Vises and tools contain the prices for the vices and fly tying tools I offer.

Fly Tying Tools

Import tools: For the Beginner or those looking for a good value, I have selected high quality tools which are inexpensive, yet durable. If I don't have it listed, it doesn't meet my standards!

Bobbin: Very simple, easy to use. Durable and a good value comes with a fine tube, brass feet: $3.50

Tear Drop Hackle Plier: This is very similar to the old Dorin pliers no longer made.$2.50




Import Scissor: Serrated edge, 4" blade. Very Nice for the money my own Dr. Mike's Brand. Curved or straight, $4.50 each or 2 for $8.00.

Bodkin: Hex handle: $2.00

Threader: Black handle with threader attached: $2.00

Shoe-Horn Stacker: This is an old favorite! The stacker is a tube with a closed end. One side is hollowed out such that the whole stacker looks somewaht like a shoe-horn. Great for streamer hair or bucktail :$3.50

Import Whip Finisher: Similar to the original Matarelli whip finish, the metal is a bit softer. Ideal for the begining tyer. $5.50

Import Tool Set w/ vise: Includes bobbin, scissors, shoehorn stacker, bodkin, hackle plier and AA chromed vise $35.00.......Excellent value for beginners or a nice set for the kids!

Really Heavy Import Bobbin: Thick tube bobbin. Handy for bass/saltwater tying. Extra large or standard. Nice price of $4.50





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Terra Thumb Hot Spot Bobbin: Has extra large hot spot to allow you to use extra pressure. Brass insert, ceramic tube with ball feet. $9.00

Terra Ceramic Import Bobbin: ( Shown right) Imported Ceramic tube bobbin is ideal for tying flies with heavy thread. Comparable values are more than double this price! $9.00




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Griffin Tools

All Griffin Tools have an unlimited lifetime warranty and are made in the USA.

1)Standard Bobbin: $8.50

2)Material Bobbin: For holding floss, wire or tinsel: $8.50

3) Supreme Ceramic Bobbin: Regular tube, Ceramic tip: $13.75

4) Magnum Bass/Salt Bobbin: Long tube, Ceramic tip, double reinforcement bands $13.75

Griffin Threaders: Set of 3 threaders. $4.75

Griffin Threader/Cleaners: Set includes: Threaders, Cleaners. $4.75

Griffin Non-Static Deer Hair Comb: Nice Non Static Comb for combing out deer hair. $6.75

Not Shown: Griffin Bullethead Tools: Use for making bullethead, Madam X's or Thunder Creek Flies. Rubber with a small hole in them. $7.50

Hook & Hackle Gauge: Measure different sized hooks or select the right sized hackle by twisting the hackle around the post at the bottom of the gauge.$6.00

Rotating Hackle Plier: Head rotates to turn hackle for wets or dries. $9.75


Adjustable Stacker: Barrel turns up or down with a nut for different lengths: $13.50

Standard Stacker: Long time favorite, simple design. $9.75

Jumbo Large Stacker: Great for stacking lots of hair and one of the best choices to use for making hair and bass bugs. $16.50

Griffin Scissors: ( Shown Left) Nice tiny tips on these scissors make them ideal for making dries, midges or other fine cutting jobs. These exact same scissors are marketed elsewhere at double the price. $15.50

Griffin Vise Offset: Vise extender for reducing back strain and eye stress $25.00

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Jade River Tools: This line of tools hails from Oregon and features several interesting products.




The Bead Nabber: The Bead Nabber is sure to grab some attention! Use to pick up beads, move around or put on to hooks this is a great tool. Tweaser design allows you to pick up the beads one by one and handle them with ease. Very Unique design. $13.00


The Hackle Nabber: This hackle plier has fine tips, a slid locking clip and a large ring for use with your fingers. $16.00





Dubbing Comb: Metal fine tooth comb. For combing out dubbing or for removing fuzz off deer hair. Metal handle, much finer than most deer hair combs. Great tool!$11.00 each




True Dubbing Spinner: Solid brass hook weighted to spin a dubbing loop. Similar to the old Lafontaine design. Spins evenly. Very nice. Price: $12.00







Marryat Tools

Marryat Tools: Marryat has made premium reels for many years. I have selected what I feel to be the most interesting tools they make.

