The necks and saddles page contains pricing on Hen necks, Chinese necks, wooly saddles, Metz Products and soft hackle skins.


American Hackle

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American Hackle is Whiting's Line of Saltwater and Streamer Hackle. This is a great product to use as a substitute for Chinese necks, as Bass Hackle for Saltwater or Streamer flies.

Colors Dyed by Hareline for Extra Vibrant Colors and Contrast!

Whiting Pro Grade Grizzly Variant Capes: These are beautiful saltwater grizzly capes. Ideal for tarpon, bass, or bonefish flies. Many bright colors can be used for steelhead and salmon flies as well. Soft feathers with a nice stem, make these ideal for all kinds of swimming patterns.

Colors: Chartreuse, Hot Orange, Grizzly, Olive, Pumpkin, Red, Tan, Yellow

Price: $25.00






Whiting Pro Grade Grizzly Variant Streamer Saddles: These are wide long feathers with a nice stem. Ideal for making longer flies. Each has a round tip and can be used as tails on poppers or for many saltwater patterns.

Colors: Chartruese, Hot Orange, Red, Grizzly, Tan, Yellow, Red, Pumpkin

Price: $35.00

Note: Effective 6/1/11, ALL prices of saddles and availability are subject to change, Please contact before ordering.,






Whiting Pro Grade Deceiver Saddles: These are ideal for streamers. These have round tips and a solid stem making them perfect for saltwater flies. Use for steelhead, salmon patterns or freshwater flies as well.

Colors: Red, White, Black, Chartreuse, Yellow, Hot Orange.


Price: $35.00

Note: Effective 6/1/11, ALL prices of saddles and availability are subject to change, Please contact before ordering.,






American Speckled Hen Backs: These are genetically raised pelts that are speckled and mottled. Most are gray over dyed. Useful for nymphs, soft hackles and collars. Will tie about 8-12. Colors: Chartreuse, Hot Orange, Natural, Olive and Brown. $6.75





Wooly Bugger Saddles: Extra long feathers ( about 12-15"), these are wider feathers sized 6-10/ a few 12's. Great length, nice saddles. All dyed over white. Colors: Black, Olive or Borwn. $30.00

Note: Effective 6/1/11, ALL prices of saddles and availability are subject to change, Please contact before ordering.,




Whiting Specials: I have some great deals on Whiting Hackle Products:

Hebert Dry Fly Saddle Dyed Coachman Brown: Nice Brown saddle dyed Coachman Brown. Use for Royal Wulffs, Coachman dries, Caddis flies. Ties 12-16. $45.00

Note: Effective 6/1/11, ALL prices of saddles and availability are subject to change, Please contact before ordering.,







Whiting Bird Fur: This is a sustitute for Heron and Blue Earred Pheasant. The feathers are a soft material that can be used for spey hackle or for shrimp and prawn type patterns. Colors: Chartreuse, Black, Purple, Gray, Brown, Claret, SD Blue. $6.00





Whiting Tailing Packs: This is the famous Coq -De-Leon Material. These are stiff shoulder hackles which can be used for tails, spinner wings or wind the full feather to make skaters. Colors: Black, Light Pardo, Dark Pardo, Brown, Dyed Dun. $14.00



Whiting Variety Pack: This is a full gallon size zip lock bag full of hackle that we at Badger Creek like to call the "mystery meat package". You never know what these contain. Saddle trimmings, pieces of broken capes, loads of unusal things to use. A Great Bargin! $13.00





Imported Hackle

Chinese Variant Necks: $8.00 Colors: Purple, Black, Brown, Olive, Red. These are good for bass bugs and small wet flies. Quality is good for the price. A few dyed over white: Chartreuse, Purple, Black, Tan or Gray $8.00

Wow! Import Hen backs in Bulk!

I like these so much I bought a ton of them . These are ideal for nymphs, collars, wets or as a beard. Use them to make tape wing caddis and to up the "R value" of the insulation in your attic......just kidding.......bad inside joke/sorry. Most are dark dun, brown mixes.$4.50 each, 2 for $8.00

More Colors: Dyed Black and Dyed Olive!

Use for soft hackles, wet flies and more! Same Price!



Soft Hackle Materials

I've got some very nice skins for sale. These are all top quality at a very good price!


Select UK Partridge: These are ultra select English partridge. Each skin is beautiful and free of oils and salts. Use like any Hun. About 30% bigger than standard American pelts $35.00, A few number 2's. $30.00


Hungarian Partridges: I found a source that had a stock of these partridges for several years and bought the lot. These are a bit more tan and brown the American Huns or the Premium Huns I stock. Fibers are a bit finer. Includes body, cape, wings and tails. $16 each or 2 for $30

Select #1 American Huns: Some Western Partridges are also available at the same price! Hens, Males are both a lighter and have more white. Hens are more marbled.






