Thread, wire and tinsel pages contain prices on threads, floss, lead wire, glue, wax and spooled tinsels.


Gordon Griffith's 14/0 : One of the finest diameter threads around. Use for dries, midges and small heads on streamers. Colors: Red, Black, White, Dun, Olive and Brown. $2.75


Danville Thread: Long considered the standard in fly tying thread, Danville has added some new colors of thread which should quickly become a standard. I have also added some of the popular florescent colors. Size 6/0 only.

Danville 6/0: this is the standard thread used for tying flies. 200 yard spools. Colors: Red, White, Black, Dk. Olive $ 1.50/ spool
More and New Colors!
New colors (Size 6/0 Only): , Fire Flo Orange, Adam's Gray, Flo. Chartreuse, Dark Brown, Flo. Red ( Sort of Hot Pink ) and Peacock ( Dark Olive ) Green, Beige ( Tan). $1.50 each

Another New Color!: Yellow, Pumpkin Orange............$1.50 each

Danville Flymaster Plus:
This roughly size 3/0 thread it is great for spinning hair and will not cut the deer hair. New Colors! : Black, White, Red, Dark Olive. Only $1.50 spool

Danville Flat Waxed Nylon: Used for bass bugs, saltwater flies or Clouser Minnows. Colors: Blck, White, Red, Tan, Chartreuse, Shell Pink, Hot Pink, Olive.$1.50





Danville Spider Thread: This is size 16/0 thread is and is the very smallest diameter thread made. Use for tiny flies or to make very fine heads on salmon flies. Color: White Only. 100yd spool. $1.50








UNI Thread Size 8/0: At your request I added this popular thread. Ideal for trout flies and general tying this is a standard in tying thread. I have selected the most popular colors ( all shown on the color bar below. Choose from: Black, Lt. Cahill ( Pale Yellow), Olive, White, Camel, Red, Gray and Iron Dun. Price: $2.50 / 220 yard spool.



Pearsall's Gossamer Silk Floss: For all of you soft hackle tiers I have added this silk thread. Roughly equal to Size "A" thread, this single strand floss is used for wet flies, soft hackle and for lots of nice salmon or steelhead patterns. Choose from White, Green, Purple, Claret, Orange, Scarlet, Yellow, Primrose, Olive or Black. $4.00 each



Pearsall'sMarabou Silk Floss: Marabou floss is a twisted 3 strand floss which is most commonly used for bodies rather than as thread. Choose from Olive/Green, White, Scarlet, Light Olive, Primrose, Black and Orange. $4.00 each



Danville Single Strand Floss: For years I loved this floss but always hated splitting the floss and dividing the 4 strands. Use w/ your floss bobbins! Use for all of your Ray Bergman and Don Bastion Wet Flies! This is available nowhere else!!! Colors: Yellow, Burnt Orange, Black, Light Blue, Red, Purple, Olive, Green, Claret, White, Pumpkin Orange, Teal Green. $1.00

Danville Depth Ray Hot Floss: Single strand floss in hot flo colors. Use for salmon or steelhead. Put under some jelly cord for cool effect on trout flies. Choose from Flo. White, Flo. Green, Flo. Yellow, Flo. Orange, Flo. Red & Flo. Blue. $1.00

UNI Strech: At your request I added this material. Strech is a fine poly yarn that is combed out. Use like floss to make bodies or to build up an area. Colors: Hot Orange, White, Black, Gray, Flo Red, Olive, Flo Yellow, Chartreuse, Purple $1.50



Glue and Wax

These are my favorite glues.

Zap-a-Gap: $3.75

Griffin's Thin or Thick Head Cement: $5.50

Griffin's Head Cemment Thinner $5.50

Dubbing Wax: If you used to use Overton's Wonder Wax ( I did) and you've been looking for a replacment, this is great stuff!. Two types Regular and Super Sticky. The regular is for standard dubbing and the super sticky is for coarse hair fur, squirrel and for dubbing loops.

Standard: $3.50 .................Super Sticky: $3.50

Rc Rrumpf Dubbing Wax: Comes in a small tin container, use like a regualar lip stick wax. $3.50

Hot Melt Glue Gun: This is a low heat Hot Melt Glue Gun. Use this to make MOE bugs, easy to make eggs, cluster eggs and also for all sorts of heads and such. Includes clear glue sticks. Order colored glue below. Price $5.00


Dyed 5/16" Mini Glue Sticks: Use this sticks with the new mini glue gun for great looking eggs and cluster eggs. Choose from these Colors: Chartreuse, Pink Champagne, Red, Roe Orange, Clear and Cheese. $2.00 per pack of 4.



Hareline Dubbin Presents:

Click here for more info!

Watershed is one of the most exciting new products ever produced. Nothing compares to this product!

Only $4.75 each

Travel, Thread and Wire Storage Aids


Thread Buttons: You know how it is really annoying to have your thread unravel and go all over the place? How about finding wire unspooled or your favorite tinsel unraveled? Well, this clever little device solves that trouble forever! To use, simply tuck the tag end of the thread in the slot and push the button in the hole. That's it!

