The synthetics page contains pricing on Live Body, Foam Bug Bodies, Flash-a-bou, Mirage, Krystal Flash, Lite Brite, Polar Aire, foam and rubber legs.


Hareline's Flashback: Pearl sheet material dyed and crinkled. Can be used on scuds, flashback, crabs or shrimp. Really unique. Makes some cool stoneflies. Black, Pearl, Olive Brown, Peacock, Orange. $3.50



Andy Sutton's Jelly Cord: Jelly cord is a solid plastic cord which can be wrapped for bodies. Great for bass, saltwater or salmon and steelhead flies. Micro 1.5 mm size. Colors: Caddis Green Sparkle Flake, Clear, Hot Orange, Hot Pink, Hot Lime, Hot Yellow. $1.50/pack


Sparkle Lace: This is a solid round plastic strip that can be wrapped as a body. When wound, a nice segmented body is produced. Each piece contains reflective sparkles. Ideal for bass flies, streamers, saltwater flies or as a San Juan worm body. Colors: Olive, Clear, Orange, Chartreuse, Amber, Purple, Red, Black, Brown. $1.50 a pack







Hareline's Tubing: Hollow narrow tubes you can use for bodies. Sizes: Midge or Standard: Colors: Black, Blood Red, Clear, Olive, Orange, Peacock, Yellow, Pheas-Tail, Tan. $1.75



Hareline's D Strip: Tiny D strip you can use on stoneflies, Crazy Charlies or caddis. Small or Med. Amber, Black, Blood Red, Clear, Olive, Orange, Yellow or Tan. $1.75






Bill's Live Body: Live Body is gone and I have arranged to have Bill Skilton do these cylinders for me. Round foam, prepunched into tubes. Use like old live body. Sizes: 3/8 & 1/2 " , Colors: White, Olive, Ornage, Black, Yelow, Brown, Gray, Chartreuse.: $2.00 for pack of 10




Mike's 2mm Fly Foam: Small pack.. Thin size about 1/16" thick. Nice for beetles and ants, Moser's balloon caddis, bluegill spiders and hopper bodies. Will tie down to size 18 ants no problem! Colors: Orange, Yellow, Green, Black, Brown, Olive, Pink, Burnt Orange/Cinnamon, Tan and Lt. Green/Lime, Damsel Blue, White. $.50 each



1.5 mm Micro Thin Foam: This is 1.5mm thin foam. Very small size. Use for tiny ants, midges or other small flies. Very cool. $1.50

Not Shown: Bailey's Razor Foam: Contains the 2 next size smaller patches of fine foam. Size 1 mm and Use for really tiny flies.Colors: Black, Yellow, Olive, Orange, Brown. $2.50

Also Not Shown: Micro Thin Foam: Very fine foam. About half the size of the 1.5 mm foam, slightly larger than the Razor Foam. Colors: White, Black, Tan, Olive. $2.50




Mike's Woodstock Foam: This is some really wild looking stuff. Thin fly tying foam in very interesting colors. Available nowhere else. Useful for some truely unusual chernobly ants and atomic beetles or bass flies. Colors: Clown Barf, Plywood and Plywood-On-Acid. More or Less 4'*6" patch: $1.50



Mike's Chaos Hopper Foam: This is the exact color and type of foam I use for making the Chaos Hopper. This is great stuff and the perfect burnt orange and is available from NO OTHER source than me. ( Note actual size is larger, more or less 4" * 6". ). $1.50


Scrubber Bodies: X-large spider shaped bodies for maiking the scrubber bug. Can be used for frogs or Bob Clouser's new streamers! Black or White 1 dozen. $3.00





Spider Bodies: The felllow that made these went out of business and since that time, these have been in short supply. I have a limited selection left, went gone, that's IT!!!!

Small( roughly size 12) foam spider bodies make oneof thebest bluegill bugs ever! Black, White Green or NOOOOOOOOO Yellow. Pack of 25: $3.00



Mike"s Solid Foam Blocks ( AKA Edgewater Foam ): I located a source of foam blocks for making you own flip-flop/ beech shoe poppers. Neat solid colors not available at Wal-Mart! Colors: Yellow, Hot Orange, White, Chartreuse or Olive.

