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Mike Hogue / Badger Creek Fly Tying / 622 West Dryden Road, Freeville, NY 13068

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Web Site Kits

Ausable Fly Tying Kit: Companion set to the Better's Book. All the stuff you need to make the Ausable Wulff and the Usual. Kit includes: white kip tail, Australian Possum, Flo Orange Thread, Snowshoe Rabbit, , Woodchuck. $10.00

Cypert Minnow Kit: Includes: White, Flo Pink & Chartreuse Ultra Chenille, pearl mylar Piping, 1 ft of chain eyes: $4.50. This is my favorite crappie fly.

Damsel Tying Kit:
Includes: 10 ft of braided butt material, dubbing yarn, small pack of foam and 1 foot of4mm strung black bead eyes.$3.00

Reverend Bob's Crawdad Kit: Orange, Fox, Olive Squirrel tails; Tan, Orange, Olive & Chart Furry Foam. Olive/Black Chenille, Tan/Brown Chenille $9.50

Z-lon Scud set: Complete set ( less the hooks) of all the material you need to make the z-lon scud. Set inlcudes: Lt. Olive Squirrel, Hot Orange Rabbit Dubbing,Hare's Ear Dubbing, Fox Squirrel dubbing, Pearl Lite Brite, Copper wire, Wide Pearl mylar, Olive z-lon, brown z-lon, dun z-lon for $10.00

Beetle Bug Kit! Includes: Moose Body Patch, Beetle Bug Dub, Calf Body Hair ( You supply the hooks and the Hackle! ) $4.00/kit

Soft Hackle Kit: Companion kit to make all of the flies in the Dave Hughes Wet Flies Book. Kit includes: Partridge skin, 4 colors of Pearsall's silk thread, Australian Possum Patch, Starling Skin, Squirrel Dubbing, Peacock sticks, Gold and Silver Wire. $30.00

Fly Tying Kits

Like to learn to tie flies this year? ( Or know someone that would?) I have a very nice set of fly tying tools for $30 and I can put together complete kits with instruction books for $100. Complete bass bug kits for $100, available too.

If you already have tools, I can put together kits for tying dries, nymphs or bass bugs. I select the same high quality materials that I use commerically and choose all of the best materials for you. In each of my kits you will only get materials you need and use. These are very good values as I take about 10-15% off the kits.

Tell me how much you'd like to spend and I'll do the rest for you.


Since I do custom fly tying, I will tie flies for sale. Generally, I dislike tying ones and twos of anything. I prefer to do half dozens of flies. Here are some things I never tie commercially: epoxy bugs, saltwater flies, any quill wing flies, tiny hackled dries... ie below size 18 ( I don't have enough necks), salmon flies and very complicated stacked deer hair bugs. Nothing against these flies its just that I'm either not good at these or I hate making them or they are too much labor for the amount I charge.

Often I have flies which I retail at shows available in sets or individually. My prices are as follows: Trout flies:$1.50, Streamers: $2.50, Bass Bugs: $3.50 each. If you would like to order more than 10 dozen (with a doz of one pattern), I will consider wholesaling them. I tie flies first come, first served. E-mail or write me first.

Import Flies


Not enough time to tie your own? Or maybe you struggle with making some nice dries. I have found some very well made flies which I imported directly from Africa. By doing this , I cut out about 5 guys which normally eat up your excess change. These are priced at $10/dozen......or $.83 each.mix or match. Bass Flies $1.50. E-mail me for more info and list of patterns (most are standard patterns and sizes) .

Special Materials: If you are looking for unusual, hard to find materials, books, hooks or colors, please feel free to contact me about anything you might be searching for. If you hunt game birds, I might like to swap...hooks for skins or other stuff.

ALL Prices are subject to change without notice. Many natural materials have limited availability and can be seasonal. When in doubt please e-mail me.

Gees I hate more rules...............

Returns: All returns are subject to approval. Everything must be sent back as it was sent out. I must be able to resell whatever you send back.I try to give full packs at a fair prices. If it isn't send it back. I will try to be reasonable, fair and truthful. There are no returns of any item after 30days, without prior approval.
When you deal with me, you deal with one person. I am a seasoned fly tyer acquainted with all sorts of things. I have tied a boat load of flies and I know more than most. I am not 1-800--Megabellas or 1-900-LL-Orvis. I personally select everything and fill each and every order. So you get direct personal attention.
I now accept credit cards either through PayPal or over the phone. I take Visa, Mastercharge and AMEX. You can order anything I have over the phone. For more info about using Pay Pal, click here. I do prefer if you send me a check, money order or a cashier's check since credit card processing costs me extra. If you stop by for a visit, I accept cash also. I won't accept any Credit Card payments for amounts below $25.00.
Try as I may I can't keep everything on hand all the time. It is best to e-mail me to see if I have what you want. If I don't have something on hand I'll let you know and often I can get it here by the time your check arrives. If you are teaching a class or need lots of stuff, let me know and I'll try to get it for you. I often have many items I sell at shows not listed here.
If you are seeking special order items: hooks, books, bulk materials or what have you, let me know and I'll see what I can do. Special orders require payment up front and most of the time this stuff is non-returnable or non-refundable. I will assure the quality of all materials and if it isn't acceptable, I won't ship it.

Shipping Fees:

Due to recent energy price increases, I have had to raise my shipping fees.I think you will find I charge one of the lowest rates around. I do use recycled boxes so if your box appears funky, it just my attempt at saving you some money. Extra heavy items like vises pedestal bases and such may cost more to ship and I will quote that when you contact me.

Minimum order for credit cards or pay pal is $25

Shipping: up to $35 : $4.50

$35- $50: $6.50

$50-$100: $7.50

$100-$150: $10

$150 and up $15

For rod orders, vises or heavy bases, the charge may be extra.

Send Personal Checks, Money Orders or Bank Drafts to : Contact me at:

Mike Hogue / Badger Creek Fly Tying / 622 West Dryden Road, Freeville, NY 13068

Phone: 607-347-4946

New York residents please add 8.00% sales tax.

For International orders, Alaska or Hawaii, please contact me and I'll quote UPS/US Postal Rates. Shipping Rates are about 10% of the value of the items. Some heavy items ( like vises, bases or rods) are extra. For Canadians and other duty bound places, e-mail to discuss terms....I can often save some bucks on the duty for you. Many natural materials and items can not be shipped overseas due to international rules and export regulations.

All materials are assumed to be used for fly tying purposes only. Some natural materials may not be available for use or shippment within your state/region.

Please include e-mail address & phone so I can e-mail or call you when the package is sent. I do add all customers to my mailing amd email newsletter list which will never be sold, traded or sent to anyone. In otherwords I'll respect you.


I don't keep fixed hours as a rule. I am open when I am home. I am usually available between 4-10pm EST. If you call leave a message and I will try to call you back. I often have " real job" and I actually have a life and I like to go fishing., so if you don't find me available, RIGHT now, I'll call you back. I answer all my emails, so when in doubt, email me.

A few thoughts from Mike Hogue......

Thanks for helping me & my neat little biz grow some more! I appreciate all the kind comments, feedback and support I've gotten from all of you. This thing never would have come to be without you. I hope you had some fun & learned a few things!...... Now if I could only find time to fish...........Mike


For more Info Contact:

Mike Hogue / Badger Creek Fly Tying / 622 West Dryden Road, Freeville, NY 13068

Phone: 607-347-4946