CDC Feather Tool: ( Left) This tool has 3 needles to spin and turn CDC feathers. Insert the stem of a CDc feather and twist. Makes very easy wings. Great for emergers and excellent addition to use with Marc Petitjean tools. Has small knob at the bottom to prevent rolling off the table. $13.50

Marryat Scissors: Really good scissors are very expensive. These pair have very sharp tips, large finger openings, 3.5 " blades and a choice of curved or straight blades. $18.75 each ( Sorry only straight is available now. )



Matarelli Tools:

Standard Bobbin: $19.95 ............Whip Finisher: $18.00

Standard Bobbin: $20.00

Midge Bobbin: Holds Pearsall's Spools: $20.00

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Whiting Farm's Hackle Gauge: Machine aluminum with an anodized finish, this is a really well made gauge. Stainless steel pin with a complete scale. Fits most 3/8" stem vises. $20.00


Mike's Fine Tip Beading Pliers and Extra Fine Wire Cutters: I have searched all over the place to find these! NO TIER should be without these! The fine tip pliers are about 1/3 the size of normal pliers and are ideal for bending hooks to attach beads or for de-barbing hooks. The fine tip cutters can be used to chop marabou, thick stuff like ultra hair and bucktails. The price of these will pay for itself by not wrecking your fine tip scissors. Each has spring levers and a non-slip handle. Price: $4.50 each or get both for $8.00.

Rite Mag Adjustable Bobbin (Standard Size) : The tube is ceramic with cap end style feet that adjust to fit any size standard spool. Simply turn the mag inside the hub to tighten or to adjust the thread tension. Very Nice! $22.00

( The Magnum and the Shortie are also available on a special order basis only).

Best's S+M Bobbin: For those that have searched for this bobbin it's here. Long favored by AK, this bobbin allows tight control of thread spools. Fits all styles of thread spools.The originals are no longer made.

I Now Have Wastach Ceramic S + M Bobbins for $16.00 or I have an import Plate Bobbin for $3.50






Wasatch Springo Midge Whip Finisher: This is just the ticket to tie really small flies. The head is about 40% of the size of a standard whip finisher, allowing you to get much closer on smaller hooks. $17. 00



Weiss Clips: Spring mounted w/fine points, intrechangeable blades, large finger loop and finger grip. $18.50. Extra Blades: $7.50.




Griffin Scissors: Nice tiny tips on these scissors make them ideal for making dries, midges or other fine cutting jobs. These exact same scissors are marketed elsewhere at double the price. Excellent value with a very good set of tips. $15.50



Marc Petitjean Scissors: I stock all of the Swiss made Petitjean Scissors. To see them click here.





Marryat Scissors: Really good scissors are very expensive. These pair have very sharp tips, large finger openings, 3.5 " blades and a choice of curved or straight blades. Comparable scissors are marketed by others for over $25!. $18.75 each (Sorry only straight is available )

Mike's Arrow Point Scissors: Same great scissors you've seen at more than half price! High quality with extra sharp tips and serrated edges on this arrow point scissor make this the ideal tying scissor. $4.50 Specify Curved or Straight

Get Both for $8.00

(Specify: Curved and Straight)

Badger Creek Hair Stackers: We have the World's Finest Stackers!

Badger Creek's Machined Brass Stackers: Developed by me and designed to my own standards, these stackers are solid machined brass and provide you with a heavy mass stacker which will stack hair evenly and cleanly each time. Each stacker has a cork bottom and are the finest stackers ever made. Prices: Small or Medium: $12.00 each, Large and Jumbo: $15.00 each, Complete set of 4: $50.00







Badger Creek's Stainless Steel Hook Bowl: This bowl is great for holding beads, hooks and is a great tool for mixing epoxy. Rod builders will love the cone shaped bottom, which allows the epoxy to keep from setting up. To use simply dump a box of hooks or beads in the bowl. Will keep hooks off the floor and also prevent beads from rolling around!