Size: 4" x 2" x 1" , $4.00 each

Mike's Layered Foam Blocks ( AKA Edgewater Foam ) : Layered solid foam ( shown at the right ). In 2 very cool colors: Frog ( layered Olive, Yellow, Black) and Peppermint ( layered Red and White ). Great for making for frogs and pike bugs.

Size: 4" x 2" x 1" , $5.50 each





Pre-Cut Chernobyl Ant Bodies: If you like making Chernobly Ants but hate cutting out the bodies, these are for you! Simply wrap the hook, run some Zap-a-Gap down the thread and stick the bodies down. Over wrap the body to attach legs. Each pack contains 24 bodies pre-cut out of 2 colors of foam. Can be used for beetles, hoppers, crickets, stoneflies, Morman crickets, cicadas or the famous giant ants! Colors: Orange/ Brown, All Black, Black/ Tan, Yellow/ Tan, Olive/ Brown, Black/Yellow. $3.50/ pack





Pre Shaped Foam Chug Bug Bodies: These are a bit bigger than the SR bug bodes I have carried for the last few years. Not quite as big as a pencil popper, very unique shape. Easy to make: push onto hook, wrap hook with thread and then coat thread with super glue and pull forward. Dress with legs, eyes, tails and you are done. Colors: Chartreuse, Yellow, Purple, Black and White. 2 Sizes: Reg ( Size 2 Hook) Large( Size: 2/0). Both sizes can be used in saltwater. $4.50 Pack of 5





Pre Shaped Layered Chug Bodies: Same foam material as above in layers. Lots of unsual colors, useful for bass, saltwater and pike bugs. Layered colors: Red/White, Black/White, Purple/Black, Chartreuse/Yellow, Yellow/Black. Reg or Large. $4.50 per 5






Spirit River's Pre-Made Frog Poppers: For those that hate to paint, these are a blessing! Each body is made of a dense foam and is air brushed with a scale and 2 tone colors. So easy to make, just push on to a hook, wrap thread, coat thread with some Zap-a-gap and pull on. Add eyes, tails legs and you have an awesome bug! Colors: Tan N Green Frog, Chartreuse Frog, Tiger Frog. Size 6 or Size 10, Price: $5.00/ pack




Spirit River's Ultra Popper Bodies: These pre-made bodies are made of foam and pre-cut so that they will turn over easily. Glue on to hooks as I described above and add legs, eyes and tails. Couldn't be easier to make a nice bug! Colors: Black, Yellow or Chartruese. Size 6 or Size 10, Price: $5.00/ pack





Spirit River's Hard Body Poppers: These are a super dense poly type foam that is molded to several different shapes. These can be painted, air brushed , covered with mylar tubes or just dressed with eyes. Pack of 10, Styles, Sizes and Prices From top to Bottom:

Bass: Traditional styled cupped popper. Sizes: 2, 4 or 10, Price: $4.00

Salt Water/ Chug Bug: Ideal for salt water skippers. Size 2/0 or 2, Price: $6.00

Pencil Popper: Great for Pencil poppers. Size 1 or 4, Price": $5.00




Dynafloss ( AKA Flexi-Floss): At your request, I added this material. Flexi-floss is a synthetic material that streches. Idea for ribs, making a segmented body , braiding or use as legs. Will not rot, or crack and split.......almost lasts forever! Very hot item in Europe! Colors: Black, Red, Hot Orange, Olive, Caddis Green/ Turquiose, Yellow, Chartreuse. $3.00 a bundle.

More Colors!: White, Gray, Claret, Lime, Green, Purple, Burgundy, Light Olive, Choc Brown, , Medium Brown, Blue, Light Brown, Salmon Pink



Grizzly Sili Legs: I added some new colors of grizzly print legs. Choose from White, Orange, Gold and Chartreuse. Use on nymphs, bugs, bass flies or saltwater flies. $1.50




Glitter Holographic Sili Legs: These are a bit different in that the glitter is very flashy, giving the print a holographic effect. Very cool! Use these to really blind or wake up those sleepy eyed fish! Owwwwwweeeee!!!!! Colors: Purple w/ green, Pumpkin w/Holo green, Brown w/ Holographic Copper, Plain watermelon, Black w/ Holo Blue. $1.50


Barbed Wire Scaled Legs: These legs are sili legs with a barbed wire pattern marked on them. Barry Beck's favorite! Colors: White, Orange, Chartreuse, Olive. $1.50 per pack.


