value priced to save you money. The Terra Stackers are machined aluminum and are ideal for stacking hair to make compara duns or deer hair bugs.

Terra Deer Hair Packer: Slide the slot along the hook to pack hair. Solid aluminum, machined to pack hair. Very nice. $5.00






Terra Bucktail Stacker: This is really cool. This is an extra long stacker ( about 5" long) used for evening bucktail or extra long hair. Ideal for saltwater or for long streamers. Machined aluminum with a cork bottom. $16.50






Terra Solid Aluminum Stackers: Hour glass design, machined out of solid aluminum, makes stacking a breeze. Select from 3 sizes: Large, Medium, Small. Use Large for Industrial Hair bugs, Medium for muddlers and Small for fine compara duns.

Price: Large: $10, Medium: $9.50, Small: $9.00


Terra Tube Fly Tool: 3 pin vice. Ideal for tubes of all sizes. Fits any vise. To use slid tube down pin, insert pin and tighten. $9.00


Terra Wing Burners:

Wing burners are a hot ticket with tyers making realistic flies. These wing burners are modestly priced and allow you to create a complete set without breaking the bank. All are shaped out of heavy gauge brass and allow you to burn feathers or other wing materials to size wings.

Shown Left to Right: Mayfly, Stonefly, Caddis Fly

Mayfly: The Mayfly set comes as a set of 4 $9.75

Stonefly: Set of 4 stonefly wing case burners: $9.75

Caddis Fly/Sedge: Set of 3, can also be used for spinner wings. $9.75




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