This page contains pricing information and availablity of Hoffman/Whiting Farms Products. To view a complete color chart, click on the tile below.

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I am pleased to be one of the Internet's oldest and largest Hoffman/ Whiting Farms Dealers. The saddles are outstanding for tying dry flies. Each saddle will tie a minimum of 250 dry flies! Some grades will tie up to 1,000 dry flies!

Whiting's Hackle Line includes; American, Whiting, Hebert and speciality hackle. These are some great products at a great price. As a special service to you, I can custom order any product Whiting has listed, in any grade, any color.

For a complete color chart, please refer to the Whiting/Hoffman Hackle Page.


Whiting Hackle Prices and Grades

#2 Whiting Silver Necks:$90.00.................. #2 Saddles: $75.00

#3 Whiting Bronze Necks:$60.00..................#3 Saddles: $56.00

1/2 Saddles: Silver: $41.00, 1/2 Bronze: $32.00

1/2 Capes: Silver: $50.00

1/2 Capes: Bronze: $34.00

Color choices: Grizzly, White, Brown, Furnace, Barred Medium Ginger, Barred Dark Ginger, Light Ginger, Honey Dun, Silver Badger, Gold Badger, Grizzly Variant, Dun Grizzly, Cree ( very limtied supply, email for more info ).

Dyed Colors: Lt Dun, Med Dun, Dark Dun, Black, Grizzly/Olive, Grizzly/Brown, Coachman Brown, Golden Olive, Olive

Whiting Combo Necks: Bronze Grade, 1/2 Grizzly, 1/2 Brown, For making Adams. $64.00

Whiting 1/4 Saddle Patch: These are sized 14 and less, most tie size 14-16. Silver: $32.00 , Bronze: $25.00

Whiting Midge Saddles: These tie size 18 and lower. Ideal for tiny sized flies. Colors; Grizzly, Brown, Dark Dun, Medium Dun, Black, White, Grizzly dyed Olive, Olive dyed White

Full Midge Saddles: Silver: $116, Bronze: $88.00

1/2 Saddles Midge: Silver: $64.00, Bronze: $49.00

1/4 Midge Saddles: Silver: $42.00, Bronze $33.00

Note: Effective 6/1/11, all saddle prices and availablity are subject to change, contact me before ordering!

Hebert/Miner Pro Grade Dry Fly Capes: These are wonderful capes at a special price. These contain nice full feathers. Each cape will tie a full range of sizes. Choose from White, Brown, Black, Grizzly Variant, Dark Brown Dun, Medium Brown Dun, Ginger, Cream or Tanish Dun $30.00 ( other colors available)

Hebert/Miner Bronze Grade: Buy a Bronze cape and get a free hen cape ( no choice of color) at no extra charge. Colors: Black, Badger, Furnace, Grizzly Variant, White, , Light Ginger, Dun Grizzly, Med Brown Dun , Cahill Dun.

Rusty Dun, Honey Dun, Light Champagne and Badger Champagne ( Limited Supply )

Price: $47.00

For a complete color chart: Click here




Hebert/Miner Pro Grade Dry Fly Saddles: These are wonderful saddles at a special price. These contain long full feathers. Each saddle will tie mostly 12-16. Choose from Cream, Brown, Black, Grizzly Variant, Dark Brown Dun, Medium Brown Dun, Ginger or Grizzly Variant. $20.00

Bronze Grade: $28.00


Note: Effective 6/1/11, all saddle prices and availablity are subject to change, contact me before ordering!





American Hackle

American Hackle is Whiting's Line of Saltwater and Streamer Hackle. This is a great product to use as a substitute for Chinese necks, as Bass Hackle for Saltwater or Streamer flies.


Whiting Pro Grade Grizzly Variant Capes: These are beautiful saltwater grizzly capes. Ideal for tarpon, bass, or bonefish flies. Many bright colors can be used for steelhead and salmon flies as well. Soft feathers with a nice stem, make these ideal for all kinds of swimming patterns.

Colors: Chartreuse, Hot Orange, Grizzly, Olive, Pumpkin, Red, Tan, Yellow

Price: $35.00

Also available White dyed: White, Black, Yellow, Hot Orange, Hot Pinke, Purple, Red, Yellow, Chartreuse







Whiting American Hackle Grizzly Variant and Dyed Streamer Saddles: These are wide long feathers with a nice stem. Ideal for making longer flies. Each has a round tip and can be used as tails on poppers or for many saltwater patterns.

Colors: Chartruese, Hot Orange, Red, Grizzly, Tan, Yellow, Red, Pumpkin

Price: $35.00


Note: Effective 6/1/11, all saddle prices and availablity are subject to change, contact me before ordering!






Whiting American Hackle White and Dyed Saddles: These are ideal for streamers. These have round tips and a solid stem making them perfect for saltwater flies. Use for steelhead, salmon patterns or freshwater flies as well.

Colors: Red, White, Black, Chartreuse, Yellow, Hot Orange.

