For 2009-10 William Joseph has added many new items. There are several updates to many of the packs plus a new magnetic line of packs and bags. A few of the accessories have been updated as well. I think you will find these are well made, have good designs and have lots of interesting colors and features not found on other packs or vests. I am sure you will agree with me that this line offers everything you are looking for. All William Joseph bags have a lifetime warranty. In the event that you break a zipper or rip a seam, these folks will fix it free, no questions asked......... if they can repair it they will. If you are not pleased with your product in any way, they will refund your money. For more information on this warranty please contact William Joseph to discuss any restrictions or limitations.

Accesories: What fly fisher can't live without gadgets? These are some of the coolest new things out on the market.......

These make great gifts and are ideal for a fishing friend. Some of these are just plain cool.

Flask: It is just amazing how many friends you meet on the stream when you carry this, trouble is too much of a good thing can make the trip back to the truck one long walk. Perfect shape, this will easily fit in your vest or pack. Will hold a pint of your favorite drink. Etched with William Joseph logo. Price $19.00





Infrared Thermometer: This is really cool. Just out of the movies....... Point the thermometer directly at the water, punch the button and you get the surface temps. No need to walk to the stream, just drive by, point and shoot. If the bugs aren't happening, keep going. Price: $39.00




Mosquito Annoyer: We didn't think this would work either. Just one day on the river and you will be glad you bought this one. Solar powered battery charger, this makes a noise that will keep the bugs at bay. Clip on your vest and say goodbye to nasty things that fly and drill your back. $10.00







Grippy Nippers: These are a wide style of nipper made of stainless steel with a needle to open eyes of flies. Has finger pad to make cutting and nipping lines and leaders easy. Hi-vis orange makes it easy to find. Can hook to a lanyard or zinger. $13.00






Hemocuts: Has padded handles that are bright orange for hi visability. Has locking hemostats with inside cutting blades. Great combination tool to take up less space. $15.00






Mitten Clamps: These are nice for steelheaders and salmon fly fishers, also great for folks that have stiff fingers/hands. Handle squeezes and locks allowing you to pull hooks out with gloves or mittens on. Also great for those with big fingers that won't normally fit in standard tools. $16.00








Hemostats: These have padded handles with to provide extra grip and protection. Rear locking closure and a built in eye cleaner with extra large finger loops make this one on the best designed hemostats on the market. $15






Hook Net: No other net is as versatile as this one. Ultra light weight, made of bamboo coupled with an integrated shape allowing you to hook the net anywhere you wish for quick access. Has nylon catch and release bag with an end that can be connected to a net retractor or French Snap. $59.00









New Mag Series Chest Packs and Wading Packs: Once in awhile a new technology comes along that is so revolutionary that the experience of using it , far exceeds even the most eloquent of mixture of nouns and verbs, the New Zip-No Mag Series is just such an innovation. Willy J researched the New Mag Series for over 7 years. Each bag has no zippers, hook n loops, or latches to catch, get stuck, ice up or jam. The New Zip-No system uses rare earth magnets that have been converted into rope like strands that are actually sewn in place instead of traditional zippers. The result is a water tight seal that closes tight every time under any condition. Using this makes things much easier, just pull down and the pocket opens. ( As a side note: folks that have medical issues related to magnets, ie pacemakers should consult physicans before use. Some electronics devices such as storage retrival, ipods, phones or memory sticks may also be sensitive to magnets, check with manufacturer before using electronics or storing in pack. )


Amp: One of the nice things about smaller bags, is that they force you to carry less stuff, making it less stressful on your back, neck and shoulders. The Amp has a foldown work station front holds tools, tippet and zipper pockets. The rear part of the main compartment can hold up to 4 fly boxes. Tools can also be attached to the sides, very well thought out. Size 12' x 7" x 6", Tan with Brown or Green with Olive. $69.00







Current: No other chest pack in the world offers such easy access to your gear. With a vest, it always now which pocket did I put that in? No so with the Current. Pull the bag's front down and you have access to all the internal pockets, with a work station front that allows you to store tippet,boxes, tools and leaders. The sides have opening side pockets that can store tools, keys and such. Hidden rear pocket allows you to insert boxes behind main area. Has padded back and neck strap. Size 13" x 9.25" x 6", Tan and Brown or Olive and Green. $89










