For your ease of use, I have set up separate pages for each of the different product areas. Each page contains a new product spotlight in which an image of a product is highlighted. To look through the catalog, click on the tiles below, then click on "Index" to return to this menu. The "How to Order" page contains info on how to place an order.

I will be adding many new and usual things as time goes along, so this page will always be changing.

In this area you will find some specially priced fly tying books. As well as a few other new books I picked which I like.


The body materials page contains tube fly tubes, yarn, chenilles, dubbing, dubbing furs, dry fly tailing and antennae materials, beads and eyes.


This page contains pricing on marabou, wings, quills, hopper quills, bass bug skirts, strung hackle, CDC feathers and flanks.


The Hoffman/ Whiting Farms section contains a complete list of Hoffman prices. Color availability, and grades on hand.


The hooks page contains info on the sizes and styles of Mustad, Daiichi & Partridge Hooks I carry.


The necks and saddles page contains pricing on Hen necks, Chinese necks, wooly saddles, Ewing, Metz , Keough Products and soft hackle skins. Look for many soft materials like jackdaws, starlings and quails.


The synthetics page contains pricing on Live Body, Kreinik materials, Larva Lace, Flash-a-bou, Z-lon, the new Refrax and Pearly materials, foam and rubber legs.


Tackle has info on reels, rods, bags, vests, flylines, leaders and accessories.



Tails, Deer and Hair has lists of different types of deer hair I have on hand, moose hair, hair for wings and such.



Thread, wire and tinsel contain prices on threads, floss, lead wire, glue, wax and spooled tinsels. NEW! Travel, Thread and Wire Storage Aids, check this out to see items to manage materials better.


Vises and tools contain the prices for the vices and fly tying tools I offer.



Web kits and flies contain prices for Mike Hogue signature flies and kits/sets to make flies contained on this site. Look here to find flies Iimported from Africa. These are wonderful flies and priced at $10/ dozen.


This page has info on how to place an order. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you find some interesting things!........Mike


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