Cortland Brook and Big Sky Series: Every once in awhile, a company gets it right. You know all your favorites. Like your favorite jeans, your old truck, ball caps, soda or all the other great things you've come to love in life. When you see these rods I think you will agree......"They got it right".

The Brook Series is a smaller set of spring creek type rods, designed for small waters, light tippets and small flies. You can fish your favorite creeks with these and really feel the fish. With this series of rods catching a small brookie is going to feel like you are landing a 200 pound a tarpon. These are also wonderful rods for fishing for panfish. All the Brook rods have a reverse half wells seat, nickle silver winding checks, an olive blank tipped with matching thread wraps. The smaller sized rods have slip rings for the reel seal while the larger sized rods have an uplock nickle silver seat.

The Big Sky Series are designed for larger waters, larger fish for both freshwater and saltwater. The Big Sky series are longer fast action rods that can be used for larger river type trout fishing, smallmouth fishing, salmon or steelhead, bass fishing and all kinds of saltwater fishing. The Big Sky Rods have nickle silver inserts, a specie cork grips and are an olive colored blank tipped with matching thread wraps. The Saltwater rods have a full wells shaped cork handle, fighting butt with uplock nickle seat. The freshwater rods have a reverse half wells grip with exotic wood insert and an uplock reel seat with nickle silver hardware. By anybody's standards, these are nice rods.

Both Rods have a cordura covered rod and reel carrying tube. Simiply unzip the tube, pull the rod out and put together. No need to fumble around looking for a reel to attach. Protects your rod and reel from damage while travelling between streams or back home after a long day of fishing. Both series of rods have a lifetime warranty. Here's the Best Part.........The Price: Brook Rods are $179, Big Sky Rods are $229.00

Cortland Brook - Fly Rod Series

Sometimes you just need to get away. Away from the big name rivers with their full parking lots and hoards of anglers. Away from crowds, away from hype, away from pretension. I bet you know a little secret creek somewhere off the beaten path. Maybe your Dad or Granddad first took you there. Maybe you discovered it yourself. But it's a place you can be alone, just you and the trout.Or perhaps your passion is stalking the most technically demanding trout you can find. Spring creeks, tail waters, summer conditions and educated trout put special demands on the angler and his equipment.We know those secret trout streams, and the challenge of selective trout too. So we created the new Cortland Brook Series fly rods. These are rods designed from the grip up to meet the special demands of smaller waters where accuracy and finesse are more important than sheer power. Where fishing tiny flies and light tippets to wild and wary trout is the name of the game. Light, responsive, a joy to behold, these are rods you will be proud to own and fish. Carefully tuned actions, nickel silver fittings, slim specie cork grips and a special rod/reel carrier make these rods an unprecedented value.The Cortland Brook Series fly rods. Whether your idea of solitude is chasing brookies in a mountain stream or casting to wily spring creek browns, we have the rod for you!

Brook 663 - 6'6"' 3wt 4pc. 2.5 oz. A small stream. Pocket water. Overhanging branches reaching for your fly. A tight loop cast drops the little parachute against the bank and a wild brookie eats it like his last meal. Here's the rod for those secret canopied creeks and guerrilla tactics! Price: $179.00

Brook 703 ­ 7' 3wt 4pc. 2.6 oz. Tricos! For some it's a hatch to be ignored. For others, it's the highlight of the fishing season. If you haven't stalked a sipping brown on a Summer morning you've missed one of the greatest and most rewarding challenges in trout fishing. The 703 is the perfect Trico rod. Delicate, accurate, easy loading, short enough to maneuver in tight spots, but long enough to control line. Oh, and it's a great rod for fishing terrestrials and midges too! Price: $179.00

Brook 804 ­ 8' 4wt. 4pc. 2.6 oz Big enough for medium size rivers, small enough for that favorite brook, the 804 is a lightweight performer. Able to throw a wide range of fly sizes, cast short or long, protect delicate tippets and drop your fly on a dime. Midges, dries, small nymphs, terrestrials, spring-time on a mountain brook or summer low water on larger streams. And farm pond blue gills are a hoot on this stick! If you have to choose one light line fly rod you can't go wrong with this classic configuration! Price: $179.00