Price: $35.00

Note: Effective 6/1/11, all saddle prices and availablity are subject to change, contact me before ordering!






Whiting Farm's Hackle Gauge: Machine aluminum with an anodized finish, this is a really well made gauge. Stainless steel pin with a complete scale. Fits most 3/8" stem vises. $20.00


Packaged Hackle:
For the newer tyer or those that are looking to extend their materials, this is an ideal way to go. Loads of interesting things to use.


Whiting Farm's 100's (AKA Hoffman Mini Packs ): No, this is not a new kind of cigarette. These are incredible! Each pack contains enough hackle to tie 100 flies! Sizes: 10, 12,14,16, 18, 20 Colors: Black, White, Brown, Grizzly, Light Dun and Medium Dun. Great for midges and BWO's. Ties 100 flies, ideal for classes or travel. $18.00 / pack

Note: Effective 6/1/11, all saddle prices and availablity are subject to change, contact me before ordering!


Whiting Streamer Packs: New lower price. I dropped the price on these. Ideal for streamer wings, bass hackle. Choose from Grizzly, Badger, White, Chartreuse, Orange, Black and Badger Dyed Olive. $16.00 each




Whiting Tailing Packs: This is the famous Coq -De-Leon Material. These are stiff shoulder hackles which can be used for tails, spinner wings or wind the full feather to make skaters. Colors: Black, Light Pardo, Dark Pardo, Brown, Dyed Dun, Ginger. $16.00





Whiting Bugger Packs: Whiting's most popular product! This is one of the best sellers. Select wooly hackle in a pack. Colors: Natural Grizzly, Black, Brown dyed Grizzly , Olive dyed Grizzly, Dark Dun $16.00







Whiting Chickabou Marabou: This is some cool stuff. Use this as a CDC substitute on emergers or dry fly patterns. Use for small wings or for tiny marabou. I love this stuff. Colors: White, Grizzly, Brown Dun, Dark Ginger ( all natural ), Black. $8.00





Whiting Variety Pack: This is a full gallon size zip lock bag full of hackle that we at Badger Creek like to call the "mystery meat package". You never know what these contain. Saddle trimmings, pieces of broken capes, loads of unusal things to use. A Great Bargin! $14.00





Whiting Bird Fur: This is a sustitute for Heron and Blue Earred Pheasant. The feathers are a soft material that can be used for spey hackle or for shrimp and prawn type patterns. Colors: Chartreuse, Black, Purple, Gray, Brown, Claret, SD Blue. $9.00







Hen Necks

Whiting Hen necks will tie from size 8 to about 22! Each of them is wonderful! These allow you to tie a full range of sizes. Hackle has round tips, useful for use as wings. Excellent for soft hackle flies. Contains cape and hen saddle.

Colors: Brown, Light Dun, Dark Dun, White, Black, Grizzly, Olive, Grizzly dyed Olive, Grizzly Dyed Brown. $33.00

American Speckled Hen Backs ( Colors Dyed by Hareline): These are genetically raised pelts that are speckled and mottled. Most are gray over dyed. Useful for nymphs, soft hackles and collars. Will tie about 8-12. Colors: Chartreuse, Hot Orange, Natural, Olive and Brown. $6.75





Hebert Hen Necks: Hebert necks are ideal for making wet flies and for soft hackle. These hackles are sparse, soft and provide an undulating action unlike anything else. Really cool natural colors. Comes with cape and saddle. Ties a bit larger than Whiting Hen Necks. Colors: Brown, Dark / Bronze Dun ( These are great for wonder wings!). Light Cahill Dun. $30.00

Limited Availability: Rusty Dun, Honey Dun, Light Champaigne

Spey Hackle

Spey Hackle: This is some nice stuff. Use as a substitute for Blue Earred Pheasant. Each Feather has long , fine fibers ideal for making spey flies, prawns, or shrimp patterns. Colors: Black, White, Light Dun, Chartreuse, Pink, Tan, Orange, Kingfisher Blue, Grizzly

Saddles: $14.00

Soft Hackle with Chickabou: $15.00


Coq-De-Leon Saddles:

These saddles contain all sorts of interesting hackle. The fibers are very long and stiff, while each feather is some what short. Each feather will make tails for at least 3-4 flies!. Feathers are speckled with dark centers. Colors: Gold Badger, Silver Badger, Furnace and Black. Black contains some very dark irredescent green and the furnace contains some very dark irredecsent blue!....The scans do not do these feathers justice. Very Beautiful!: $24.00.......Outstanding Value for a full saddle!

Note: Saddle color available is usually Lt Pardo, Med Pardo, Ginger Pardo. Some times I get Black and Brown saddles. Email me for additonal color selections.

Coq De Leon Hens: These are really different and totally unique. The hen capes have long soft fibers with a webby center which creates almost a dry fly soft hackle. Most have a dark dun center and a speckled badger pattern to the edges. Saddles are speckled dark dun and very webby. I have been using these on many flies. Silver Badger or Gold Badger , comes with saddle patch. Price: Capes: $30.00




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