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Dyna-King vises are crafted of the finest tool steel, stainless steel and aluminum that money can buy. All Dyna-King parts are machined from solid stock and contain no castings of any kind!

Components are first fabricated on modern computerized equipment and then hand crafted, fitted, honed and polished to extremely close tolerances to assure you of watch-type precision, unequaled ruggedness, flawless performance and smoother operation.

One phrase describes Dyna-King.....

......Holding Power

Dyna-King's primary purpose is to hold a hook securely and this department, Dyna-King has no equal. Here a size 5/0 hook is being bent like a pretzel. Try this with any other vise and you will know why Dyan-King is called the vise that holds.

All Dyna-King vises have tool hardened steel jaws which will accommodate a wide range of hooks sizes. The standard jaws allow tying from size 10/0 and down, while the midge jaws are designed for serious trout tyers that tie on light wire hooks from size 12-28.

Hooks are secured by forward closing jaws. This unique feature offers the greatest mechanical advantage by locating pressure as close to the jaw tips as possible. Adjustment to various sizes of hooks is accomplished by twisting the forcing cone in either direction. The rear mounted lever cam allows easy access and is a simple matter of flipping the lever up and down to release the hook.

All models are available with either clamp or pedestal bases. Clamps open wide to accomidate heavy duty tables and/or benches. Pedestals are quite heavy and are equiped with non-skid feet to resist sliding.

Machined and polished construction renders your vise a thing of beauty. Simple, clean designs make tying with a Dyna-King vise a joy. All Dyna-King vises come with a life-time warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.


The Barracuda Junior Trekker: This is an improved AMERCAN made lightweight rotating vise. This is the Barracuda Junior vise made lighter for travel. Machined of solid stainless and aluminum it offers the same famous hook holding strength of the regular Barracuda Jr but weighs in at less than 1/2 a pound ( without the base). Also features ball bearing rotation, an adjustable rotating drag and a bobbin holder.

Very affordable. $229.00

Clamp or base, midge jaws available.






The Barracuda with the Indexing Option. The Barracuda is the only AMERICAN made vise ( some of those from that company that starts with an "R" are now made overseas.) which is made of stainless steel with ball bearings for the smoothest action you will ever feel. The indexing option allows the head to turn freely and then locks at 4 points along the axis of rotation. It will dry epoxy bugs evenly without adjustment. This vise behaves in a similar way to the old "AK Best" vise, which click locked at various steps as you turned the head. It is a true rotatory vise and has an offset head.


Clamp or pedestal available. Midge jaws available also.






The Barracuda: This finely crafted vise offers many unique features. Stainless steel construction, smooth rotation with precision ball bearings, easy height adjustment, convenient material clip, adjustable bobbin rest, notch-lock cam, excellent holding capabilities and a detachable centering gauge.

Available as a clamp or pedestal model, optional midge jaw available. Instruction Video now included.Price: $349.00

Barracuda Deluxe: Comes with a removable 90 degree handle, Brass fittings, Bobbin Rest and Centering Gauge. Price: $365.00

Barrcuda Complete Package: Includes Bobbin Holder, Centering Gauge, 90degree removable handle, 3" Extended trim bag, Travel Pouch, Midge Jaw, Standard Jaw and choice of Stainless or Brass fittings.

Price: $435.00



Dyna King's Voyager 2: This is a great vise at really good price! The Voyager as all of the features of its bigger cousins such as machined parts, stainless steel, brass or aluminum parts. Somes with a bobbin rest, carrying case, choice of standard or midge and your choice of either a ped best or a c-clamp. Here's the best part: Price: $259.00











The Supreme: Tiers which prefer a more traditional design may wish to consider the Supreme, which is without a doubt thefinest vise available. ( The same vise is shown above in more detail.)

One adjustment allows you to pre-set the amount of pressure necessary to move the vise body: merely grasp the vise body and place it at any angle you wish.

Rock solid jaws hold hooks securely. Velvety-smooth vise rotation allows you to rotate the fly for trimming, cementing or just viewing.The Supreme also features a rotatory lock screw, which secures the vise from rotation in any position.

(Note: the Professional model is available with locking feature for "heavy handed" tyers. ) Both the Professional and the Supreme come as pedestal or clamp models, optional midge jaw available.

Price: $299.00

The Pro: ( Not shown) For those that wish to have a fixed head, the Pro is identical, except the head doesn't adjust. Rock solid, very well made. Will bend your hooks in half. This vise is a great tool! $299.00






The Squire: For tyers on a budget, the Squire offers all the major Dyna-King features at an affordable price........Dyna-King's hook holding capabilities, fine machining and solid construction. The Squire's head is fixed to a 30 degree angle and contains a built in material clamp.

Great Value! Available as a clamp or pedestal model, optional midge jaw available.

Price: $175.00









The Kingfisher: The new Dyna King Kingfisher is a solid, yet affordable vise. Small yet durable, made of stainless steel. Simplicity at its best. Famous hook holding quality. Notch lock cam, with 360 degree rotation. Available with clamp or pedestal base.

Price: $135.00





Dyna-King Accesories



Dyna King Hook Bowl: For many years I sold the Perry Hook Bowl and it was one of my best sellers. Sometime ago Jack got sick and stopped making these. The folks at Dyna King started making a bowl just like the original! Machined out of solid aluminum this bowl will keep you from dropping hooks all over the floor. Allows you to select one hook at a time. Great for midge hooks and even the biggest streamer hooks. Use on beads too! Price: $21.25





Darrell Martin's Dubbing Whirl: This is the original whirl , perfectly balanced and made of solid brass with 2 wire ends. Convenient, Fast and will make dubbing that is tighter and more uniform. $15.00



L-Extender: For those of you that suffer form stress injuries to your shoulders and neck, be sure to get this tool! Made from stainless steel, this extender can be used in several ways.

My favorite way is use it upside down. This puts the vise down and away from the table in your lap to create a more natural position and reduce stress on your shoulders, neck and lower back. Will fit any 3/8' stem vise.

Price: $35.00






Adjustable Extender: This 2 piece stainless extender allows greater flexibility and a wider range of adjustment. Can be arranged upside down like the "L" above. This extender will allow for more adjustment in and out ( will adjust up to a full 7 1/2" away form the table ).

Price: $40.00








Profile Plate: Reduce glare and clutter. Comes with fully adjustable stand which fits any 3/8' stem vise. Colors: White, Gray, Black or Pale Blue. Available in Round or Square.

Price: $39.00




Tool Carousel: Multi-Tool Holder made from stainless steel with a solid pedestal base. Top has a built in bobin rest.

Price: $70.00



Extra Jaws: Midge or Standard: $49.00

Travel Pouch: X Large: $17.50

Large: $14.25

Small: $12.50

Bases, Clamps or Stems also available upon request. I can ship tools internationally and you save a bundle at current exchange rates.

Other Dyna King Products Available: Please Email me.


Email: Mike@eflytyer.com

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