Not shown: Hot Orange



Laura's Black Sili Legs: Laura's favorite! Black w/red flecks. Use on beetles, stoneflies or sparkle grubs. $1.50

Round Rubber Legs: Medium size.Colors: Hot Orange, Hot Green, Black, Olive, Brown, Gray, Yellow, Chartruese, Flo Yellow: $1.50/pack






Mini Round Rubber Legs: I found a source for these fine grade legs. About 1/2 the size of the standard medium round legs. Colors: Black, Brown, White. $1.50

Micro Round Rubber Legs: These are extra fine legs to use on very small flies. Size is much finer than anything else. Use for size 16 and smaller flies. Color: Black, White, Tan, Olive, Yellow. $2.50




Speckled Round Legs ( AKA Tarantula Legs or Tarantu-Legs): These are medium round legs that are marked with black bars for a grizzly effect. Use for Hoppers, Madam X, Para Madam X flies and more. Colors: Olive, Brown, White, Chartruese, Yellow, Hot Orange, Tan. $4.00/ Pack






TNT Hopper Legs: Nope this is not some stuff left over from the latest Rockettes presentation at Radio City. These are actual hopper legs which here molded. Made of a soft flexible plastic these are exact duplitcates of hopper legs. These will float and can be cut to size. Use for hoppers, craneflies, crickets or katydids. Colors: Black, Olive, Yellow, Brown. $4.50




Tinted Mayfly Tails: These are one of the coolest new items I've ever added. Tails are synthetic tails like the well known Microfibbets. These are fine tappered plastic fibers you can use for making tails, caddis horns or use for emergers. Has multi-colors that are tinted and tipped. Unique colors will make your flies more realistic. Colors: All Black, Cream/Dun/Gold, Clear/Dun/Cream, Clear/Dun/ Cinnamon, Lt Cahill to PMD, Brown Olive, Brown to Black, Black Barred White and Red Fix Squirrel Tail. $2.50/pack

Tubing & Synthetic Materials

Mylar Tubing: nice for streamers! In pearl, silver, gold , size S, M, L $1.50 pack


Pewter Or Black Metallic Mylar Tubing:This is really neat stuff. Standard Mylar Tubing in Pewter or Black. The Pewter is a dun gray and can be used for a different looking zonker or streamer. Black is cool for leach and night patterns. Small or Med. $1.50 each.


Two Toned Flexo Tubing: This is a unique product, the back is one color the belly is another. Makes cool eels or anchovie flies. Size: Medium, Colors: Eel, Anchovie: $5.50


Mega Braid: This is the big stuff. Super wide ( about 1" or so). Biggest use is for spoon flies and redfish cave's wobblers. Makes neat spoons. If you are a pike fisherman you need a spoon also! Colors: Silver, Gold, Pearl: $5.00

Gold Tone or Silver Tone ( smaller packs): $3.00


Furry Foam: for making crawdads. Dk Olive, Brown, Olive, Tan, Chartreuse, Orange: $1.50

Adhesive Backed Micro Furry Foam: Great for crawdad, bonefish or crab patterns. Can be cut into strips or wound as fly bodies. Sticks to almost anything. Can also be cut with River Road Creations foam cutters. Colors: Ivory, Tan, Sand, Olive, Orange, Charteruse, Rust. $3.50






Holographic Flash-a-bou: Limp Flash-a-bou in Gold, Silver, Black, Red, Blue, Green or Mixed colors: $4.50


Holographic Spooled Tinsel: I use this for making the Blue & Green Bottle Flies. Red can be used for Royal Coachman ( Yow! Holographic Coachman!). Also try this under Larva lace and as a body bellow a Brassie! Colors: Gold, Silver, Red, Black, Green, Blue. Size Small. $1.50/spool



Purple Holograhic Tinsel: Very cool color. Use for steelhead and salmon flies. Size small only. $1.50





Glow in the Dark Yarn and ALL Black Wire: These are cool items. The glow yarn is sort of like antron and it can be used for wings, shucks or posts. The Black wire can be used for brassie or as ribs or for midges. Price: $1.50 each








