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Based in Denver, Iowa; Clear Creek Company has been making rod tubes and fishing accessories for several years. A fair number of the rod tubes that protect your rods are very likely made by Clear Creek. These products are well made using high quality fabrics and materials and are designed to withstand the worst that the airlines and traveling can do to your expensive gear. Whether you are traveling to a far away place to chase trout or you are fishing for bluegills in a local pond, these cases will protect your valuable rods, reels and equipment. For 2008 they have added several new packs and gear bags.

Vests and Packs

Clear Creek Elkader Vest: This is a lightweight vest with a comfortable neoprene collar. The vest is made of breathable, fast drying Vin-Tex material. The Elkader Vest has six large compartments, 4 front zipper compartments, one large back zipper and 8 interior pockets for all of the items you wish to carry. Standard Length. . Sizes, M, L, XL, XXL. Colors: Sage

Very nice and a GREAT price of $84.00









Clear Creek Volga Vest: This is Clear Creek's Coolest vest for warm weather fishing. The Volga features 10 pockets for storing fly boxes and gear and is made a mesh material for added breathability. The collar is a soft knit material and the upper pocket has a ripple fly patch to hold your flies. Sizes, M, L, XL, XXL. Colors: Olive

Very nice and a GREAT price of $36.00








Clear Creek's Wexford Sortie Vest: The Wexford is a shortie vest ideal for deep water wading or float tubing. The Wexford has ample storage to carry all of your gear. This vest has 12 storage pockets and is mesh lined for added breathability. The Wexford is made of a soft, durable, quikc dry material. Sizes: M,L,XL, XXL. $36.00






Clear Creek's Fly Fishing Vest Packs



The Big Springs Chest Pack: This chest pack hold everything you need for a day's outing. Specialized pockets help reduce clutter and organize all of your fly boxes and accessories. Front is fully adjustable to fit your exact shape ( male or female), has a removable fly patch, two internal pockets, small tool pockets, four external pockets, removable foam fly box, rod holder loops. Back has a d-ring for a net, 2 water bottle holders. Price: $94.00






The Brush Creek Vest Pack: Pack it all in this vest pack! Ideal for longer trips that require more gear. Pack contains several larger-stuff pockets to carry extra items but still has many specialized smaller pockets to make it easy to locate your favorite box of flies or the exact tool you need. Fully adjustable straps to fit any shape or size and maximize your comfort. The Brush Creek has 2 removable fly patches, tool pockets, 8 internal pockets, 11 external pockets, 2 removable foam fly boxes, rod holder loops. The back has a d-ring for a net and a water bottle pocket and several stuff pockets for a small rain jacket or spare spools. Price: $122.00








Decorah Back Pack w/Hydration System: Lightweight, sleek, and incredibly rugged, this multi-purpose pack can handle as much as you can dish out. Straps are padded and accept foam fly boxes, straps also have hidden tool retractors. Back has a compressible main compartment, a middle compartment to hold additional gear, outside pocket for a net or additional clothes, 2 rod holders and a padded waist belt. Price: $99.00




Gear Bags



The Edgewood Satchel: This is an over the shoulder bag that allows you to carry a large amount of gear. Ideal for boating ( kayaking, drift boats, canoes, etc. ), this bag will hold it all. Outside has 5 exterior pockets, a foam fly patch and has a spot for removable fly boxes. Comes with a padded shoulder strap, a large main compartment, 3 interior pockets, and an exterior hemostat holder. Price: $65.00







The Pine Hollow Pack: Winner of the 2007 Fly Fish America Editor's Award, this gear bag is very well made. Easily converts from a shoulder bag to a hip pack, allowing you to adjust your gear to fit the current fishing conditions. Has a zip open work station, a padded breathable waist belt, a large main compartment to hold multiple fly boxes, a padded shoulder strap and 2 mesh water bottle holders. Well made and a great price. Price: $65.00




Reel Cases


The Five Reel Case: The Five Reel Case lets you keep all your valuable reels stored securely for your next trip. Interior has padded and removable dividers, allowing you to adjust each space to fit your needs alond with a zippered pocket. Exterior has a water resistant bottom, exterior padding, locking clips to secure the top and a rubberized strap handle. Price: $40.00



The Multi Reel Case: This case allows you to store up to 10 reels or spools. The case will protect all of your reels with confidence. Exterior has a molded strap, a shoulder strap, padding and a slip pocket on the lid. Inside, the spaces are adjustable to fit any sort of reel or spool and there is zip pockets and mesh pockets to hold leaders or tippets. Zippered closure. Price: $55.00

Neoprene Reel Case: This maybe the most popular item that Clear Creek has introduced. This is a clam shell design that allows you to slip the cover over a reel handle and will protect your reel while attached to a rod. Allows you to keep your rod strung up when driving from fishing hole to hole. Case can be used alone without the rod as well. Tapped seams with Velcro enclosure. Navy Blue. Neoprene covers call also be used with the above cases for extra protection.