Brook 864 ­ 8' 6" 4wt. 4pc. 2.7oz. The dry fly specialist's favorite. Plenty of length for distance and line control, short enough for maximum accuracy, and with enough delicacy to protect fine tippets, this rod excels on any size trout stream. The 864 is the experts' choice for pin-point accuracy on technical trout rivers and spring creeks everywhere. Floating lines, long leaders, small dries and nymphs are this rod's forte. Wherever the trout are rising, the 864 is right at home! Price: $179.00

Brook 865 ­ 8' 6" 5wt. 4pc. 2.8 oz.Perhaps the most versatile trout rod size, the 865 is the go to choice of trout anglers everywhere. Able to cast the entire range of fly sizes and types, this rod can reach out when needed yet is still delicate enough to fish light leaders and tiny dries. Whether the menu is bead heads, dries or even smaller 'buggers and streamers, the 865 can handle the job. Accuracy, control, adaptability, light weight, power and finesse, this rod has it all. The all round trout rod. Period.Price: $179.00

Brook 1004-10' 4wt., 4 pc, 4.0 oz. A true long light-line fly rod, the 10' 4 wt Brook excels at fishing soft hackles, and spider type wet flies and is the rod of choice for French style nymph fishing. Light and delicate, it will protect fine tippets but also has the power to make long, precise casts with dries,wets and smaller nymphs. The added reach lets you control a drift like never before. The prefect long reach rod for Spring Creeks, Tail Waters and wherever else you might need delicacy and reach. Price: $199.00

Brook 1005- 10' 5wt,, 4 pc, 4.2 oz. A true all around 10' trout rod, the Brook 10' 5 wt will almost everything! Czech, Polish, and American style nymphing techniques are this rod's forte! But this is more than just a nymph rod! If you haven't tried a longer 5 wt on bigger water with dry flies, when fishing from a drift boat or pontoon boat, you're in for a treat! Longer rods allow you to pick up line faster, cast further, make better mends and also prevent lots of flow hook ups with the guide, oars and boat riggings! Light enough to fish all day, and that extra foot of length will reach right across the river and help you get more drag free drifts longer than you ever imagined was possible. Great also for fishing soft hackles and makes a dandy rod for float tubes and canoes. Price: $199.00



Cortland Big Sky - Fly Rod Series

Big Sky! It's not just a state, but a state of mind. Sure, "Big Sky" is a July afternoon on the Madison. But it's also a russet dawn on the Cape, clouds reflected in blue-green flats off Andros, an eagle wheeling high over the Big Delaware, a Maine brookie pond stippled with autumn color, a cart-wheeling tarpon silhouetted against a back country sunset. In short, the spirit of "Big Sky" is wherever your fishing adventures take you. And with that spirit in mind, we've created the new Cortland Big Sky series of fly rods. Modern, fast action 4 piece rods that can deliver the goods with power and finesse. We designed each rod in the series to meet specific angling challenges and then tuned the actions to make these the best casting, best fishing rods we have ever offered. Finally, we added the highest quality hardware we could find, a hand shaped specie cork grip, and packaged it all in an integrated rod/reel carrier to protect it during your travels. And all at a price that sets a new standard for value. Whether you target trout, stripers, bones, tarpon, bass or salmon there's a Big Sky rod for you!

Big Sky 904-4 9' 4wt 4pc. 3 oz Delicate and light in the hand, but powerful enough to beat the wind. Fine in the tip to protect light tippets, but with enough length to control drift. The 904-4 Big Sky is the light line choice for fishing smaller flies on bigger rivers and tail waters East, West, wherever the trout are rising!

Big Sky 905-4 9' 5wt 4pc 3.5 oz Here's the trout rod that does it all on medium to large rivers. The 9' 5 wt is the number 1 selling fly rod in the US, so we had to get this one right! Easy casting at all distances, with enough power to handle wind and the whole range of trout fly sizes. Strong enough to put the boots to a running rainbow, but able to fish size 18's on 6X. Whether it's fishing PMD emergers on the Missouri, reaching out to a rising brown on the Beaverkill, or nymphing the Green, the 905-4 Big Sky is the one trout rod you can take anywhere!

Big Sky 906-4 9' 6wt 4pc 3 9/16 oz Perhaps the most versatile freshwater rod in the Big Sky series, the 906-4 covers the whole spectrum of fly-fishing challenges. Casting dries, streamers, and nymphs to trout, chasing Smallies, tossing a popper to Blue Gills, or fishing smaller flies for Steelhead, this rod is up to the task. East or West, if you are going to own just one fly rod say "hello" to the 906-4!

