Badger Creek's Fly Boxes and Fly Fishing Accessories

Fly Fishing Accessories: At Badger Creek we have the latest in new gadgets, tools and accessories to make your fishing trip easier and more enjoyable.


Arapahoe Wading Staffs: This is a multi-part wading staff with a shock cord insert. Staff breaks down and folds into a pouch that clips onto a belt. Top has a compass, with a tie off strap in the event that you drop it, you won't loose it. $45.00



Badger Creek's Foam and Fleece Patches: We've sold these patches for many years and have always been happy with both of them.The patches pin on to jackets, vests or bags. You can pre-load several of the foam patches for specific hatches or trips. Foam Patch: $1.50 or Fleece Patch: $3.50


Badger Creek's Digital Thermometer: Unique item, this is a digital scale which changes color at different temps. Scale ranges from 40-80 degrees and also has metric scales. Will clip to vest, zinger or put in pocket. $5.00

Badger Creek's Elastic Tippet Holder: This has an elasitc cable with stops. Just slide on your tippet wheels and then clip to your vest or bag. Organizes all those loose wheels into one pack. Use with all sizes/shapes or types of tippet wheels. $5.00

Coil style lanyard. Useful to keep track of your keys or to attach a net or hemos. Small black phone type cord w/dog latch. Attach to vest. $6.50

Wind River Magnetic Net Holder w/ Coil Lanyard: This has a magnetic 2 piece design that holds nets. Attaches to back of the vest or a pack via rings. Comes with strech coil lanyard. Really Nice. $25.00

Dinsmore's Lead Free Shot: This is a micro shot w/5 sizes of lead free shot. Standard round: $8.00, New egg shaped wt forward: $8.50

Doc's Dry Dust: Used for a dry fly agent. Just brush on, keeps flies dry and helps to float them. Only agent that is really recommended for use on CDC flies. Used by America's fly tying sweetheart Kim Boal to keep all of her CDC creations afloat. $5.00








Eze Lap Diamond Hook Hone: This a long time favorite of mine. Use to sharpen hooks. This pulls out of a self-locking cap ( when folded up this is similar to an ink pen). To use just run your hook down the grooved channel. Will sharpen the tinest dries or the biggest saltwater fly. $6.50


Frog's Fanny: This is a hot seller. This is a dry fly dust that when applied will keep your flies floating high and dry. Add to emergers or use on nymphs and this will create a stream of bubbles behind your fly. Brush on like the Doc's and use for CDC flies.Very cool stuff. $6.00



Gerhke's Gink: World famous fly paste. Just add a drop and rub into your fly. Keeps flies floating high and dry all day. $5.00


Holdzit Squeeze Sheath: Holds all of you bottle and paste jugs. Push bottle into Holdzit and it hangs upside down. Black with key chain. $4.50



Ledhedz: Nope this isn't the ugliest guide you've ever seen! It's actually my dog Catana doing the honors as the Ledhedz cap wearer. Clip these lightweight LED water proof lights onto your cap or visor for an instant headlamp. LedHedz glows in the dark so that you can find it easily. Very handy and useful. $15.00






Lightning Strike Football Indicators ( AKA Fish Pimps): These have a small tube that removes, pull out the tab and insert your leader. Favored by steelheaders as the best method to suspend flies off the bottom of the stream. Colors: Orange or Yellow. Sizes: S-M or L. $3.75


Lightning Strike Indicator Yarn: This tub contains yarn pre-treated with Watershed. Tie a slip knot in and tease out the yarn for a great indicator. No messy gels, pastes or rabbit ear bobbers! Can be clipped to a vest or attach to a zinger. Colors: White, Flo Yellow or Flo Orange. $2.50/ each or $7.00 for all 3


Loon Products' UV Knot Sense: This is a great product and is often used by reaslistic fly tyers. Has some very cool properties. Can be used as an epoxy substitute, when exposed to UV light this will harden. Use to make knots more solid or use to joint lines and leader knots that slip. $7.00



Loon Products' UV Wader Repair: This is cool stuff. If you punch a hole in your waders, just dab some on. In a few seconds this dries to patch your boots. Don't need to pull your waders off, just patch, dry and keep fishing. It is just about that simple. $7.00

Loon Products' UV Lamp: This is a small hand held light that creates UV light. Can be used indoors to activate Wader Patch and Knot Sense. If you want to use this as an epoxy sub this is how. Just dab some glue on, it with the light and it is dry. $10.50