Works for threads, floss, tinsels and wires. Fits standard US spools.1 dozen buttons: $3.00




Tyer's Thread Tubes: These are awesome! Claer Plastic tubes which hold thread, tinsel and wire. Each is a clear plastic tubes with cap ends. Holds 7 spools of wire, tinsel or thread. Great for travel kits. Also holds film for trips $4.00 tube. ( Thread not included)





Dubbing Boxes: These boxes are milky white, allowing you to mix and match yoru own colors of dubbing. (Boxes are sold without dubbing. Dah!) $3.50 each




Wire & Tinsel

(Note: Some of these are loaded on mini spools which will fit in a Standard Material Bobbins.)





Mike's Oval Tinsel: For several years I used this as a ribbing on my woolies, streamers and spuddlers. I have searched everywhere for this & I found some that I can sell ! Each strand has a tiny fold so that the tinsel will lie flat. Works best if you store in a dispenser below to keep from unrolling. $1.50




Holographic Spooled Tinsel: I use this for making the Blue & Green Bottle Flies. Red can be used for Royal Coachman ( Yow! Holographic Coachman!). Also try this under Larva lace and as a body bellow a Brassie! Colors: Gold, Silver, Red, Black, Green, Blue. Size Small. $1.50/spool


Purple Holograhic Tinsel: Very cool color. Use for steelhead and salmon flies. Size small only. $1.50




Glow in the Dark Yarn and ALL Black Wire: These are cool items. The glow yarn is sort of like antron and it can be used for wings, shucks or posts. The Black wire can be used for brassie or as ribs or for midges. Price: $1.50 each








Gold /Silver Tinsel: Double sided silver/gold flat mylar tinsel on small spools. Sizes: S,M or L $1.50/spool




Pearl Tinsel: Pearl tinsel can be used for ribs or wings cases and flashbacks. Fine, Medium or Wide. $1.50/spool

Lead Wire: Lead wire for weighting flies and making wider bodied flies. Sizes: Fine, Med, Heavy $2.50 /spool

Oval Tinsel: Standard Oval tinsel, use for ribs ect. Sizes: S-M-L, Silver or Gold: $1.50/spool



Mirage Opal Tinsel: Used by Dennis Potter on several newer patterns. This is very cool stuff. The tinsel actually changes color. Use different colors of thread, dubbing or other materials to alter color. Can change colors in different light also. Sizes: XS or S. $2.00/spool





Danville Spider Thread ( size 16/0 ): This is one of the finest threads ever made. Use this for making realistic flies, tricos or midges. Great strength and little bulk. Some salmon tyers like to use this to avoid build up. $1.50








Danville Spooled Mono: Often used as a ribbing material on scud, can be used on shrimp patterns. Provides strength. Color: Clear/Size: Fine: $1.50





Lead Free Wire: At your request I added these. Lead free wire to weight bodies. Use for all of your Yellowstone Park patterns, safer for the environment and also less nasty to yourself. Ideal for use with kids too. Sizes: Fine, Medium or Heavy. $2.50




Stainless Steel Wire ( Not Shown): Stainless steel, won't rust, extra strong! Use for saltwater or use in dubbing brushes. Silver color only, fine size: $2.00


Not Shown: Danville Wire: Fine Silver, Fine Gold and Medium Copper wires make execellent ribs. $1.50/spool



New Cascade Crest Thread Splitting Thread: This is 2 strands of 12/0 thread. One strand is one color, one is another. Use for making split thread loops. To use wind on one strand and than the other. No splitting of threads. Colors: Black/White, Red/Black, Olive/Tan, Orange/White. $3.00

Uni Embossed French Metal Tinsel. Made of very fine metal, strands are embossed with a pattern on one side. Often used for classic streamers or salmon flies. Size Small. Copper, Gold, Silver, $5.00 a spool




Uni Mylar two toned. You asked for this one!!! One side is one color, one side is another. Copper/Blue, Peacock/Orange, Red/Green, Siler/Gold. Size Small. $2.00




UNI-Caenis Thread: World's finest thread! Size 20/0 or 20 denier. This is about 1/2 the size of the size 16/0 thread I stock. Very tiny, yet strong. Colors: White or Black, 200 yard spool. $1.50









UNI Strech: At your request I added this material. Strech is a fine poly yarn that is combed out. Use like floss to make bodies or to build up an area. Colors: White, Black, Gray, Flo Red, Olive, Flo Yellow, Chartreuse, Purple $1.50



Ultra Wire: Hot colors with a silver plate base to add extra glow, these are some nice colors. Choose from Hot Yellow, Hot Orange, Chartreuse, Blue Fine Size only $2.00


Copper John/Brassie size available also. Same colors




Ultra Wire: Colored wire you can use for ribs or as bodies. Use for brassies or on caddis emergers and soft hackles. Colors: Black, Brown, Claret, Amber, Olive, Red, Green fine size. $1.50









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