Badger Creek's Solid Stainless Hook Bowl: $12.00 each










Badger Creek's Bobbin Bag: This handy bag holds all my tools and is great for classes, demos, shows or travel. The bag is American made of cordura with a polar fleece lining by the folks that make rod tubes for several large rod companies. Comes with a zipper and pull. Our bag will hold about 10 bobbins (with spools!), stackers, scissors and all the rest of your tying tools!

Mike's Bobbin Bag: ( About 4"x 6" x 2.5" ) $12.00










Easy Hair Stack: This is very likely one of the best made tools I have ever had. The Easy Stack is machined out of aluminum and anodized with a beautiful finish. The Easy Stack has a 2 piece design in which bottom turns out to even hair perfectly each time. American made, this is a cool item. To use: drop hair in top, tap, flip out bottom and remove hair. 2 colors: Half Gold and Half Black or All Black. 2 Sizes Small/Medium ( Measures 1.5"x 1.2" x 5/8" w/ a 3/8" stacking hole) Or Large/XL ( Measures 2.2" x 1.5" x 7/8": w/ a 5/8" stacking hole ). Price: $25 for the Small/Medium, $30 for the Large/XL Or $50 for the pair.



New Micro Easy Stack: This is about 30% smaller than the small size Easy Stack. Use ofr micro flies and compara duns. Really nice for smaller flies, use on hair wings size 16 -24. $22.00

Get all 3 for $70

Other Tools:

Cauterizer: This has a hot tip, turns on with a small button. Use to burn eye sockets in hair bugs, melt legs or even clean eyes of hooks. Great tool! Price $22.00





Changeable Tip Cauterizer: This is a neat tool. Use to burn stuff and make clean, tight heads. Has a hot tip with a nice, quick heat up to melt hook eyes. Ideal for small flies like midges. $32.00, extra head: $10.00

Hareline's Disposable Micro Brushes: These are micro Q-tips that can be used for epoxy work, painting eyes or other messy jobs. Tip has a very fine brush type end that can also be used to rough up small bodies or fine dubbing. Container has 100 brushes that can be reused or discarded after use. $10.00








Dubbit Tool: I use this for spinning loops and collars on nymphs, has a great head and spins easily. Ideal for making fur collars, comes with directions and pictures. : $14.00

Terra Turbo Dubber: This has an interchangable head which features three different styles. There is a fine wire, a "Y" tool and a shepard's crook. Ideal for use in making dubbing brushes, dubbing loops or spinning fur collars. $12.50





Brassie Hair Packer: Used for packing hair bugs tight! Tried all sizes, 3/64's the best! $5.00







Terra Deer Hair Packer: Slide the slot along the hook to pack hair. Solid aluminum, machined to pack hair. Very nice. $5.00







Needle Tip Glue Bottle: Tired of dumping glue? Here's the solution. These won't leak! $4.00






J Dorian's Original Hackle Pliers: After almost 5 years of searching I was able to track this one down! Long time tyers have always mentioned how the old Dorian plier was superior to anything on the market. These pliers have been copied by several companies and the original design is still better than anything made. These will hold hackle like no other pliers and are available nowhere else!

Original "J Plier": ( Shown Top Right) This is a coated/dipped wire plier that is bent in the shape of a "J". Simply squeeze the plier to open and insert the hackle: $4.50 each

Tear Drop Plier: ( Shown Bottom Left) Made in the shape of a tear drop, this plier holds hackle tight. The unique tear drop shape allows you to wrap and circle hooks with one finger. $4.50





Dorian Bodkin: These have a plastic handle and a sharp point. Use for adding glue, picking out hackle or splitting quills. 2 sizes: Standard: $2.50 and Large: $2.75






Hook and Hackle Pliers: These are the old push button style hackle pliers. The bottom has a button you push and use to hold hooks. Great for demo work. Use as a hook handle to prevent hooking the kids. Great for making hot glue eggs. Very high quality. Small or Large $3.50.