Mayfly-Hex Tippet Post Holder: This is cool. Made of anodized aluminum, this has a solid post to hold tippet spools. Will allow you to stack up 6 wheels of your favorite material. Keeps tippets arranged and allows you to select material with out digging around in your vest or pack. American made. $10.50


Mayfly Tippet Holder: ( Not shown) Has locking clips and plastic spacers. Use this to add tippet wheels to neck lanyards or clip to bag. Green cord with black ends. $9.00





Mustad Black Barrel Swivels: We've been using these for salmon fishing for the past 5 seasons. ( Note: check regs as some sections of NY state rivers will not allow use of lead or weight now.) Use these to create a dropper system. Tie one end to your leader, leaving a tag on the top of about 6". Into this tag tie 2 overhand knots. Tie the tippet on the front end. We clamp about 3 size 5 lead free shot to the tag. Makes your own slinky system and drags the fly down. Black nickel plated brass. One dozen. $1.00

Marc Pettijean's Amadou Sheets: Jumbo sized patch of Amadou. This is an amazing mushroom raised in Europe, originally used for jacket insulation, these patches are just incredible. Sucks more than Ithaca's own war protesting knucklehead-political hack, Tim Joesph. With this patch, you insert a fly, pinch and it is dry. That's it! Large 4x 8 sheet. $18.00


Marc Pettijean's Amadou Fly Dryer: Nice patch of extra thick Amadou, encased in a leather backed patch. Comes with a cord to attach to a zinger, lanyard or fly vest. Has same great qualities of other Amadou, just has leather attached. Very nice. $30.00




Mike-Rite Leader Gage: This dandy clip on device, allows you to measure leader diameters accurately to one ten thousands of an inch. The Mike-Rite will measure every tippet and leader diameter from .004" though .031". Elinimates all the hassle and guess work figuring out leader diameters and is idea for anyone who wants to build leaders. $20.00








Streamworks Nipper Plus: This is a super cool tool. Has a lite led head which allows you to see in the dark to tie on a fly. Features a removable clip that will clean eyes AND threade hooks. Ideal for folks that have a hard time with smaller flies. $16.00

These are cool!

Spudz: These are the finest Micro-Fiber cleaning cloth ever seen designed to keep your optical products clean! Each Spudz comes with a clip hook that allows you to attach it where you want it. Clip onto jackets, zingers, vests or lanyards, this is a great product. All Spudz are packed in a rugged neoprene cover and have a sewn-in cloth design means you'll never lose your micro-fiber lens cloth again. Ideal for Photographers and Fly Fishers that spend substantial amounts of money for their optics. Every angler wearing polarized glasses may find a time when there glasses get wet or dirty. Spudz was developed for active people who care about their optics. Colors: Black, Black with Blue Lightning ( very cool), Brook Trout Scale Print or Brook Trout with Caddis Fly. $5.00

Spudz Anti Fog Lens Cleaning Aid: Desinged to keep all of your optics from fogging up. No more haze and sweat covered glasses! This is great stuff. Use with the Spudz to see the exact bottom of the stream. $3.00









Sierra Stream Stainless Steel Clippers: This is a leverless design clipper which contains an eye glue cleaner in the center. These steel clippers will cut the thickest of lines with one snip! $6.75 each



Sierra Stream Stainless Combo Tool: Stainless Clipper which contains a hook hone and needle knot tool. Nice all in one tool! $11.00 eac




Terra Gold Tip Nipper: Stainless steel with a built in needle to clear eyes. Very sharp. Leverless design. $5.50







Stream Thermometer: Steel case, glass thermometer. Use to measure temps and time hatches. ( Note: Some cases may be black ) $13.00

Steel Cable Zinger: This is a deluxe zinger, clamps on to vest or boots. Has steel cable and will hold hemos or clippers. Olive case. $6.00

Standard Zinger: ( Not shown) This is a clip on version which has a string instead of the steel cable. Chrome finish, very nice. : $2.50

Terra Leather Leader Straightener( Not shown) : Leather w/Brass ring, attaches to vest. $2.50

Terra Standard Nippers ( Not shown) : Silver nippers with a needle end. Clips on to zinger. Stainless steel. $2.50

Terra Black Hemos ( Not shown): 6" hemostats with locking handles. Use for pulling out flies. Black color, larger size. $3.75