Krystal Glo Balls: A few years back Rod N' Reel gave this fly ( the egg) a Kudo Award. These are E-Z to make. Just punch a hole , slide them on, make a thread base and then hit the thread with Zap-a-Gap. Pull the egg onto the thread. Each egg is 4mm & has pearl fuzzies. Very Cool! Colors: Bubblegum, Pink, Chartruese and Orange. $2.50/pack of 10



Nymph Stretch (AKA Nymph Skin): Pre cut latex strips in dyed colors. Sub for nymph skin used in realistic patterns. About 1/4" wide, stretches and can be split. Colors: Black, Natural, Olive, Yellow, Brown, Caddis Green. $3.00






Scud back; Very popular transparent strips that strech. New colors: Black, Yellow, Brown, Chartreuse. Makes cool nymphs, super caddis bodies. These are all clear and 1/8" wide. $1.50


Scud Back: scud back is nice for sowbugs, scuds, stoneflies and as a sub for Oliver Edward's flex-body material . Thin size 1/8" in tan, clear and olive, dk olive. $1.50

Swiss Straw: good for backs and wing cases. Black, Brown, Dark Brown, CLear, Olive, Copper big pack $1.75


Thin Skin: This is a thin plastic material similar to the UK flex-i-body stuff. Cut into strips and wrap, use as a shell back, for stoneflies or for wing cases. The quill patterns are actual quills which were photographed and then the image was transferred to the sheet. Colors: Clear Speckled Black, Black, Oak Turkey dyed Chartreuse, Oak Turkey dyed Yellow, Bustrad Quill substitute. $2.00


Flash Materials: Winging, Tailing and Bug Highlights

Flash-a-bou: Pearl , Gold. Silver or Bronze ( for Mike's Wooly Buggers) or Pearl Salt Water ( for flash back nymphs) .... 20 other colors available:$3.75

Holographic Flash-a-bou: Limp Flash-a-bou in Black, Gold, Silver, Red, Blue or Green, Mixed colors: $4.50


Crystal Mirror Flash: This is very cool stuff. It changes color in different lights for a nice effect. Fibers are similar to Krystal Flash. Colors: Olive, Orange, Peacock Black, Pearl. $3.50 a pack






DNA: This is just about the hottest stuff around. DNA is a set of synthetic fibers usually used for making baitfish patterns. Some tyers like Ted Patlin and Bill Logan use this material for making parachutes, as spinner wings or even for shucks on comparaduns. This is a cool material and we are finally able to bring this to you.

Frosty Fish Fibers: Frosty Fish Fiber is a translucent helical fiber that changes in color and sheen depending on how the light strikes it. It has an incredible life like quality to it and it mimics the natural skin of a bait fish. The fibers are quite fine and can also be used for trout patterns with spinner wings, parachute posts and also shucks on compara duns as all real possibilities. You can also mix this as an underwing below a trout wing as a really improved X Caddis pattern. About 8.5" long.Very cool stuff. Colors: White, Pink, Chartreuse, Black, Light Gray, Olive $4.00


DNA Holo Fushion: Holo Fushion is a blend of Holo Chromosome Flash and other DNA Fibers. This blended material is semi translucent and emits just the right amount of glimmer without a dazzling glare. While moving in the water it creates a shimmering effect that is enticlingly attractive to fish. Has a very mobile quality to make patterns life like. About 8.5" long. Colors: Yellow, Olive, Black, Chartreuse, Silver Gray, Pink. $5.50

DNA Holo Chromosome Flash: This can be tied with other materials or used on its own. Has a realistic translucency that enables the fibers to be blended with other materials. Holo Chromosome Flash is also highly moblie allowing it to create some realistic patterns. About 8.5" long. One color only: White. $4.00

Dan Bailey's ( CAPS) Wing Fiber: This is a long fiber that is stiched at the top in one piece. Material has some pearl mylar in it and is an antron like material. Use for streamers, trout flies, pike or saltwater. Colors: White, Cream, Chartreuse, Gray, Olive, Orange. $3.50