Small / 3.25" reel, Medium / 4.25" reel. Large / 5" reel, X-Large: 5.5" reel.

Price: $12.00

Wader Bags and Travel Bags:

The Dorchester Wader Bag: This is a rugged wader bag that allows you to carry wet waders and boots.Has a molded rubber bottom tray that allows wet items to dry, while everything else outside it stays dry. Has vented mesh top, compression straps, 2 interior pockets and 5 exterior pockets. Price: $80.00





The Rush Creek Gear Bag: The Rush Creek bag is ideal for travel , storage and is the perfect place to store your gear for your next trip. The bottom is rubber molded and waterproof. Top has a clear plastic zipper pocket and the interior has a large main compartment with adjustable/removable dividers with 10 interior pockets. The outside was 2 removable foam fly boxes, 2 water bottle holders and 13 exterior pockets plus a rod tub holder. Price: $149.00




Bear Springs Kit Bag: Ideal for a boat bag or as a fly tying organizer. Has a water resistant bottom, 4 interior pockets, a padded shoulder strap, 2 interior pockets and a padded /removable divider system. Has a wide mouth opening for easy access. A nice bag at a great price. Price: $65.00






The Highlandville Rolling Duffle: This is it, the one bag for your travel needs. Its big enough to hold your waders, boots, rods, and is designed for the serious angler. Large main compartment holds 3 rod tubes/ 9' 4piece, vented bottom with neoprene liner allows wet items to be separated from main compartment. Comes with 6 interior mesh pockets, 3 exterior pockets, long-lasting in line skate wheels and bottom skid rail. Heavy duty aluminum handle that pops out allowing you to roll the bag around the airport or hotels. Price: $175.00


For a bigger picture of this bag, click here

Rod Tube and Rod Cases:

Whether you custom build rods or own hand made bamboo rods, Clear Creek has some well made cases to protect your valuable rods. All of the rod cases shown are cordura covered pvc with zipper ends. All have a lifetime warranty. Clear Creek does offer aluminum tubes, and rod bags, email me for more info on prices and sizes.


Cloth Rod Tubes: Compact and durable, these tubes are ideal for holding your favorite rod. Has an interior shewn in pouch so you don't need to fool with a rod bag. Take your rod down, push the pieces in each divider and zip shut. Foam padded ends and exterior rubber molded handle. Colors: Burgundy, Navy or Forest Green.

1.5", 2" or 2.5". 2,3,4 or 5 piece lengths available. Prices: $29.00-$45.00

9' 2" , 2 piece: $38.00

9' 2' 4piece: $33.00

8'6" 2" 3 piece: $33.00


Travel Rod Tubes: These are just great. Clear Creek offers a 4" model that will carry 4-6 rods and a 6' model that will carry 8-12 rods. Ideal for the long trips. Instead of carrying a bunch of rod tubes, pack all of your rods in here. Ideal for travel or storage. Adjustable strap, outside pouch to hold a business card, padded ends and a lined interior with a zip top. Available in 2,3 4 or 5 piece models. Colors: Forest Green, Navy, Burgundy. Prices: $50-$86.00

9', 4" 4 piece : $60.00

9' 6" 4 piece: $70.00




Spey Rod or Spinning Rod Case: As far as I know this is the only spey rod case on the market that allows you to keep the reel attached to the rod. End has a rubber scuff cap to protect the tube. Has a shoulder strap and a padded reel compartment. 2" or 2.5 "Custom sizes available for extra long rods.

7' 2" case: $70.00

7' 2.5" Case: $62.00



Single Rod and Reel Case: Has a rubber molded handle, padded reel compartment for extra protection, a scuff pad on the end to protect the rod tube. Lockable zipper. Interior has a divided rod compartment. Sizes: 2" , 2,3,4,5 piece models available. Prices: $56.00 to $58.00

9" 3 piece, 2": $58.00

9' 4piece, 2" : $56.00





Dual Rod and Reel Cases: A long time favorite, I have sold lots of these since they were introduced many years ago. This case holds 2 rods with the reels attached. Interior has divided sections to hold tip, butts, and mid sections. Has a lockable zipper to protect rods. Padded reel case section and lined pvc tube, make this a very durable rod tube. Break this and you must be driving a Hummer in the dark! Opps......lifetime warranty would cover that wouldn't it? 1.5" or 2'. 2,3,4,5 piece models available. ( Hint you can put a spring creek rod ( 7 footer) in a 9 foot case.....pack both, a long and a short. Prices: $78 o $84.00

9' 2 piece, 2": $84.00

9' 3 piece, 2": $82.00

9' 4 piece, 2":$80.00

For more information about sizes, styles or lengths, email. I can custom order rod bags and metal tubes as well.



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