Terra Scissor/Pliers ( Not shown): ( Not shown): Larger size, contains a scissor inside the jaw to double as a scissor + pliers. Use for clipping ends and removing shot, pulling out hooks. $10.00


Wasatch Custom Angling's Tool Lanyard: Very hot seller at this winter's shows. Made of strong woven repelling cord. Has clips to hold all of your tools. Ideal for float tubers, kick boats or drift boat fishing. Also favored by salty anglers as well. As special I include a free nail knot tool and a small fly box. Elsewhere these retail for over $30, a great value at $22.00







Fly Boxes

At Badger Creek We Stock some of the World's Best Made and Unique Fly Boxes. I have boxes from Switzerland, Japan, Asia and the United States. All of our boxes are well made and affordable.

Cliff's Bugger Barn: Finally a monster box to handle a boat load of large files (streamers, poppers, saltwater patterns). The BuggerBarn has major capacity, but what makes the box is the unique material. The slots cut into the material really grip a hook. To load, simply back the hook into a slot and it is held securely. To remove, just back the hook out. No rips or tears like regular "foam". Fish it hard because it loves abuse. (inside dimensions 8 3/4" X 4 3/8" X 1 3/8").

Ideal for bass flies, saltwater flies and all the other large patterns that need extra room. Will fit inside a vest pocket or stuff inside a Willy J pack. $22.00






Cliff's Bugger Beast and Beast Jr: There are anglers out there, like us, who like to thow meat (big flies). Big flies catch big fish, but the problem is, "How do you store them?" We have the answer. The Beast Series uses the same time-tested, hook gripping, slotted blue material as our infamous Bugger Barn. If you are at the stage where you have accumulated and want to organize lots of big flies, we've got the box for you. Cliff's Bugger Beast is 13.5" X 9" X 3". The Beast Jr. is 10" X 6.5" X 2.75". the question is, "How much meat are you going to pack?"

Holds a ton of flies. Ideal for saltwater, bass or pike flies.

Bugger Beast: $45.00

Bugger Beast Jr; $43.00


Daiwa Flip Top Jelly Box: This is slick, the tops flip/lock tight to a gasket. Each compartment is ideal for midge flies,bead heads or dry flies. Boxes can be snapped together in pairs back to back.

Colors: Orange or Teal Green

3 or 6 compartments

$13.50 each



Kidney Ergo Box: New 5 compartment box shaped like a kidney. Designed to slide in and out of pockets easily. A big hit at shows! $8.00




Meiho Boxes are Made In Japan and offer some of the most unique, well made boxes on the market. Many of the boxes are useful for making storing fly tying materials as well as flies.

Double Mieho Midge Box: These is a new color with a somewhat different style of windows. The top has 5 compartments and the bottom has 4. Smoked green windows with dark charcoal for the box. Locks tight with a draw cord to hang around your neck.4 3/8" xx 3 1/2' x 1 1/4" $9.50

Larger Size Double Mieho: This is somewhat larger box, it has a few more windows, with another row ( 3 instead of 2). Includes neck cord with swivel. 4 1/2" x 3/1/2" x 1 1/4". $12.50

Original Double Meiho Midge Box: Really sweet double midge box. Folds in half, 5 windows per side. 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" (folded size). Mustard Box with Smoke Windows. Very cool! 3/14" x 2 1/2" x 1" $8.50



Chartreuse Double Meiho Midge Box: Same design as above but comes with a bright chartreuse case. really visable and great choice for the kids. 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" (folded size). Very Unique 3/14" x 2 1/2" x 1" $8.50






Clear Version: This is a clear version of the same box. It has a streamer side instead of one of the 5 compartment windows. Very popular at the shows I did last year. $5.50






Waterproof Double Meiho w/ 13 Compartments: This is the grandpappy of all. It has 13 doors with smoke colored plastic for the case. Latches tight to a waterproof seal. Extremely cool! 4/1/4" x 3 3/4"x 1 3/8'. $15.50

Dark Blue or Blue Ice



Meiho Water Baby: This box has a locking gasket top and has foam inserts which pop in and out. Each insert has a slit in it to allow you to slip flies in and out. Ideal for dry flies. Box is Olive. ( Additional Inserts available) $16.50





Pizza Box: This has 8 compartments with flip lids. Box has a tapered bottom to allow easy access in and out of each compartment. Boxes are stackable and you can lock several boxes together. Great box for eyes and beads!!!! $5.00