Surge: 9 pockets, 2 water bottles, comfy neck strap, work station with fly port, padded waist belt, make the Surge one of the best thought out fanny packs ever! The top, side pockets and the rear all feature the Zip -No technology, allowing you to store alot of gear. Take to the flats, cast in the surf or fish in your favorite local spot, this pack allows you to carry gear without hurting your back. Easy access makes looking for that favorite bug a snap. Size 10" x 15"x 5.5" $109








Conduit: The Conduit is a the best boat bag ever built. If you fish from a boat, this bag will make things alot easier. Fully waterproof bottom with an internal reel storage system ( bottom zips open to reel storage area ) coupled with a massive work station, customizable inside dividers and an integrated rain cover make this one of the most thoughtout bags. Top has zippered waterproof pocket to hold maps and such. Tan and Brown or Olive/Green. Size 17" x 19" x 6" . Price: $285

(Note: This item is oversized and there are additional shipping charges to send it, email me for more details. )




Standard Chest Packs, Fanny Packs and Tech Packs: William Joseph Standard packs have things like molded shells, padded straps, water repellent fabrics, wide tab zippers and loads of pockets to store gear.

Access: The Access is an ideal chest pack that offers lots of room to carry all of your boxes and gadgets. The front has 3 pockets, there is a large sandwiched in between the front of the pack. Fully adjustable padded neck strap can be sized from youth, female to large adult male. Can hold tippets, boxes, leaders, clippers and more. Sage or Blue color. The Access can also be clipped into the front of the Exodus backpack.12" x 8" x 8" Blue or Sand. Price: $69.00







Catalyst Fanny Pack: This pack brings it all together. Sleek, comfortable with easy access, the Catalyst will hold all of your gear. Molded foam work station, tippet dispenser, stainless steel retractors, dual water bottle holders, padded foam waist belt, low profile gear loop and carrying handle. Fabric is a strong, ultra light and features the William Joseph patented AIRTRACK system for additional comfort. Ideal for saltwater flats fishing or warm weather. 11" x 25" x 5.5" Colors: Blue, Sand. Price: $69.00






Confluence Chest Pack: Never before has technology, comfort and performance come together so smoothly. This is a very popular design with salmon fly fishers and steelheaders. With the new AIRTRACK suspension system you will forget that you are wearing anything. The Confluence has a 3 large rear pockets to hold gear, a hydration portion to hold a 35 ounce water bladder ( not included), wide comfortable straps to provide extra support, buildt in zingers to hold clippers and hemos and an excess webbing slot to prevent flapping of straps. Very nice and well made. Front: 13.5' x 14" x 5', Back : 10.5" x 16" x 7" Colors: Blue and Sand. Price: $99.00






The Exodus: WOW! Now This is Cool!!! The Exodus combines the storage capabilities of a vest with the room of back pack into this new hybrid design. When one section or part is not needed, you split the two parts into with the click of a few speed lock buckles, allowing you to slim down and carry less stuff. Perfect for hiking into that box canyon, treking back into a secluded pond or finding that honey hole full of giant fish.

The Exodus has a tuck away net and boot holder with a mesh panel to hold the largest of your things, rod tube holders, water bottle holders, gear loops to lash on stuff like muddy boots, padded waist belt, lots of pockets, tippet holderss and a hydration exit port that holds a full half gallon of your favorite drink. V style straps help to distribute weight evenly and a special pull chain even has a mini LED light! This one does it all! Colors: Evergreen or Blue. The Exodus and the Access can be combined to add even more space to store and haul tackle. Price: $159.00






Old School Packs and Bags: The Old School Series of bags takes modern fabrics and combines them with destressed leathers to create the best of both worlds. Designed to offer you the comfort of older designs that once used waxed cotton for a materials, these packs and bags can take the toughest wear and weather you can dish out. We thought out, well made and desgined.