CCT Fiber: These are bundled, loose fibers used to make the Wing Fiber above. Use as streamer hair, for para posts, shucks or as bucktail sub. Is about 8-10" long. Colors: White, Gray, Olive and Chartreuse. $3.50





CCT Angel Fibers: This is similar to Lite Brite or Angel Hair. Has long mylar fibers, shredded. Use for dubbing, wing material or as a streamer body. Packed in a crush proof tube, keeps material from getting bent, damaged or folded. Blue/Pearl, Holographic Gold, Holographic Silver, Chartreuse, Olive. $4.00






CCT Body Fur: Similar to the CAPS material, fine antron material stiched at the top. Fibers are about 1/2" long, mixed with fine mylar. To use, wrap material and shape. Used for bait fish patterns, crabs or as a shrimp/crawdad pattern. Colors; Black, Hot Orange, Olive, Gray, Tan, Chartreuse, White: $3.50

New Magnum Size: About 2x as long! Same colors: $3.50



Fishair: This is a long time favorite of folks that like to make long streamers. Each strand is a sythetic fiber which gives it a bucktail appearance. Use on Clouser's, long streamers and such. Straight fibers 6" long with a transparent texture. Choose from Polar Bear, Flo/Kingfisher Blue, Hot Orange, Root Beer, Olive, Dark Grey, Green. $3.00/package.





Hula Wrap: Hula Wrap is a very wide mylar that is a mix of holographic and clear fibers that are stiched into a very wide chenille. Fibers are about 2" long. Use for bass bugs, saltwater flies or make very wide pike bugs. Comes wrapped on a small tippet type spool. Colors: Silver, Chartreuse,

Ice Fur: This is the craft hair you love which now comes in long hanks. Hank size is 5 1/2" long which is folded in half. Now you can clip fur to any size. Great for saltwater, streamer wings, shucks, wings or as a zelon sub. Colors: Hot Orange, Minnow Blue, Olive, Pink Bonefish Wing, Rusty Orange, Olive, Silver Gray, Silver Tan Super Gothca, Camel Tan, Chartreuse. $3.00


8" Ice Wing Fiber: Ice wing is a long hank of the popular ice dubbing. Ideal for streamers, shucks and also for highlights in wings. Also great for emergers, nymphs or chop up and use as highlight in your own dubbings. Colors: Peacock, Pearl/Red Hue, Pearl/UV Hue, Gold, Silver, Black, Light Olive. $2.50

New Colors! Polar Wind ( holographic silver/white), Lavender ( pearl/lavender), Baitfish mix ( black/olive/green), Peacock eye ( olive/blue). Mix this as a dubbing fiber or add to wings. Makes nice streamer wings. $2.50

Krystal Flash UV Pearl: This is pretty neat stuff. Pearl color that emits UV light! Very cool! Use like standard Krystal Flash. Price: $3.50 each

Krystal Flash / Standard:Fine hair like fiber for bass and other flies. Pearl, Silver, Gold, Copper, Olive, Root Beer, Peacock, Chartreuse, Hot Pink, Flo Orange: $3.50




Krystal Flash UV Pearl: Now in new colors! Very cool UV colored Krystal Flash. New colors actually emit UV light! Colors: Tan, Blue, Gray, Herring Black, Orange, Purple and Pink. Price: $3.50 each








Grizzly Krystal Flash: Now this is cool. Grizzly marked Krystal Flash, 2 toned colors. Choose from Copper/Blue, Red/ Black, Silver /Black: $4.00





Krinkle Crystal Mirror Flash: This is very cool stuff. Has a krinkle in it and it has light/color shifting ability. Hold it up in different colors of light and it changes color. I love this stuff. It is very unigue. Colors: Pearl, Olive, Purple, Blue and Black. $5.50

Micro Pearl Flashabou: This is 1/100" in widith. Use for smaller size flies.Ideal for midges, parachutes and also for super fine ribs. Great for bodies on tiny sized lightning bug beadheads.$3.75




Lazer Flash: Fine 1/100 of an inch very highly reflective stuff which has a prism effect. Each strand is over 24' long and can be used for trout, bass, steelhead or saltwater flies. Featured in the latest issue of Fly Fisherman in Sanchez's new stuff pages. $4.00

Lateral Scale: This is siimilar to the Krinkle Mirror but is pearlized and dyed. I like this one for flashbacks and also for strips on minnow patterns. Colors: Pearl, Olive/dyed Pearl, Chartreuse dyed Pearl. $4.75





Mirror Flash: 1/100" wide, very narrow, prism material, transparent, similar to Mirage, much finer. Will change colors in different colors of light, 24" long! Use for any fly or streamer or as a rib. Colors: Orange, Chartreuse, Olive or Pearl. $4.50 a pack.

