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Regal Vises have long been considered " The Bulldog of the Bench Vise." NO vise on the market comes close to Regal's hook holding power and simplicity! Each Regal Vise is American Made of the highest quality components to exacting standards to give you a lifetime of use.

The famous Regal design is one of the quickest and most efficient tying vises ever made. To use simply squeeze the lever and the drop the hook into the jaw. The hook will be held solidly in the vise with no wiggling! No cams, no adjusting, just squeeze and drop!


Regal Revolution Model: 200-RWR: This vise does it all. With the new Regal Revolution you are able to spin freely in a complete circle or lock the head and tie from a fixed location using the famous Regal jaws. The new head has been completely redisigned for 2007 and has a special head with a counter balance so that the vise turns evenly. The head also flexes up or down and can be moved up to 220 degrees. The newly desgined base was created by Dean Childs and Wasatch Custom Angling and holds up to 12 of your favorite tools. The new wod base locks to the table top with a c-clamp.

Revolution, With Wood Base and Standard Jaws: $450 ( Limited supply of these left!)

Revolution With Bronze Base ( Or Bronze Pocket Base): $425

Revolution C-Clamp: $325, Revolution With No Base or Clamp ( Head and Stem Only): $300







Regal Stainless Steel Vise: This has quikcly become one of everyone's favorite tools. Has many of the features you've come to love about Regal plus the New Stainless Steel Head.

Price $295.00


Bronze Base, Medillion Series RPBM-8 Features:

Price: $260.00


This is My Favorite Vise, I use this about 90% of the time for all my tying......Mike


Regal RCR-4: Rotary C-Clamp Model Features:

Price $165.00





Regal RPPR-22: Pocket Base Model Features:

Price $220.00




Regal FHC-0: Inex C-Clamp Model Features:

Designed for the Begineer or Newer Tyer, This has all the famous hold holding features of it's cousins at a nicer price.

Price $120.00

 I have used my Regal for over 9 years without a single problem. The Regal's unique rotating head allows the vise's head to turn in a circle or move up and down. This gives you great access when making different flies. One of the best features about the Regal is the wide head. This give you a place to rest your hand and gives you extra room to work. You will also enjoy the ease of use and the hook holding strength of this vise. When tying commerical flies, I first turn to my Regal.


Your Regal Vise may also be ordered as a left hand model or with optional Mini Jaws or the new Super Jaws for extra large saltwater work. For current owners of the Regal, you may order the optional heads or the pedestal bases.


Regal Accessories

Regal Fly Tying Kit Bag: This bag holds it all! The sides fold down and comes apart to hold the most amount of stuff for the travelling tyer. There is a waterproof bottom and all 4 corners unzip to allow entry into the side panels. The sides are connected to zippered pockets to hold chenille, dubbing or bagged materials. The cover has a large pocket to hold quills, long saddles, turkey or pheasant tails.

Comes with the tool wrap and vise portfolio ( Shown Below).

Size: 17"W x 11"D x10.5"H

Price: $199.95



Vise Portfolio: This is a hard sided vise case that has a neoprene pouch for the vise base. The other side has 2 other pouches to hold vise heads. Will zipper shut, to keep the vise free from dust and dirt. Can be used to hold other vises as well.

Size: 10.5" H x 7"W x 3.5" D

Price: $29.95






Tool Wrap: The tool wrap has elastic bands that hold bobbins, scissors and assorted tools. Ideal for travel, shows, demos or classes.








Regal Bobbin Rest: Holds the bobbin while turning the vise, best to use with the New Revolution Vise. Adjusts up or down and in and out. $45






Traditional Wire Frame Bobbin Holder: ( Not Shown ) This is the standard wire frame bobbin rest, use to hold bobbins. Has a bottom pinch spring that you pinch and slide bobbin rest up or down. $15.00


Spike: For streamside tying, inserts into rear of head: $10.00


Stainless Steel Vise Head: This has the new stainless steel jaw with the famous Regal head. Ties from sizes 32 on up to size 2. $178.00






Midge Head: Head, Swivel with stem insert ( Fits Regal 360 or Medallion only). $120.00






Extra Large Saltwater Head: For large sized hooks, this jaw gives you extra holding power. $165.00








C-Clamp: Extra long stem included with standard table mount clamp, stem and swivel head. Just attach your head and your vise is now a clamp model. $70.00

Traditional Bronze Base: Cast out of a special bronze alloy, this base provides lots of stability for tying. It features the Regal name with a jumping trout. $125 ( Stem Not Included )








Bronze Pocket Base: This is a bronze base that has pockets, heavier than the Alumnium Pocket Base, holds hooks, beads and other items. ( Shown Right )

$125 ( Stem Not Included )



Pocket Base: This is Regal's newest base. ( Shown Left) Add this to an existing vise, has cut outs for beads and hooks.

$90 ( Stem Not Included).


Short Stem: Used with the bases, remove the head from your clamp model and attach to the short stem. $20



Regal Warranty Claims:

Please note: I am an authorized Regal dealer, however I DO NOT perform any sort of repair work. Since I am not the manufacturer's agent, I can not and will not answer any questions about any sort of warranty problems. If you have warranty issues with your current model, please


Regal Engineering, 100 Prentiss Street, Orange, MA 01364, 978-544-6571 or Fax 978-544-6572.

The "Offical Regal" Web site is www.regalvise.com

Email: Mike@eflytyer.com

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Mike Hogue / Badger Creek Fly Tying / 622 West Dryden Road, Freeville, NY 13068

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