This page has lists of different types of hair I have on hand. Hair for spinning, tails or wings can be found here. Don't miss many of the unique items!

Tails & Winging Hair

Listed below are many types of winging hair. Each offers some advantages. Lengths and colors vary so if you need to make a certain size, please e-mail me.

Arctic Fox Hair: This is great stuff! These are body patches of arctic fox hair. Ideal for hair wings or use as fur marabou. Makes very attractive, fluid flies! Colors: Orange, Rust,White, Grey, Olive, Red. (Not shown: Black, Purple, Highland Green and Kingfisher Blue. $2.50 each



New Color: Black!






Arctic Fox Masks: Contains entire mask dyed several colors. White, Blue Dun, Black, Purple, Red, Natural Silver/Black ( Salt & Pepper colors), Blue, Lavander and Hot Pink. $2.50 each


Complete Fox Tails: I located a source for these really nice full tails. (Average size about 19" long!) Fox tails are great for streamers, steelhead flies and the base fur can be teased out for dubbing. The Reds and Grays will make really cool sculpins! These are all natural colors. Choose from: Arctic ( White ), Red (Orange N Tan), Gray ( Tan w/ Black Tips), Blue ( White w/ Black Tips), Silver ( Silver Dun w/ Dark Dun Tips), Platinum ( white with a splash of brown and black ), Australian Red, Kit Fox. Price: Arctic $10.00, all others: $8.00









Dyed Fox Complete Fox Tails: These are nice long ( over 12") artic tails dyed nice steelhead colors. Choose from Black, Purple, Gray, Pink/Light and Pink Dark, Lavander, Tan, Golden Brown, Blue, Yellow, Dk Green, Yellow, Pink, Claret. Long fibers ideal for streamers. $10.00 each

From Time to Time I have other colors. Email me for more selections.




Finn Raccoon Tails : These are very nice and unusual. The hair is mostly gold with black bars. Hair is useful for making hair wings and Clouser Minnows. Colors: Natural Gold, Dyed Olive, Dyed Rust, Dyed Purple, Dyed Orange. $4.50 each









Full Coyote Tails: Tanned and boneless, these tails are ideal for making some cool Clousers and some awesome looking streamer wings. Each tail is over 12" long and has loads of barred ginger, black and gray mixes. Price: $6.50 each








Extra Select Black Bear Patch: Super Quality.... Hand selected by me. Long stiff hair for wings on steelhead flies or as a very stiff tail on a dry. $3.50



Ultra Select Northern Bucktails: Clean, NON-OILY prime Northern Bucktails of the best quality. Natural White, Black, Yellow, Red, Chartreuse, Hot Orange, Olive, Kelly Green, Flo Blue and Pink. $4.50

X Select Calf Body Hair: I select only the best pieces, none of these crappy little pieces that are worthless, nice long fibers that are clean and flat. Calf body is a straight white hair that is a long time favorite for dry flies and hair wings. Used on President Ike Eisenhower's favorite the H& L Variant. White only $2.50




Icelandic Sheep Hair: long 6" natural hair for flies like Whitlock Waker Shad, Sheep Shad or for Long Streamers. Colors: White, Gray, Saltwater Blue, Olive, Flo. Orange , Flo. Chart. Whitlock's Turquoise: $3.50








Kid Goat Hair: This is some reallllllly good stuff. This is a natural fur which is similar to plar bear in texture and appearance. Nice for hair wings and useful for really big dry wings too! White only, Very nice. $3.50







Extra select kip/calf tails: Wow!....You won't believe this........ ALL WHITE natural kip tails. Sick of those half brown, kinky tails? Well, this why I have not offered kip tails before. Each tail is all white with NO BROWN sections and is almost 100% usable. I should charge double for these Colors; White,. Hot Orange, Chartreuse, Yellow, Red, Tan, Yellow........$3.75 each










Ram's Wool: Good for spinning wool head muddlers. This stuff sucks up water like a Cheezer drinkin' beer at a Packer game. Colors: Orange, White, Gray, Olive & Chartreuse. $1.50


Dyed Snowshoe Feet: Use for the unusual usual! These are dyed snowshoe feet dyed in some nice colors. Choose from Olive, Hot Orange, Yellow, Chartreuse. $2.50

Snowshoe bunny feet are one of my favorites for making Wulffs. The hair is natural blond with a dun base. Snowshoe hair is not slick and won't slip. Each foot is about 3" long! One foot will tie about a million flies! I don't think you'll find many like this. NEW! , More colors! Colors: Natural , Dyed Light Dun or Dark Dun Only $2.50/foot




Squirrel tails are great for hair wing streamers. They are also great for making crawdads!
Colors: Fox and Nat Gray, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Purple, Orange $3.50


Deer Hair, Moose, Coastal & Compara Deer Hair

Antelope: Is a course gold, dun, cream mix that spins easily: $2.00 big patches.

Coastal Deer.
Nat light Dun and Natural Dark. This hair is about 1" long. It's great for compara duns and caddis. Only $2.25 each

Compara Hair:
This hair is for tying size 16 and under hair wing flies.
Dark Dun and Natural: $2.50 each

Spinning Deer Hair: This is very nice dyed over natural spongy deer hair. Colors. Yellow, Black, Red, Orange, Purple, Olive, Dyed Dun, Brown, Green, Ginger , Blue or Natural Mule Only $2.00/patch.

White & Dyed Over White Deer: Bleached White, Yellow Chartreuse and Green Chartreuse, Bright Yellow, Flo Pink , Red and Whitlock's Turquoise. $2.25/patch

Elk Patches: Natural or Bleached Elk. Ideal for making the elk hair caddis. $2.50 / patch

Yearling Elk: Somewhat shorter hair, nice tips: $2.50/patch

Bulk Hair: Small patches hand selected by me. Great for caddis, hoppers, tails or making the moose midge! (I will tell you this pattern only if you order some patches, e-mail me for more info. ) All natural hair, select from Light or Dark patches, Yearling Elk, Dark Moose ( and Rare Cream Summer Moose), Northern Whitetail Deer. 4 for $5.50 or $1.50 patch........ Elsewhere $2.50 to $4.50!

Premo Strips: 3 x 12 " strips. Nice patches, ideal for making bass flies and loads of trout flies. Colors: Dyed over Natural Deer in Olive, Yellow, Chartreuse, Black, Dark Gray, Red, Orange, Frog Green, Natural Deer, Light or Dark Coastal/Compara Hair $11.00 each......Elsewhere $12 or more!

Light Natural Elk ( Light or Dark) or Yearling Elk: $12.00/each

Reindeer Hair: Similar to carabou. Tannish gray with some brown. Makes a great mouse. Easy to spin. Used sometimes for Darrell Martin's wings from Fly Tying Methods. Very hard to find. $2.50.


Caraibou: Favored by the Darbees for making the rat face series of flies, this packs tight and spins easily, Makes nice mice. $2.50






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