Flashabou Mirage: Wow! This stuff is amazing! Mirage is a completely new material from the Hedron ( the folks that make the original Flashabou). Advanced production methods created by Hedron combine the reflective qualities of Flashabou with color shifting technology to create an iridescent and holographic material. Mirage actually changes color shades as the reflection angle of the light changes to produce the most realistic minnow tones you have ever seen! Ideal for saltwater, pike, streamers or bass flies. Colors: Opal/White, Yellow, Orange, Chartreuse, Purple, Light Blue ( not shown)$4.50




Mirage Sheets: This is a sheet form of the original Mirage and is ideal for making saltwater flies, for backs of nymphs and minnow patterns. Cut each sheet out in variety of sizes to fit your own needs. Choose from either Opal sheets or Krinkle Opal Sheets. Price: $2.50 each











Midge Flash: These are super fine twisted mylar strands. Use as an under wing, twist and wrap as a body , use for spinner wings or as a parapost. Colors: Chartreuse, Hot Orange, Red, Black, Purple and Pearl. $3.50


Flo Neon Flash: This is a glow in the dark flashabou type material. Abosrbs UV and glows. Up to 3 times brighter glow than many standard glow in the dark materials. $4.50









Purple Haze: Holographic purple flashabou type material. Has purple and red hues to it. Ideal for steelhead or salmon flies. Can use as ribs also. $3.50






Sparkle Emerger Yarn: These are big hanks of antron. Use for making LaFontaine Emergers, Sparkle Duns, Spinners, Paraposts or use for Serendipty flies. Now that my old favorite Antron Body Wool is no longer available, try this as a sub for zelon. Colros: Black, Amber, Brown, Burnt Orange, Claret, Clear White, Cream, Dk Olve Dun, Ginger, Gray, Light Olive, Olive, Olive Brown, Orange, Pale Yellow, Tan. $3.00







Speckled Flashabou: This is a unique product. Standard flashabou w/markings to create a grizzly effect. Colors: Gold, Silver, Bronze: $3.75

Wing Materials:

Clear Wing: This is a clear material used for wings, similar to mylar. Cut it out and use for wings, cases, spinners or duns. Very nice stuff. Somewhat similar to zing wing and swiss straw. $2.50






No-Fray Wing Material: No fray is a softer wing material that can be cut for wings. Use for realistic patterns. Colors: White, Light Dun, Dark Dun, Medium Dun, Black, Tan, Hopper Yellow, Brown,Olive. $2.50






Sparkle Wing Organzia: This is one of the best things for making spinner wings. To use take a bodkin and fray material, peel off strands and tie a bundle on. Ideal for Tricos or small PMD's ect. Color: White. $2.50






Speckled Web Wing: Web wing is an air porous material that is woven and somewhat stiff. Material is speckled with black flecks. Use for caddis wings, hopper wings, for mayflies or crickets. Colors: Brown, Tan, Lt Dun, Dark Dun, Yellow. $3.50





Web Wing/ Standard Non Speckled: Same as above but does not have speckles. A bit stiff than the no-fray listed below. Colors: Black,White, Yellow, Light Dun, Med Dun, Dark Dun, Tan: $3.50




Spirit River's Lite Brite Hanks: This is one of the most popular Spirit River materials. This is cut into hanks and can be used for dubbing, shucks, wings, posts streamer wings or twisted as a body. Very cool colors ( shown on color bar ). Choose from: Bronze, Copper, Purple Haze, Pearl Green, Pearl Blue, Red., Black, Holographic Silver, Gold, Minnow Blue, Chartreuse, Rainbow ( Green and Purple) , Peacock ( Green/ Black/ Pearl). Price: $2.50/ Hank




Extra Select Craft Fur: This is the stuff you've wanted for a long time. Craft fur is used for Gotcha flies, Glass Minnows, Glades Minnows and many other patterns. Use on Clouser minnows for a new effect. Colors: Olive, Cream, Gray, Chartruese, Flo Blue, Hot Orange, Hot Pink, Tan.