Big Sky 906-4 Saltwater 9' 6wt 4pc 3 9/16 oz A salty action 6wt rod with a 1" fighting but that teams up perfectly with Cortland's Tropic Plus lines and freshwater Rocket tapers for chasing Red-fish, small bones, Small-mouth Bass and giant trout. This rod provides the smoothness that 6wt rods are famous for along with the needed boost for longer casts and fishing heavier flies in light salt and heavy fresh water situations.

Big Sky 907-4 9' 7wt 4pc 4 1/16 oz Bigger than a 6, not quite an 8, but just right in so many situations! The 7 wt is perhaps the most overlooked line size in fly-fishing, but it's also one of the best. Light enough to be easy casting, powerful enough to throw larger flies and put the smack down on bass, bones, steelies, salmon, big trout, reds, you name it! And the Big Sky 907-4 is one great casting 7 wt! Teamed up with a Cortland Type 3 full sinking line and a big streamer this rod will punch like a heavy weight into almost any wind. Or with a floater, deliver a Charlie right on target to a cruising bone. If you don't own a 7, you owe it to yourself to find out what you're missing!

Big Sky 908-4 8wt 4pc 4 3/16 oz In a world where 8wt's have become relabeled 9wt's this rod stands true. Not an unforgiving "stick", not a floppy "wimp". This rod's smooth power generates high line speed for greater distance when you want it, along with accuracy and delicate presentation when you need it. That's what this true 8wt is all about. For all the reasons you would choose an 8 wt, the Big Sky 908-4 is the one to choose.

Big Sky 909-4 9wt 4pc 4 5/8 oz The need for longer casts in pants whipping winds in both salt and freshwater situations has elevated the 9wt to a must have rod for many avid fly fisherman. However when that that close range fish pop's up out of now where (and you know they do) creating the need to load the rod and react quickly with a close accurate cast with out landing the fly like a cannon ball, many turbo 9wt's don't can't get it done. We dialed back the tip action on this rod to accomplish this task with out sacrificing power and distance. It cast's like a 9wt should in the wind and like a 8 '6" 4wt on a short cast when it needs to making it a complete 9wt fly rod.

Big Sky 910-4 10wt 4pc 4 _ oz Think of the 10 wt as the heavy cruiser of fly rods. Here's the rod for Pike, Musky, Stripers, small to medium tarpon, or any other fish that will grab a big fly and not want to give it back. Many tarpon guides now recommend the 10 wt as the best all round fly rod for it's combination of easy casting and fish fighting abilities. The Big Sky 910-4 is a truly powerful 10wt that the average caster can load and handle with ease. It can match distance with any rod out there, yet still fish in close for full range versatility.

Big Sky 911-4 11wt 4pc 5 5/16 oz Another overlooked line size, the 11 wt has always been an "in between" rod. The Big Sky 911-4 is going to change that thinking! Many guides feel that because of its ability to go long and short with spectacular control and great ease, handling both small and big fish. The 11 is their new "got to have rod." The Big Sky 911 is going to put a lot of flies into the mouths of big fish everywhere, and find a home in the hearts of many fly fisherman.

Big Sky 912-4 12wt 4pc 5 _ oz Over the last decade no weight fly rod has improved more than the 12. They're a rod designer's ultimate challenge. Take the heaviest rod and make it light in the hand while having the strength to handle a 200lb maniac. Design it to cast in the strongest fishable winds and still lay down a sweet 30 footer right now. We put all those things into this rod and took it one step farther by making it an unparalleled value. The challenge is up to you to find a 4pc rod w/tube that matches this rod's performance at this price. Just for you we've raised the bar and lowered the cost on an elite 12wt rod.

All Big Sky Rods Are $229.00

Badger Creek's Rod-Reel-Line Package: Order any Big Sky Rod or Brook Rod, a Cortland Reel, Cortland Fly Line and Take $20 off the entire package and You get 1 dozen free flies.

I will also toss in free backing and rig your reel ready to fish. Just take the reel out, put it on and you are fishing!

Now there is a deal you won't find on Be-bay, at a Box Store or at any of the Megabella's , LL Nobody-Home or Some-More-Oorvis stores!!!

Cortland Rod Travel Outfits

Looking for a no nonsense kit? Back up rod? Starter rod? Rod for the Grandkids or kids? These entry level outfits are great for the newer fly fisher, spouse or a friend. Makes a great gift item too!

