I don't know about you but leaky waders suck. Nothing is worse than wet pants. For the most part the new breathable waders are a godsend allowing you to be more comfortable in even the hottest weather. I wear mine all season to keep out of poison ivy, deer ticks and neetles. Trouble is many waders have membrane issues, the seams leak the feet are badly done. I have also heard dealer stories of 50% return rates on certain brands.I have been searching for a company which offers a great product at a great price and stands behind them. I bought a pair and field tested these and I was very impressed. These are boots I use and recommend.

Dan Bailey's offers one of the best waders on the market. Bailey's is one of the oldest names in fly fishing and they stand behind all the waders with this warranty. YOU will get at least 180 trips out these boots and they offer a 100% satisfaction gurantee*.

This is it: " We are so confident that our products will meet your high standards we guarantee all Dan Bailey products to meet your satisfaction 100%. If at any time you are not satisfied with the performance during the normal life of the product, please return it to the place of purchase or to Dan Bailey's for prompt service." * Nobody, I repeat nobody offers that kind of warranty! Say goodbye to leaky waders, crappy seams, feet that leak. Say goodbye to feeling hot, sticky and sweaty.

Dan Bailey Lightweight Breathables: are made from a four layer waterproof breathable membrane. The outer layers is a shell of durable nylon while the inside has a soft nylon tricot. These waders feature built in gravel guards, self adjusting side tabs and a stretch quick release set of straps. The front has a nylon webbed attached to the tops so you can hang, paste, clippers or hemos on them. Inside front pocket for car keys. Double knees for extra wear. The straps are designed with an alternate clip system so they can be folded down and worn as a pair of waist high waders. For 2008 they redesigned the wader and added a new front pouch.


Sizes: Men's Stocking Foot: S,M,L, XL, ML, LL, XLL, MK, LK, XLK $199.95

Men's Boot Foot: 7-8-9-10-11-12-13: $249.95

Women's Stocking Foot: S, M, L, XL : $199.95









Bare Bones Wader: The same great reliability and quality. The Bare Bones feature a durable outside shell, side adjusting straps and stretch straps. The material is a lighter grade shell. The straps are designed on both models with an alternate clip system so they can be folded down and worn as a pair of waist high waders. This is a great product and a great price! Same sizes as above: $129.95


Sizes: Men's Stocking Foot: S,M,L, XL, ML, LL, XLL, MK, LK, XLK $129.95

Men's Boot Foot: 7-8-9-10-11-12-13: $179.95


Not shown: Dan Bailey Gravel Guard: Black 5 mm neopreme with velcro backing. Wrap around design keeps gravel out. ( I highly recommend ordering these with the Barebones waders. ) $19.95










Outfitter II Wading Shoe: The Outfitter II felt sole wading shoe is designed for the aggressive wader. It is comfortable to wear but still provides plenty of ankle protection. EVA soles with extra thick rubber toe and heel support give this shoe the stability needed to wade big western rivers with confidence. The design allows the sole to flex at the ball and ankle making it comfortable for walking. The speed laces are solid with rounded edges,and lace down to the toe for maximum adjustability. Felt Sole Whole Sizes: 5-13: $100, Size 14-16: $110, Studded Felt Soles/Whole Sizes 5-13: $120.00, Studded/Flet Soles: Size 14-16: $130

Eco Grip Wading Shoes: For those concerned with the spread of rock snot or Didymo, Bailey's offers the same shoe with an econ sole. It has a rubberize cleat that will reduce the spread of rock snot. Sizes 5-16. Price: $125

Optional Stabilicers Screw in Cleats: Add these to the above Eco Grips and it will help you from slipping on rocks and improve your wading abbility. $10.00

Dan Bailey's Rods and Reels: The Yellowstone Rod Series and the new Dan Bailey Large Arbor Reels offer you some great products at a very affordable price, all are well made and have great features.

Dan Bailey Yellowstone Series : Dan Bailey Yellowstone Series Fly Rods These four piece Yellowstone Series fly rods have been developed by Bailey's over several years. They have a progressive action allowing a smooth transition from short to long casts. As more line is carried the rod transfers flex further down into the butt section. The Yellowstone series offers a great value and a nice rod at an affordable price.


Yellowstone 9' 5 or 6 Weight Rods: The five and six weights have one stripping guide and single foot guides. Both come with as a 4 piece rod with a graphite uplock seat. Comes with a a fiberglass rod tube and a rod bag. Ideal for a second rod, backup or for a travel set.Great rods for panifsh, trout, smallmouth or even steelhead. 9 Foot 4 Piece 5 Or 6 Weight: $160.00

Yellowstone 9' 7or 8 Weight Rods: Perfect for your next salmon trip, trip to Alaska or the nearest lake for some hot bass fishing. The Yellowstone Series seven and eight weights have two stripping guides and single foot guides. Both come with uplocking graphite reel seats, and 1/2" fighting butts. Comes with a rod bag and fiberglass rod tube. 9 Foot $ Piece 7 or 8 Weight Rod: $180

Dan Bailey's Large Arbor Reels: Great features at a great value. Dan Bailey large arbor reels are die cast from aluminum alloy and features a conical brass drag system. This a very durable reel with a wide range of drag adjustment. With Bailey's reels you can tackle the toughest bonefish, the meanest bass and toughest salmon. Wood handles are counterbalanced and accentive in the looks of the reel. Easily converts from left to right hand retrieve. The lineguard protects your fly lines.

LA-0: Weight: 5.6 oz, Capacity: WF4F/ $150yds backing, Reel: $85, Spool: $50.00

LA-1: Weight: 6.20z, Capacity: WF5F/150yds backing, Reel: $85, Spool: $50.00

LA3: Weight: 8.8oz, Capactity: WF9F / 200yds backing; Reel: $100, Spool: $60.00

* All warranty claims express or implied are provided by the manufacturer Dan Bailey. For warranty issues I suggest you contact your dealer or Dan Bailey.

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