Only $2.00 each WOW!



Spirit River's Polar Aire: This is a shiney substitute for polar bear. Use for salmon flies, streamers bass bugs or as a wing. Can be used for Wulff wings, spinners or emerger shucks too. Clip and add to dubbings for a great new addition to all your bodies. Colors shown on color bar:

Choose from Brown, Hot Orange, Gray, Black, Olive, Chartreuse, Purple, Hot Pink, Blue, Yellow and Red, Price: $2.50




Ultra Hair: This is a tough plastic hair with a crimp in it. Ideal for pike, saltwater or Clouser Minnows. Excellent buck tail sub. About 12" long. Colors: White, Brown, Dark Brown, Gray, Olive, Orange, Chartreuse, Light Blue, Yellow $3.00




Realistic Fly Tying Materials: These are often used for making realistic flies.

Japanese Nymph Legs: These are synthetic legs which are use to make stonefly legs. Paul Whillock uses these in his new stonefly nymph in the Fall 2004 issue of Fly Tyer. Colors: Yellow, Black, Tan. $2.00 each






Daiichi D1730 Stonefly Nymph Hooks: These bent shank hooks used to make Paul's Stonefly. This is model perfect hook, 3 XL, w/down eye. Size 4: $7.00/25 or Size 6: $5.00/25

Daiichi 1150: Paul uses a Kamasan B420, this is an up eye sedge hook, the Daiichi equivalent is the Daiichi 1150. Sizes: 8,10, 12. $4.50/25



1/4" Scud Back: This is extra wide scud back used to make wing cases, or wrap as a body. VERY similar to the UK Flexibody. Don't drive yourself nuts looking for that because it is almost impossible to find. Colors: Black, Brown, Yellow, Clear, Tan. $1.50

1/8" Scud Back: Available in a smaller size. Use for body wraps. Black, Brown, Chartreuse, Clear, Olive, Tan, Yellow. $1.50





Porcupine Guard Hair: Used in many new super realistic patterns. These are cream fibers from porcupine. Extra stiff, about 2-3" long. $3.50







Other Stuff Used in the Whillock Patterns:

2mm Craft Foam: Pack contains 2 sheets. Ideal for many bug patterns. Colors: Yellow, Brown, Gray, Olive, Tan 2 sheets/color. $.50/pack

Hareline Rabbit Dubbin: Coarse dubbing used for nymphs and stonefly dry pattern. Colors: Black, Yellow, Olive, Adams Gray, $1.75

Medallion Sheeting: Used for wings on the stonefly pattern. Colors: Yellow, Olive, Mottled Gray, Mottled Brown, Med Dun. $5.50

Clear Wing: Similar to Medillion Sheeting, you can color this to the exact color you wish. $2.50

Poly Yarn: Use to make a base or build up fly bodies. Used for paraposts or bodies too. Colors: Black, Brown, Yellow, Dun, Orange, White. $1.00

Stripped Quills: Feathers stripped of the fibers, used for feelers ect, can be used for quill body. Colors: White, Black, Brown, Olive. $3.00

Lead Wire: Long time favorite. Wrap wire to add weight. Use heavy for stonefly bodies.Sizes: Fine, Small or Heavy. $2.50

Pheasant Tail Clumps: Full tails dyed. Very nice. Olive, Orange, Yellow or Plain/ Non Dyed. $4.25 dyed or $3.75 undyed.

UNI 8/0 Thread: Yellow, Black, Brown used for stoneflies: $2.50

Danville Spider Web: 16./0 sized thread. Use for less bulk. $1.50

Lead Free Wire: Heavy wire used as a lead free substitute. Sizes: S-M-L, use L for stoneflies. $2.50

Synthetic Raffine: This is material Paul will be using in a future article. Used for mayflies, extra high quality material similar to Swiss Straw. Colors: Tan, Yellow. $3.50


For more Info Contact:

Mike Hogue / Badger Creek Fly Tying / 622 West Dryden Road, Freeville, NY 13068

Phone: 607-347-4946