Meiho Midge Boxes: These are the coolest fly boxes yet. I've searched all over t for these & they are sweet! Meiho boxes are made in Japan and feature individiual compartments w/ flip lids. Each door pops up to hold tiny midges, ants and dries. Can be used as a bead or eye box too! Size is: 2 3/8" x 3 1/4" and ONLY 1/2" thick! 2 styles: 8 compartment or 6 compartment. $3.50 each or get both for $6.00......Elsewhere these are $4.50 each/2 for $9.00




Millstream Nubby Tack Clear Box: These have a clear top and a nubby tack insert. Push flies between tacks to hold down. Boxes have an interlocking feature which allows you to double stack to boxes back to back. $10.00 each

Giant Mill Stream Fly Boxes ( Not Shown ): These are about 8'"x 4" and 1 " thick! These are the best for really thick bugs. Most small boxes will smash the bugs or crunch your nice deer hair bugs. Will fit into a fly jacket or coat. Double nubby sides only, will hold a ton of bugs or a million trout flies. Tan Only $18.50 each .

Nubby Tack Millstream Box ( Not Shown ) : Nubs on one side, flat foam other. Green only . Won't crush hackles! $10.50



Folding Multi Compartment Box: These fold in half and are ideal for storing a motherload of flies. Keeps flies from getting smashed and ruining the hackle. $7.50






Myran Fly Boxes: These boxes are really nice. Made in Sweeden, Myran boxes are made from X-tra Strong MBS clear plastic, with a positive molded clasp and brass hinges. Great size ( 4 1/4" x 3 1/4" and only 5/8" thick!) Will fit in breast/shirt pocket or Levi's back pocket. Ideal for midges, ants, dries and trout nymphs. I love mine!

12 compartment ( Myran 1200 ) or 8 compartment ( Myran 1080 ) . $6.50




Okuma Boxes:

For many years we have sold these great boxes. These are metal with spring loaded windows, foam or clips. Makes an ideal heirloom gift for a Father, friend or fellow fly tyer. Very affordable and well made. Similar to English style Metal boxes which sell for $95. or more!

Okuma 16 Compartment Fly Box: 16 spring loaded doors w/ flat foam other side. Brushed Aluminum or Black finish, Large size ( 6" x 3 1/2" x 1") .....MY BEST selling box! Price: $26.50 Very Nice! Black Box: $27.50

Okuma 10 Compartment Fly Box: Has same size and shape as above but with 10 spring loaded windows on one side and a flat foam insert on the other side. Price: $26.50 Silver or Black Box: $27.50

Okuma Large Box w/ Clips: This is the large box in black ( sorry no silver) and comes with a set of clips on each side/front and back. Ideal for holding all of your wet flies. Use for all your Don Bastion classic wet patterns. $24.00



Marc Petitjean Micro Slit Boxes: These have a thin piece of foam as an insert and have small micro slits. Use for small dries or smaller trout flies. Smaller box is about 3" by 3" , easily fits inside a breast pocket. Larger box is a double version of smaller box and is about 3" by 5" or so. Clear top, black plastic base. Small Box: $13.00, Large Box: $18.50

Sci-Angler System X Box: This is a very cool clear box. Has a pre-cut foam insert with silts to allow you to put all of your flies in the box. Holds a motherload of dry flies. Top has a locking gasket which can be snapped shut to keep water out.

Price: $22.00 ( Extra Inserts are available in streamer or dry fly)






Terra Wood Fly Boxes: These are solid teak boxes with a brass inserts and hinges. Outside there is a tiny spey fly brass button and a small brass insert that can be engraved to add your name. Very nice. Inside has a flat closed cell foam that can hold a variety of flies. Hinges and latches are brass w/ brass outside locks. Size is about 4" by 6" Really nice! Price: $15.00

Terra Midge Boxes: These have a 2 compartment flip lid. Also features a small clip ring on the side. Can be clipped to a zinger or even a lanyard. Holds beads, shot, hooks or flies. Handy for desk top to store beads as well. Bottoms of boxes are rounded for easy enterance. Colors: Chartreuse, Hot Pink or White.

Price: $2.00 each or 2 for $3.50





Turtle Box: This box folds in half, has a green back and a small hump with turtle markings. Ideal for the kids, or just for fun! Has locking latch. 3 3/4" x 2 87/8' x 1 1/4" Very nice and unusual. $6.00







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