Wishbone E-Z Thread Bobbin: ( Standard Thread Tube) These are similar to the old Dorian Bobbins some of you may have seen several years ago. American Made with stainless feet, tubes and arms. Very easy to use, just push thread through tip and that's it! No messing, no fussing and NO THRADERS! $15.00





Wishbone Thread and Material Cutter + Bodkin: This cutter end can be used for cutting thread, picking out dubbing, shaving off excess material. Comes with bamboo handle. Nice tool. $8.50


Bobbin Thread Keepers: This is a great innovation! Allows you to keep your bobbins threaded. Keeps thread, floss or tinsel from slipping. Just push cap over the end of your bobbin and it looks thread into place. Can be used to protect tips of scissors too! Sizes: Small ( for short bobbins) or Standard ( for long bobbins and scissors). $3.50 each/pack of 5




Stainless Steel Ripper Dubbing Brush: This is a tooth brush style dubbing brush that has stainless steel fibers. Called the Ripper, this will brush out course materials and will tease out almost any dubbing material. Plastic handle with a fine end and a wider heavy end. Price: $4.50

Vise Fly Rack: This is a foam fly rack that will fit any vise stem. Rack will stay out of the way when tying. Rack has 16 slits in the foam, just push a fly into the slit to dry. Multiple racks can be rigged to motorized epoxy turning motors to dry flies or spin heads.

Very Cool. You DON"T have this one!


Wasatch Custom Angling Products:

When I saw these tools, I said yes I must carry these! These are the most beautiful tools I have ever used. Each tool has a solid wood and brass handle. The actual tools come from tool makers all over the world and are of the highest quality!

To See More Wasatch Tools, Click Here:


Select from:

Standard Whip Finisher: $15

Extended Reach Whip Finisher: $15.00 (Not Shown)

Rotating Hackle Pliers: $15

Dubbing Brush: $11.00

Half Hitch Tool/ Bodkin: $9.00

Threader: $8.00




Cocobola Stackers: Very nice, solid cocobola wood with a brass coin for weight. Sizes:

Micro: $16.50

Mini: $17.00

Medium: $17.50

Large: $18.00

Ceramic Bobbins. Brass with cocobola insert and steel frames. Stout or Standard each has a ceramic tip. $15.00 for either style.






Wasatch's Dubbing Tools: Shepherd's Crook or Bird Style tool have cocobola with brass handles. Use for making dubbing brushes or dubbing tight bodies. $14 for either style



Springo Midge Whip Finisher: This is just the ticket to tie really small flies. The head is about 40% of the size of a standard whip finisher, allowing you to get much closer on smaller hooks. $17.





Wasatch Wire Frame Pearsall's Silk Bobbins: Attention all of you soft hackle addicts! These new bobbins are one of the only ones on the market to match the narrow spools used on Pearsall's Silk Floss and Thread. The Bobbin on the left is a ceramic and will hold the floss, the Bobbin on the right is a fine tube bobbin that will hold the Pearsall's Silk Thread. Very well made and ideal for using to make soft hackle flies.

Micro Ceramic Bobbin: $16.00





Wasatch Glue Applicator: This is a unique tool that allows you to grab a single drop of glue or head cemment. Will not allow you to over dip. Works surprising well. $9.00


Wasatch Mitch's Tool: Has a standard bobbin with a dubbing spinner loaded on top of the bobbin tube. Includes a DVD to show you different techniques and also various types of methods to spin loops and also apply dubbing. $30.00





Wasatch Rite Bobbin: My favorite Rite Bobbins just got a bit better. These have wooden inserts with a ceramic tube. The outside has an adjustable hub that allows you to spin the dial to adjust thread tension. These are wonderful to use. The large sizes are preferred for making deer flies by tyers like Chris Helms.