Cortland Pre Loaded "Travel" Outfit: This is a perfect set up for the newer fly fisher. Ideal for trout fishing panfish and there is an outfit for saltwater/salmon or bass fishing. Includes: 4 piece Rod, LTD II Disc Drag Reel, Cordura Rod Carrier, 333 WF Floating fly line, 333 tapered leader, fly line backing.

Sizes: 9' 5/6 ( Trout/Panfish)


9' 8/9 ( Salmon/Saltwater/Bass) Price $125.00




Cortland 333+ Youth Fly Fishing Outfit : This is the perfect starter kit to introduce a your favorite your person to fly fishing. Ideal set up for children.

Includes: GRX Cortland Rod, Pro Cast Mid Arbor Reel, 333 + WF floating fly line, 333+ Leader, Flyline Backing, Cortland DVD, Fly Box, Fly Fishing Manual.

Sizes: 7' 5" 4/5 2 piece Price: $99.95



Cortland Reels

Cortland Pro Cast Mid Arbor Reels: The Pro Cast was designed with a cast aluminum frame and spool to be light weight. Easily adjustable center disc drag with a large center knob to set drag to the finest of settings. Spool are arbor are ventilated to decrease weight and allow line to dry quickly. Easy to change retrive directions.





Model......Size....Weight.....Diameter.......Capacity........Reel Price.....Spool Price

599796..........3/4/5...........5.6oz........ 3 1/8".............WF5 w/100yds......... $70.00...........$25.00

599802..........6/7/8...........6.3oz........ 3 1/2".............WF8 w/120yds......... $70.00...........$25.00

599812..........9/10...........7.3oz........ 3 7/8".............WF10 w/220yds......... $70.00...........$25.00

Sterling Mid-Arbor: Cortland's Sterling Mid-Arbor may just be the best value fly reel today. This reel is machined aluminum bar stock to exact tolerances and andoized for a lifetime of durability in fresh or saltwater. Has a fully enclosed center mounted Rulon disc drag that will protect a 7x tippet or stop a sizzling bonefish dead in his tracks. An exposed rim lets you palm the counterbalanced spool for more control. The knurled knob is slip proof even with wet, slimy or cold fingers. Mid-Arbor design reduces the loops and coiling that can form in the middle sections of flyline, while giving you a maximum amount of line capacity. Mid-Arbor will also improve line pick up enabling you to retrive line faster. 3 sizes available.


Model..........Size......Weight......Diameter.......Capacity........Reel Price.....Spool Price

599710.........#1 3/4/5...........5.1 oz.......... 3 1/8".............WF4 w/150yds......... $150.00...........$70.00

599727..........#2 5/6/7..........5..5 oz......... 3 1/4".............WF6 w/200yds......... $160.00...........$70.00

599734..........#3 8/9/10..........7.4 oz........ 4"...................WF9 w/250yds......... $170.00...........$70.00




Cortland Fly Lines: For years, Cortland has been famous for flylines. I've selected some of the best lines they offer. If you are going on a trip and need a line rigged, I can choose a line to fit your needs.


Precision Platinum: Cortland's latest addition to their Precision Dyna-Tip floating trout line series. Developed specifically for versatile performance in a wide range of difficult-to-extreme trout fishing situations: from large rivers and tailwaters - to spring creeks and small streams. The new Precision Platinum line features a modified Rocket2 taper with a longer head, extended rear taper and oversized running line to deliver the following performance characteristics.

1. Loads quickly for short, accurate casts ­ even with fast-action fly rods or in windy conditions ­ but still reaches out when you need maximum distance.

2. Longer head allows you to carry more line in the air.

3. Extended rear taper facilitates longer roll casts ­ and improved mending characteristics and line handling on big water.

4. Overall taper configuration results in exceptionally stable loops and line control.

The new Platinum also features Cortland's high-floating Dyna-Tip - a 3-foot hi-visibility white tip section especially formulated from a proprietary material that floats higher and lands more softly than conventional fly lines. The unique Dyna-Tip uses 21st Century technology (not just more micro-balloons) to float all day in the toughest conditions for longer, drag-free drifts and improved line control whether fishing dries or weighted nymphs.

