Badger Creek Presents HMH Vises

HMH Vises have long been considered one of the best made vises. Originally made by Bill Hunter, in the 1970's, this was one of the first premium vises ever created. The name HMH actually came from the German machinist that made the original castings for Bill Hunter. The German was so surprised about the all the crazy fly tyers that used hang out at Bill Hunter's House, he dubbed the place," Hunter's Mad House". When making the tooling, he asked Hunter for a name to add to the tooling and when Hunter couldn't think of anything, he added the letters HMH as a logo and the name stuck.

Today, HMH Vises offer the tyer classic designs that are simple, well made ( Here in the USA! ) and easy to use. The prices are quite affordable for premium tools and HMH offers a wide range of tools and accessories for the fly tyer. Perhaps, best known for its tube fly tools, HMH also offers a complete range of tube fly tools, tubes, cones, hooks and connectors. As I write this, HMH is also pleased to announce that they were selected for Rod N Reel's 2008 Kudo Award for their contributions to fly tying and fly fishing.


HMH Standard:

The Standard was HMH's original visedesign. This vise has a collet with a cam lock. When using this vise, you adjust the vise by moving the rear large nut in or out, flip the rear lever up , insert the hook and then flip the lever down to lock. You can rotate the vise in a circle with the large brass nut. Just loosen and the vise will roll in a circle. One of the best things about the Standard is its ability to change the jaws. Loosen the rear locking nut and twist the jaw and spin out. You can add a magnum jaw for saltwater hooks or the micro jaw to tie the smallest of midges ( this is in fact the finest jaw ever made for holding small hooks---it is like a locking pair of tweasers). The head on the Standard flexes up and down, you put the jaws completely verical or completely horizontal. Long favored by tyers like Dick Talleur, Shane Stalcup, AK Best and Ralph Graves, you will quickly fall in love with your new HMH Vise.

American Made with a Lifetime Warranty. The Standard comes with the Universal Omni Jaw and a Neoprene Carrying Pouch


C-Clamp or Base Model: $299









HMH Spartan :

The Spartan Vise was developed as a way to create a very high quality vise for the new or intermediate tyer. The Spartan offers tyers a great tool at a very affordable price. The Spartan has all the features found on the Standard with the major difference being that the vise's head is a bit shorter and more compact. The Spartan has the famous interchangable jaws, the rotating head, and the flex features found on the Standard.

American Made with a Lifetime Warranty, comes with the Universal Omni Jaw.

C-Clamp or Base Model: $195











The SX is HMH's entry level vise. The SX has a fixed head that rotates. The jaws have the famous interchangability feature, allowing the tyer to swap jaws out and use either the heavy duty magnum jaw for saltwater tying or the micro jaw for midge jaw ( these jaws are available separately or the tyer may select either one of these jaws with the vise ).


American Made with a Lifetime Warranty. The SX comes with the Universal Omni Jaw.


C-Clamp or Base Model : $130 WOW!










Premium Tube Fly Vise: Based on the Standard Vise, the Premium Tube Fly Tube has a locking head that allows you to insert tubes into the vise and lock the tube down tight. This vise also allows you to use pins for longer tubes. Offers a full rotating feature. Perhaps the finest tube fly tool ever made, this vise is ideal choice for the tube fly addict.

American Made with Lifetime Warranty

C-Clamp or Base Model: $225





Spinner Tube Fly Vise:


For those looking for a dedicated, well made affordable tube fly vise, this is! The Spinner is based on the design of the Spartan, this vise has interchangable pins, with a full 360 degree rotation feature. You can tie the tubes or spin the tube in a circle. This head can be ordered as a conversion attachment for the Spartan.


C-Clamp or Base Model, comes with extra interchangable pins. American Made with Lifetime warranty.

Price: $130









HMH Tube Fly Tools: HMH is perhaps best known for its tube fly tubes. Having developed one of the first tube fly tools, HMH has been selling innovative new tools for making tubes for years.

Starter Tube Fly Tool: This vise fits in any type of vise. Loosen the vise's jaw and insert the tool. Lock jaws and the vise is ready to use. Loosen the bottom nut and remove the pin. Slide tube into vise, tighten. Comes with 2 pins.



Extra Heavy Pin: $11


Premium Tube Fly Tool: This tool has the same basic design, although with this tool the pins are sanded and tapered and each end of the pin has a welded end cap, allowing tubes to be moved closer to the end, creating a tight connection between the tube and the pin. Comes with 2 pins.


Extra Mandrells:
Heavy or Medium. $13



HMH Profile Plate: This is a hard plastic background attached to an adjustable arm. Background improves ability to see fly and reduce eye strain. Useful for camera photos of flies. Square background only, colors: White, Gray, Blue.













Bobbin Rest: Use for holding your bobbin. Has angled arm with an aluminum base and brass lock nuts. End has a circular base that allows you to hang your bobbin, or hold materials while tying. $30.00












Magnum Jaw: Use this for the biggest of saltwater flies. Holds bass, saltwater or other large wire hooks firmly without spinning. HMH is one of only a handful of vises that holds hooks so firmly that the hook will actually bend if you pull up on the hook shank. Many other vises will slip, spin or roll when attempting this. Fits SX, Spartan, Standard.










Micro Jaw: Attention all you midge addicts! This is the finest, tightest jaw ever created! The jaw acts like a locking set of fine tip tweasers. If you want to tie small ( size 18-32 ) this jaw is the one for you!











Universal Omni Jaw: The Omni jaw comes standard on all HMH Vises. This jaw will tie a wide range of hooks from size 2/0 down to tiny sized 22-24's.












Pro Vise Upgrade: Select any jaw ( just 1) and a profile plate or bobbin rest to upgrade you vise: $65.00

Black Standard Base Kit: Includes stem and base. $70.00

Spartan Base Kit: Includes base and stem, Black or Green: $65.00

C-Clamp Kit: Includes stem and clamp, for Spartan or Standard. $65.00

HMH Tyer's Bag: The ideal carrier for your HMH vise. Has a pockets with a zipper enclosure to hold materials, capes and other materials. Ideal for classes, demos or shows. Black nylon with padding. $25.00












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