Standard Wastach Rite Bobbin: $22.00






Wasatch S & M Bobbin: This is a long time favorite of tyers like AK Best, Ralph Graves and Bob Jacklin. The outside frame is a square and is the only bobbin that allows you to actually stand the bobbin up. This is a new updated design ( the old S & M Bobbins never had a ceramic insert ). Comes with the Wastach wooden handles and a ceramic insert to reduce thread breakages. $16.00




Wasatch Revolution Hackle Pliers: New design plier has a weight attached to the bottom. Designed for use with the new Regal Revolution Spinning Vise. The weighted plier will hang with the additional weight. Great desgin. $15.00




Wasatch Test Clip Hackle Pliers: Long favored clip pliers by tyers like Jack Gartside and Craig Mathews, these are an updated version of the old design. Has a wood insert and are reworked to hold hackle tight. 2 Styles: Short or Long.

Long Test Clip: $15.00

Short Test Clip: $13.00




Wastach Eye Paint Set: Perfect for making Clouser Minnows, use for Thunder Creeks or Use to paint eyes on your favorite streamer. One side is the iris, other is the pupal. Just dip the paint in and touch. Designed by New Jersey streamer geru, Chris DePlato. $35.00










AA Import Vise: If you are on a budget or just starting out, I have selected a vise which works well. Stem, jaw and collet are all chromed. Also nice for a kid's vise. $18.00

Import Tool Set w/ vise: Includes bobbin, scissors, shoehorn stacker, bodkin, hackle plier and AA chromed vise $35.00.......Excellent value for beginners or a nice set for the kids!







Anvil Apex Vise: Stainless Steel Construction, Tool Steel Jaws , Ties from 7/0 to 32 hooks, Simple Adjustment, Rotating Head, Infinitely adjustable up and down tilting head, Simple lock up, Includes a Pedestal base AND a C-Clamp

Lifetime Warranty









Danica Innovation Cam Vise : Comes with / midge jaw. Features full 360 degree true rotatory functions, Interchangable jaws, Bobbin Rest Included.


Danica Vise w/ standard midge jaw: $80.00

Danica Vise w/base + shipping: $108.00

Pedestal base.$25.00, If ordered w/ vise: $20.00

( Extra Shipping due to weight)







Dyna-King Vises and Accessories: I added this line of tools as I thought they were some of the finest tools ihave ever seen. If you are shopping ofr a new vise, don't miss this page! Contains many great new vises.

To See The Dyna-King Vises Click Here



HMH Vises: For 2008 HMH was given the Fly Rod N Reel Magazine Kudo Award for their HMH Standard and contributions to fly fishing and fly tying. HMH has an affordable line of well made vises.

Click here for more info about HMH.





Regal Fly Tying Vises: At your request I have added these very popular vises. Regal Vises have long been considered " The Bulldog of the Bench Vise." No vise on the market comes close to Regal's hook holding power and simplicity!


To See The Regal Vises Click Here.



More Other Tools, Accessories and Desk Top Organizers

McKenzie Vise Light: The vise light is a small easy to use and very portable travel light. Slides on to any 3/8" stem and provides lots of light for demos, classes, shows or work at home. The Original Vise Light has a smaller head while the larger Brite Light has a more powerful light. The Bright light also can be ordered with a magnifier attachment . The Black version makes an ideal match with the Regal vise.

Original Vise Light: 16" Black or Silver: $70.00, Additional Replacement Bulbs: $7.95

Brite Light: Bigger version, Larger Head, Black or Silver: $105.00, Replacement Bulbs: $13.95

Magnifer: Goose neck, 2x or 4x magnifier, clips on stem: $59.95

Combo Bright Light and Magnifier: Both in a set: $146.95


Daylight Folding Lamp: This is an ideal travel light. Folds to a smaller size. Just pop the head out and the light comes on. Provides full spectrum color to simulate natural daylight. $50.00
( Shipping on this is $10.00 due to weight)







River Road Creations Foam Cutters: These are the cutters I use for making the Chaos Hopper. Each cutter is made of solid wood which is hand oiled. The blades are hand shaped and glued to the handles. Contains a wooden carrying case and a cutting block. Used by Doug Swisher and many other tyers.