The new Platinum is formulated with Cortland's proprietary DuraSlik coating, which is super-slick, durable and ultra-quiet in the guides ­ and significantly reduces surface friction for faster shooting, higher line speeds, and longer casts. A unique low-memory formulation remains supple in cold water yet won't wilt in summer heat ­ and resists coiling after long storage on your reel.

Mike's Note: This is an ideal line for big bugs, big flies, bead nymphs or streamers. The head is a bit longer and thicker allowing you to shoot big bugs faster. Similar to a bass taper and it is a great popping bug line in the smaller sizes.

Color: Moss Green with a 3' white Dyna-Tip Sizes: 3-8

Price: $62.00

Precision Trout-Floating: This line is the most advanced wf taper flyline ever developed by Cortland. This is a taper that was created to load today's fast action fly rods with a minimum of line for precise casts but acts like a shooting head when you need extra distance. Has the new Duraslik coating that makes the line shoot further and quicker. This line is a two tone straw and mint line allowing you to see the line easier. The 2 tone section is a bit long than the Platinum with about 30' of line in the cream color. The other major innovation is that this line can be ordered in half sizes. If you have a say a very fast 6 weight rod, you can put a 6 1/2 taper on it to more accurately match the line to the rod, creating one of the best casting most advanced lines to match the newest rods. Comes with the Dyna tip for extra high floating and a welded front loop.

Sizes: WF3-7.5 Type: Floating Taper: WF Rocket 2

Color: Straw and Mint 2 Tone

Price: $62.00



Precision Big Fly Bass: Bass bugs and poppers require a short taper to turn them over quickly and accurately. Precision Big Fly Bass is a full floating line that picks big bugs up quickly and easily wheter working a river or casting hair bugs into cover on a lake or pond. Ideal for hopper fishing, pike, saltwater and salmon fishing. 2 tone of green and lime to improve visability.

Sizes: WF 6-9Type: Floating Taper: WF Rocket

Color: Lime and Mint 2 Tone

Price: $62.00

Mike's Note: I use a bass taper size 6 on my streamer rod, I like to use the 2 color line for fishing buggers and also for large nymphs. I use this outfit for big browns, lake run salmon and also big rainbows. In the summer I use this as a bass rig and fish poppers , big dries and hoppers. One of my favorite lines.



Precision Salmon/Steelhead: Large streamers and heavily weighted eggs require a short fron taper to pick up and turn flies over quickly. The Precision Salmon line is a floating line that casts accurately whether making a long spey cast or working eggs through a deep pool. Two tone makes it easy to see strikes from hard hitting fish.

Sizes: WF 7-9Type: Floating Taper: WF Rocket

Color: Lime and Mint 2 Tone

Price: $62.00

Mike's Note: This is a great line to use for lake run fish. Ideal for salmon fishing and also steelheading. 2 tone color makes it easy to see strikes and short taper will load weighted lines quickly



Not shown: Precision Sink Tips: These are 10" sink tips. Choose from either type 3 or type 6. Type 3 will sink 3.5-4 IPS and the 6 will sink 6.25 -7 IPS. These are perfect for streamer fishing, fishing in lakes, ideal for smallmouth fishing or sculpin fishing to big browns. Same coating as above, with a brown tip and mint lines. Sizes: 4-8 for type 3 and 4-10 for type 6. Price: $62

444 Classic and SL Lines: These are some of the long term favorites from Cortland. These are high quality line that will be enjoyed for use by almost every fly fisher.

444 SL Classic Floating ( 105 ' Wf or DT ): 444 SL (Specialized Line) is Cortland's universal fly line to suit most of your fishing situations. Designed for those anglers that require accurate distance casting. Built on a braided nylon core using a stiffer outer finish for smooth effortless casts and exceptional durability.

Sizes: WF 3 - 10 Type: Floating Taper: WF Rocket or Double Taper

Color: Mint Green

Price: $52.00



444 Classic - Floating (90' WF or DT) : Before something can be called a "classic" it has to stand the test of time. The Cortland 444 Classic Peach has stood all the tests that generations of anglers have thrown at it and emerged as one of the finest fly lines of all time. Extremely supple in the hand, fast through the guides, high floating, and legendary for it's durability. Precise tapers for ease of casting, turning over long fine leaders, or slapping down a #6 Wooly Bugger with ease. Cold water? No Problem! The 444 stays flexible in any water.

