Introducing the Marc Petitjean Magic Clip Tools

( and Lots of Other Cool Petitjean Stuff )

In the 2004 spring issues of both Fly Fisherman and the Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Journal, there were articles about Marc Petitjean's new tools. I am pleased to introduce this set of tools since it is a very unique idea. For those that aren't familar with Marc Petitjean, Marc is a tyer from Switzerland and is largely responsible for the use of CDC. In a nutshell, Marc's tools allow you to create dubbing brushes with split thread. The idea itself I think came from Davy Wotton and where he used a needle to split the thread and then had large bugdog clips to insert materials. Trouble is the bulldog clips don't work as well as you'd hope so Marc created a new system that is much easier to use.

Basically the "Magic Clip" works like this, one set of the clips is a desk top device in which you can lay CDC, materials or dubbing. The base unit was a slot in it and you lay material in and press it down into the base. Then you take a clip, pinch it and grab it. This acts as giant pair of tweesers to pull and hold the materials. Next you split the thread, insert and spin. Marc wraps CDC, dubbing and creates a parachute in one shot. In effect, this is a dubbing brush device and hackle folder all in one. His loop tool and his hackle pliers are interesting since they lock. The hackle pliers has a hook which allows you to take say 3 feathers, clip it and wrap it. Very slick.

I have the complete collection of Marc's tools available and I sell the SELECT extra long Genetic CDC!!!!

Exclusive to Badger Creek!

Not necessary to call away with your Amex card to Switzerland to order. Call me!

The Swiss Vise:

Click here to read more about this vise.

Marc Petitjean Tools:

MP Dubbing Needle: Ideal for splitting thread, front has a knife edge coupled with a needle. Extra fine point. $10.50



MP Loop Clamps: Designed to hold material while making multiple material dubbing loops. Looks much like a spring from a clothes pin. Gee there's an idea. Very slick. $7.50

( set of 2 , if you get the Magic Clip, I strongly encourage you to get this.)




MP Pliers: Unique folding hackle pliers that allows you to grip, twist and hold hackle or materials. Comes with slidding spring lock. $27.50






MP Small Curved Scissors: These have an extra fine tip with large finger loops. Swiss made of the best quality. $55.50






MP Long Loop Scissors: Desinged withMagic Tool in mind, these scissors will allow you to cut, the CDC or dubbing fibers you make in the Magic Tool. $62.75









MP Twister: Spring locking loop tool to spin materials, CDC or hackle. Use with the Magic tool set, comes with easy winding handle. $27.50





MP Tool Set w/ Fine Curved Scissors: This is the complete set of tools to use with the Magic Tool. Contains the twister, bodkin, small scissor, whip finisher, loop clamps. $125.81








MP Tool Set w/Long Scissors and Fine Scissors: Complete set of tools with both sets of scissors. Has all the above plus the long loop scissor, packed into a single box. $140.50








MP whip Finisher: Has a spring loaded end to make the whip finishing a bit easier. $27.50





Magic Tool:

Marc Petitjean Magic Clip Set: The Hot tool of the year. Clips, and makes dubbing brushes, great for making fur bugs and lots of interesting effects like folding hackle. Make CDC parachutes in one shot, dubbing, hackle the works. $30.00

MP Magic Clip Magnum Clamp: Magic Clip set of large clamps you can use for streamers and large flies for bass or saltwater or pike: $39.00









The Magic Clip Works Like This:

There are 3 desk top devices. You can place dubbing, hackle, sparkle materials or streamer fibers into the device. Simply lay the material on the top.









Next try adding some CDC, you can use the stem of the CDC to force into the channels. If you are using dubbing, use some stiff wire to force it into the slot. In effect, this is folding hackle.








Grab the material with the large clip ( like a giant tweezers ).





Then clip away any hackle stems.






Next Split the dubbing thread using a dubbing needle. Insert the material into the split thread and twist.










Spin the loop to make the brush.



And wrap as a hackle. You can do multiple things like 2 colors or dubbing and CDC on the same thread.

Petitjean Accessories and Additional Materials /CDC / Thread / Fly Boxes

Marc Petitjean's Amadou Sheets: Jumbo sized patch of Amadou. This is an amazing mushroom raised in Europe, originally used for jacket insulation, these patches are just incredible. Sucks more than Ithaca's own war protesting knucklehead-political hack, Tim Joesph. With this patch, you insert a fly, pinch and it is dry. That's it! Large 4x 8 sheet. $19.75








Marc Petitjean's Amadou Fly Dryer: Nice patch of extra thick Amadou, encased in a leather backed patch. Comes with a cord to attach to a zinger, lanyard or fly vest. Has same great qualities of other Amadou, just has leather attached. Very nice. $36.50






MP Fly Boxes: These are black plastic boxes with a die cut gray foam insert. The insert allows you to stick flies into the the cut piece. Similar to other designs for much less. Pocket size, the small size is about the size of a pack of smokes, the larger is about the size of an eye glass case.

Single Box. $11.50

Double Box:$13.00



Badger Creek's Genetic CDC: This CDC is about twice the size of the average CDC feather. From Genetically engineered ducks that are 2-3 times bigger than typical farm ducks, creating extra large CDC with long , full fibers. Can be used for spinners, wound as a parachute, palmer wrapped or as a collar. Fibers can be removed and used as a bundle. Use also for Magic Tool flies. Colors: White, Medium Dun, Dark Dun, Brown, Burnt Orange, Black, Caddis Green, Sulpher Yellow, Zebra Mix ( Dark Dun and White) , . $4.50 each

Use these for the Magic Tool Flies



Danville 6/0 Thread: Used for thread splitting. Colors: Peacock Olive, Dark Brown, Dark Gray, White, Red, Flo Orange, Yellow, Tan, Black. $1.75


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