Select from 3 Shapes:

HopperCutter: The left one is the beetel/ant/hopper/caddis cutter. Will punch out shape like the one on the left. Contains 5 cutters and you can use these to make extended body mayflies, hoppers, crickets, caddis flies. Use the really big one to make mega beetles. $45/set of 5



Chernobly Ant: These have an extra thick blade and have 3 sizes for cutting double layers of foam. Makes nice consistant bugs each time. Use for making the club sandwich, chernobly ants and other giantic foam flies. Scare and freighten those trout with these! Set of 3 Cutters: $43.25



STP Frog Cutter: This is the latest foam cutter from River Road, Has a small tail which allows you tie in the frog shape, fold over and then tie down. Makes frogs in sizes 2-4-10. Red Hot for making bass and bluegill flies. $50.00





Terra Wing Burners:

Wing burners are a hot ticket with tyers making realistic flies. These wing burners are modestly priced and allow you to create a complete set without breaking the bank. All are shaped out of heavy gauge brass and allow you to burn feathers or other wing materials to size wings.

Shown Left to Right: Mayfly, Stonefly, Caddis Fly

Mayfly: The Mayfly set comes as a set of 4 $9.75

Stonefly: Set of 4 stonefly wing case burners: $9.75

Caddis Fly/Sedge: Set of 3, can also be used for spinner wings. $9.75




Mike's Hook Boxes: These are large stacking boxes. Made of high impact plastic, these boxes have a snap lid and can be used to store hooks, beads or eyes. No more fumbling around with tons of blister packs, zip bags. Can be used on the bench or as a travel item. Will hold hiundred packs of hooks and will keep hooks up to a size 2. Sizes: Double ( on left): 4"*10" or Single: ( on right): 4"*10". Single size has interlocking feature to daisy chain several boxes together. Price: Single: $6.00, Double: $8.00







Mike's Flex-Top Boxes: These are perhaps one of the handiest things I have had. Each box is roughly 1" by 1" and about 1/2" thick. Tops snap shut to hold all sorts of materials. Ideal for beads, hooks and tiny flies. $2.50 for a dozen.


Mike's Flex-Top Streamer Boxes: Same as above but in larger streamer size. Sizes is 2 3/8" by 1 1/2" by 1/2" thick. Use for streamer hooks up to about 3/0 or so. $2.50 for a HALF dozen.





Tyer's Thread Tubes: These are awesome! Claer Plastic tubes which hold thread, tinsel and wire. Each is a clear plastic tubes with cap ends. Holds 7 spools of wire, tinsel or thread. Great for travel kits. Also holds film for trips $4.00tube. ( Thread not included)






Organizer Box: This is a clear box with small, individual boxes. These look sorta like those Tick Tac Boxes. Each box has a snap lid to hold items tight. Organizes hooks, beads, cones, eyes. Unique and easy to use. Will hold all of your stuff in one box. $9.00





Mageyes: Power Your Vision!

My wife Laura loves this! Laura thinks this is the easiest and best product for those that have vision trouble. With the Mageyes you can focus on the smallest midge, tiniest hook or smallest detail with little effort. Mageyes are very comfortable, light weight and fit your head easily. Any style of regular glasses can be worn with them. Whether you have a single lens, contacts, bifocals or trifocals, it makes no difference.

Mageyes is one of the first economical products which offers the user the ability to look at things close up without using your hands or a table top lens system. While most table top systems are fixed and require you to use them where the lens is, the Mageyes move where you want them to go! Unlike many clip on systems, the lens is fully adjustable and can be moved up or down to allow for a better view. Different power lens can be swapped out for additional focusing. If you need a helping hand to see better, this is it!

Price: $32.00. Comes complete with head band, a 2.5x magnifier and a 4x magnifier.

Badger Creek's Tyer's Catch-All: For those of you that like to use a bag to catch trash this is REALLY nice! Made of cordura nylon this bag has vel-cro tabs and is removable. The bag measures more or less 9"x9" and is 3 1./2" deep at the center. This nice depth, allows you to catch clippings and such without grabbing your lunch, coffee mug and the rest of your tying table! Metal frame with some brass nuts will fit most 3/8" American made vise stems. $11.00








For more Info Contact:

Mike Hogue / Badger Creek Fly Tying / 622 West Dryden Road, Freeville, NY 13068

Phone: 607-347-4946