Sizes: WF 3 - 9 Type: Floating

Taper: WF or DT Color: Peach

Price: $52.00


444 Classic Sylk - Floating (90' DT or WF): 444 Classic Sylk is the first modern line designed specifically for fine bamboo and rods. The "Sylk" replicates the fine diameter, long taper, supple feel and subtle color of natural silk, but in a modern, easy to care for fly line. But, the "Sylk" isn't just for bamboo! If you are one of the many anglers who have rediscovered the delights of fiberglass fly rods, this line is for you! It even works well on graphite for the finest presentations under the most demanding low water conditions. Can you say "midges?"

Sizes: WF 2 - 8 Type: Floating

Taper: WF or DT Color: Mustard

This is the perfect line to match your antique or hand made bamboo rods. Has an antique look to it gold with speckles in it.

Price: $52.00


444 Classic Whisper Taper - Floating (105'- WF/ 90'- DT): Extremly supple line , fast through the guides, high floating and durable. Precise tapers with extra front tapers for turning over long fine leaders when fishing dry flies or spring creeks. Line will stay soft and flexible in cold water. Ideal for spring creeks, tail waters and trout fishing.

Sizes: WF 2 - 8 Type: Floating

Taper: WF or DT Color: Cream

This is the perfect line to match your spring creek rods or tailwater rods.

Price: $52.00

Cortland Overstocked Standard Lines

It is no secret that Cortland is one of the world's biggest flyline makers. For years Cortland has created private label flylines for some of the biggest names in the business. They repackage lines or create lines to meet customers needs. Often it is easier for Cortland to make extra inventory for customers rather than reset machines or make adjustments. Cortland will run extra lines and this is where you save big! These are great lines at great prices. They may come just loose in a bag or on a small plastic case ( rather than the typical clam shell box. ) I carry this lines all the time and this your chance to save money. Colors will vary and I try to select neutral lines. Perfect for beginners, new fly fishers, those on a budget or those wanting extra lines.

Sizes: WF 4-6 ( Note: I can see what items are available for overstocked lines in sink tips, bass tapers or even in intermediate lines. Other sizes available )

Prices: $20 each or 2 for $35.00! Wow!

Cortland Acecssories

Yes Virgina Cortland Does Offer Gadgets and Accessories. I have located some pretty unique things that I am sure you just can't live without.

Cortland Telescoping Net: Most nets are alot like carrying around a small hula hoop. This is unique in that it folds and telescopes. The top flips open into a triangle and the handle folds up and down. Just the ticket you need for travel or to save space when packing. Several sizes: S ( trout sized), Med ( Large Trout/steelhead/bass), Large ( salmon/larger heavy fish).


Small: $40

Medium: $50

Large: $50

Cortland Pro Line Cleaner: This is the stuff made famous by Leon Chandler. Where ever Leon went, he gave out tons of these. Originals were felt pads, sealed with the line cleaner. 2 Styles: Gel and Cleaning Pads. Cleaning Pad comes in a reusable container. Gel comes in flip top squirt bottle. Just put a few drops on a towl to clean lines.

Cortland Pro Gel Line Cleaner: One Ounce Bottle. Price: $5.00

Cortland Pro Line Pads: Small pretreated felt pads in reuable container. Price: $2.00

Cortland Mini Head Kit: Custom build your own Mini Sink Tips. Each pack has a 12' length of sinking line. Cut your line to the size you wish, add the flyline loops and you can loop this to any flyline. Now it is not necessary to buy yet another flyline. Keep in your jacket to use when fishing deeper holes. 2 Sink Rates: Fast and Extra Fast: $12.00

Looking For a Specialized Fly Line?

As a Cortland Pro Shop, I can custom order any flyline made by Cortland. I can order Spey lines, Salmon and Steelhead Flylines, Bass Bug Tapers, Topic Lines, Bonefish, Redfish, Striper Lines or any product made and offered by Cortland. I can help you match your gear ( or gear needed for your trip) with any line, reel, rod or product offered by Cortland. Email me for details. To order any of these products listed, email me your request, tell me where you live and I will quote shipping. For most rods, $10 will cover the shipping. For overseas, Canada you can save alot with our current exchange rates. Many times the products are much less than you will find at home. Email me for more details, I can often save you money on duty and VAT fees.


For more Info Contact:

Mike Hogue / Badger Creek Fly Tying / 622 West Dryden Road, Freeville, NY 13068

Phone: 607-347-4946