Large Pack Dyed Olive Partridge: Loose feathers in a bag. Useful for making Whitlock's damsel nymph.$2.50

American Chukars/ Grade 1 ( AKA French Partridge ): These are contain a rusty dun body and have a white with chestnut mask. Flanks are barred and used on old salmon flies and some wets. Ideal for soft hackles. Many interesting feathers: $8.00 elsewhere: $16- $20!

American Chukar Flank: These are very similar to red leg partridge/French Partridge. Often used on Irish Mayfly patterns, use these to make some really cool thorax dun mayfly patterns, makes excellent spinners or use for cheeks on streamer. Packet of loose flanks: $2.50






Jackdaw Scalp: Jackdaws have tons of Natural Iron Blue Dun soft hackles in tiny sizes. These are great for emergers and small nymphs.$4.50






Magpie Skins: Magpies have white shoulders and a black metallic body. The wings have white edges and contain metallic blue or green covert feathers on the shoulders. The tails are all green-blue. Used in Upstate NY for making green midges. The body contains great soft hackles. $25.00 each




Dyed Hungarian Partridge Skins: Select pelts dyed to some really nice colors. Use for nymphs, soft hackles, damsel flies. These are beautifully dyed. Colors: Bleached, Dyed Olive, Caddis Green, Caddis Orange, Brown. Use for substitutes for many soft hackle feathers that are difficult to locate. $25.00

Starlings have a black / dark dun feather with some gold spots. A few have irredescent metallic green on them. The wings can be used as a snipe sub. Feathers can be used for making BWO emergers or Midges. Will tie to size 20 or so. Full skin $8.00





From time to time I have nice substitutes and wings for some older soft hackle patterns, email me for more info. Mike



Sharp tail Grouse: Contains a mix of brown marbled, tan and white feathers. Useful for making tape wing caddis flies. $8.00

Wings: Contains some yellow marbled hackle, very rare, most wings are used for training falcons: $7.00/pair

#1 Ruffed Grouse Skin: Mix of brown and ginger feathers w/head, tail & wings. Useful for making tape wing caddis or collars for squirrel tail nymphs, soft hackles and wet flies. $15.00 or for $25.00


Small Pack of Red Grouse: For those that would like to use some hackles, but don't want a full skin. $ 1.50

Wings: Use the backs for nice soft hackle feathers. $4.50

Mike's Western Quail Skins:

I found a source for these really hard to find Western pelts. Supply of all is very limited.

Gamble's Quail: This popular western quail is silver gray w/ a black mask and chestnut marks. Great soft hackle material, use for BWO emergers and for legs on nymphs. All are my skins are males & include the top knots. $12.50


Currently not available, email me for more info



Mearn's Quail: A spotted quail from the SW and is black, brown, gray. Many of the feathers are marked brilliantly & are very unusual. Females: $15.00, Males: $20.00

Coturnix Quail: Mix of yellow, ginger, cream and tan. Great for caddis soft hackles, PMD's or any light mayflies. $12.00

Scaled Quail: Back is brown dun and cape is dun with a dark dun list ( edge). Very nice! $12.00


All 3 of the above are currently not available, email me for more info

Western Blue Grouse: Dark dun skins w/some fine speckling or white pepper. Ideal for stoneflies, large nymphs, small spey hackles. Mask & backs of wings are useful for soft hackles. Grade 1: $30.00, Grade 2: $25.00

Exotic Feathers, Necks & Skins

Imitation Exotic Feathers: For the hard to find feathers for salmon flies, these are ideal replacements. Choose from imitation Indian Crow, Toucan, Chatter. $3.25



Blue Peacock Neck Feathers: These can be used for a blue spey hackle and also on the cheeks of some salmon flies. Neck feathers are a mix of metallic blue and can used for a jay sub or as a collar too. Price: $2.50







Fishing Grade Jungle Cock: These are grade B necks which are loaded full of beautiful jungle cock nails. These contain some split feathers but are ideal for fishing flies. Use them for jassids, salmon flies, streamers and more. Elsewhere these retail for more than $130 each!

Just got another bunch of these in........

Grade C: $70

Grade B: A few less splits: $80








#1 Jungle Cock Necks: Eyed nails can be used for salmon flies or New England style streamers.......................$130.00

#2's Contains some cracked nails.......$110.00


If you are looking for full dress salmon materials e-mail me and I may be able to locate these materials for you. These are very difficult to locate! I will quote prices that are reasonable, discuss delivery times, quality and availablity.


For more Info Contact:

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