Introducing: The Swiss Vise

Marc Petitjean's Newest Vise

Above: The New Swiss Vise

Marc Petitjean has created a new vise with some great features found on no other tool. Marc's new Swiss Vise, is machined from bar stock stainless and alloy metals and offers you the fly tyer some exciting new features not found on other tools. This new vise has a totally different design that allows you to tie in all different sorts of planes. The head is articulated and flexes up and down while the entire stem and can be turned in a circle, moved in and out or raised and lowered. In effect this gives you an X-Y-Z axis and 600 degrees of changes possible. If you can imagine an angle or direction you need the vise to face, you can do it with this Vise.


One of the neatest features is the ability to adjust the head in or out and flex the head. This allows greater access and gives you all sorts of angles to tie that weren't possible until the Swiss Vise was developed. The jaw arm has a small rotating wheel that can adjust and lock the head at many different angles. The jaws also have a notch so that they can hold even the largest of hooks without bending or twisting.

The jaw also have a tight gap so that you may tie extra-small sized flies. By changing the angle of the head you also create additional room for working on these sub18 sized hooks. Midge tyers will love this feature and the ability to have extra clearance when working on the smallest of flies. If you have been frustrated in the past tying with small hooks, look no further!





Take a look at some of the ways you can change this vise and set it up

The Master Vise can be used as a straight C -Clamp. The stem adjusts in a straight up or down movement. The clamp arms have an adjustable height to fit nearly any table around. Ever try to tie on a picnic table? It is almost impossible to attach a standard c-clamp to one of those types of tables.

The jaws of the vise can be moved while turning the head to set it straight out. This gives you an amazing amount of clearance and room to make even the longest or smallest of flies.








The stem of the vise can also be moved. By changing the angle at which the vise is centered, the vise can extend out and away from the tying table. In effect, you can extend the vise out, around and away from the table. You can also alter the pitch and set the stem on an angle. This allows you to raise, lower or move the stem in and out from the table. Before the Swiss Vise, you would need several extension arms to make this possible. No vise on the market offers this degree of flexibility!

A really cool feature about the Master's Vise is the ability to take the clamp apart and create a base. The clamp arms remove and snap together to create a portable base model. Now you have the ideal travel vise!





Swiss Vise and Models:


Pedestal Base :

Heavier weight: Weighs 1395 grams ( or about 2 1/2 pounds )

Base is machined with pockets to hold hooks, beads or cones.

True Rotatory design, will turn 360 degrees. Head and stem design is identical to the Master Vise version.

Price: $610





Master Vise: ( Shown as a C-Clamp, can be set up as a pedestal model)


By using a special locking nut, the the allows all sort of extensions and arm positions at various angles. The head has a full 360 true rotatory design and can be flexed up, down, in or out.

Clamp will fit up to a 100mm table top. ( Perhaps the LARGEST Clamp ever designed! )

Weight: 623 grams ( or about 1 pound 1 oz. ).

Price: $740.00

Add Ons and Accessories:

Bobbin Rest: $66.75

Profile Plate: $97.00

MP Daylite with Tool Rack: $245

Other accessories available on request.


For more Info Contact:

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Phone: 607-347-4946