Old School Chest Pack: The Chest Pack has a magnetic upper lock that allows storage of boxes. The zipper front folds down to act as a work station allowing you to change flies. Has smaller side pockets and places to store tools. Back of strap is padded leather around your neck. $59.00

Not Shown: Old School Day Pack: Has many of the features found on the chest pack, allows user to hook the chest pack and day pack together. Has padded shoulders, large rear pouch. $99









Old School Fanny Pack: This fanny pack offers some of the best features found. Fanny packs are nice because they free up space to allow you more fishing room. Ideal for guides or those that want to carry additional gear, perfect for flats fishing. The waist belt has extra padding for additional comfort, while the design allows the bag to ride tight to your body creating a greater center of gravity. Sides have pockets for water bottles. Comes with padded neck and shoulder strap so that bag can be worn on hips. Made from same distressed water resistant materials as the chest pack. $89







Old School: The new shoulder bag is for the angler that wants to keep it simple. The Old School is an update of the traditional style creel, yet offers the performance of William Joseph's hi-tech gear, fabrics and design. Has an easy access magnetic opening with loads of storage to carry almost anything you need. Can be used as a fanny pack, shoulder bag. Price: $79.00





Travel Gear

The Terrestrial Bag: This bag will hold alot of gear. Over 11,000 cubic inches of space. The bottom has room for 3 rod tubes, waders, jacket and wading shoes. There are side pockets for reels or spools and there is a travel handle that pulls out. The bottom also has rubber wheels to help you pull this around after you fill it up. This bag also is under the size limits for most major airlines, so if you are traveling overseas, you can pack it all! Size: 37" x 19" x12" Price: $250

(Note: This item is oversized and there are additional shipping charges to send it, email me for more details. )





Wader Bag: This is a roomy bag to hold waders and gear. Has a rubberized bottom to protect the bottom of the bag, has side pockets to hold boxes, tippet and such, extra spools. Inside you can keep waders, shoes, extra jacket, pants liners and sweat pants. Size: 19" x 20" 17". Colors: Tan/Brown, or Olive/Green
Price: $199

(Note: This item is oversized and there are additional shipping charges to send it, email me for more details. )





Waders, Wading Shoes and Rain Jackets: William Joseph has some well thought out technical clothes. The waders and shoes are comfortable and well thought out. Giving you lots of wear.


W2 Wading Shoe: Light weight design, has speed laces for easy on and off. Leather with mesh fabric inserts and rubber toes make these a comfortable, long lasting wading shoe. Has felt half sole with rubberized toes and heels for long wear. Sizes 9-14 ( order exact size, shoes are oversized for wading stocking feet ). $119









Rain Jacket: This is a breathable folding rain jacket. Packs into a small ball. One of the best buys on the market! Many packable breathable jackets are selling for much more! Light weight for summer use, ideal for trips. Saves space. Taped seams with elastic around wrists. Hood is designed to be worn with a cap. Has reflective Willy J jumping fish image. Samller sizes can be used for kids or women. Brown Olive color. Sizes: M, L, XL, XXL Price: $89








Drynamic Waders: The Drynamic Waders are some of the most well thought out breathable waders made. The fronts have sealered zipper pockets, with a sealed zipper for easy one and off. All seams are taped and heat welded to reduce leaks ( which occur on on many breathables as the seams). The crotch as a yoke design to further reduce seam stress caused when wearing waders in and out of cars. Seams in the yoke are again heat welded. Feet have a hyphalon sole for addition comfort and wear. Has rear pocket to hold extra boxes and rain jacket. Knees are articulated to reduce wear and rock guards are lazer cut and fused directly to leg fabric. Sizes: M, ML, MK, L (9-11), L (12-13), LK, XL, XXL Price: $349











V2 Wader: These are an affordable, well made breathable wader with lots of features. There is a sealed front seam for easy on and off. A front and rear pocket with a hand warmer. 3 layer fabric with articulated knees and lazer cut gravel guards. Crotch as yoke design to reduce chance of seam leaks. Sizes: M, L, XL, XXL

Price: $229












Stripping Basket: The stripping basket is a well made item. Fully padded belt, the basket folds when not in use. To use pull front and it expands to make a fully size basket. ( Sort of similar to folding tents.) Useful for boat fishing, surf fishing. Nice Price: $32.00




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