This page contains pricing and information on Quills, Feathers, CDC, Hopper Materials , Bass Bug Collars and Skirts, Strung Hackle, Marabou.

Feathers and Quills


Wow! These is really nice stuff! These are hand selected premium CDC feathers. Each feather comes from a genetic farm raised duck.

Jumbo Premium Genetic CDC: This CDC is about twice the size of the average CDC feather. Can be used for spinners, wound as a parachute, palmer wrapped or as a collar. Fibers can be removed and used as a bundle. Use also for Magic Tool flies. Natural Colors: White, Medium Dun, Dark Dun, Brown Dun, Light Ginger, Dyed Olive, Dyed Olive Dun, Dyed Yellow, Dyed Light Dun. $4.50 each

Use these for the Magic Tool Flies!



Cul de Chicken: This is a select patch of marabou from the breast of a genetic chicken. This is an extra fine marabou that is then treated with Watershed to give the feather added floation. Ideal sub for calf tail, use for parachutes, shucks or on emergers. Colors: Grizzly,

Grizzly, White, Olive, Tan, Dun, Medium Dun or Olive. $6.00



Premium Genetic CDC Puffs: Ideal for emergers, para-posts, midges, as a shuck or spinner wings. Fibers can be removed and used as a bundle. These are larger and fuller than standard puffs. Several very nice natural colors. Natural Colors: White, Medium Dun, Dark Dun, Brown Dun, Light Ginger, Dyed Hot Orange. $4.50 each





CDC Feathers:I got a great buy on CDC. These are standard length and quality, from mostly wild game ducks. Colors: White, Nat. Brown, Dun, Rust, Tan, Yellow, Wooduck Gold or Black, Hot Orange, Chartreuse. $2.50






Goose CDC: This product is my own and is available nowhere else! Some time ago I was given some of this to use and it is reallllllllllly nice! Color is natural brown dun and it is an ideal match for BWO wings and for emergers. Fibers are somewhat longer than reg CDC and is a bit nicer to use. $3.50


Also Available in Brown, Dyed Gray and Olive: $3.50



Oiler Puff CDC: These are tiny stemless CDC feathers. AKA nipples. Ideal for midges! Colors: Natural Brown Dun, Light Dun, White, Tan , Wooduck, Rusty Brown, Olive, Black, Yellow. $2.50 each



Emu: Emu is a great deal like ostrich. The fibers are soft and create a nice sort of hackled appearance. Use these for nymphs and also for some large emergers as a head. A bit wider and bigger than ostrich. Choose from: Natural, Olive, Brown and Black. $3.50


Ostrich : Can be used for bodies, or heads: White, Olive, Nat Gray, Brown, Black. Full Stick: $1.75

Peacock: These are select eyes in a set of 4 and are beautiful eyes w/herl. $2.25/set of 4

Dyed Peacock: Complete eyed peacock stick over dyed. Use for bead flies for spawning fall browns or on salmon flies. Dyed Red or Dyed Black. $3.50/3 sticks

Not Shown Bleached and Dyed Peacock Eyes: These are bleached to a tan color and contain metallic eyes. The sticks are dyed over and have a more opague color, very unique. The bleached color is very close to a natural cameo peacock that is quite rare. These very well done and look quite nice.

Colors: Bleached, Yellow, Red, Purple, Brown Olive, Green, Black, Caddis Green ( Brite Green); $2.75/pack of 4

Strung Peacock Herl: Large pack!!! 1/4 oz of strung herl: $3.75/pack

Peacock Swords: Used for tails on the zug bug and on some salmon flies. $.75 each.




Pre-Cut Caddis Wings: If you read my pattern on how to make the tape-wing caddis but are looking for an easy way to make these, then this is it! Pre-made wings in the Oliver Edward's style, just dub the body and tie in. Sizes: Small ( 14-16 ) or Medium (12-14), Colors: Black. $3.50 / pack

This is all I have left in the black.......been discontinued.



Peacock Herl Brush: This is peacock pre-spun on copper wire. Ideal for beginners or for folks that want a reinforced type of herl, this is also a space & time saver for a travel bag! $2.50



AK Best , Stalcup, Rene Harrop Type Materials

Turkey Biot Quills: Fibers are extra long for making dry fly or emerger bodies or AK Best Style flies. Colors: Black, Tan, PMD (Lt. Olive), White, Rust, Trico ( Dark Dun), Light Dun. $2.50 each






Pre-stripped Quills ( Quills II) : If you like making Ak Best style of quill flies these are for you. Pre-stripped dyed quills, simply wrap and wind forward to make a nice quill stem fly. Choose from Black, BWO, Red Quill, Red/Brown, Light Cahill , Ginger. $4.00 per pack.

Mike's House Brand Stripped Quills: Big pack, comes in red, black, white or olive. $3.00





Striped and Dyed Peacock Eyes: These are peacock, stripped and dyed. Use for dry flies, herl bodied flies or flies which need quill bodies. Ideal for Red quills, H+L Variants in variant colors and more. Choose from Orange, Black, Olive and Yellow. $3.50

This has also been discontinued, when gone, that's it. I have some left.





Dyed Peacock Herl: This is a large bundle of strung herl, dyed. By dying the colors the herl really stands out and becomes more vibrant and interesting. All dyed colors will keep the original type or green but have a different cast to them.Will liven up a large number of patterns. Colors: Flo Lime, Cerise, Black, Purple, Flo Blue. $3.75

Just In: Bleached Peacock: This is strung herl, bleached. The color becomes a soft tan. Use for caddis nymphs, as a body material or as a substitute for the very rare cameo peacock. $3.75




Goose Biot Combo Packs: Contains one strip of all 9 of the most popular colors. Great travel kit addition $2.50

Turkey Flats: White flats dyed. Used for thorax clumps and for spiner wings. Colors; White, Light dun, Dark Dun or Tan. $2.50 each

Micro Fleck Turkey Flats: These are white turkey flats which are speckled and then dyed. Use on spinner wings or thorax flies or tie in as a clump. Used on many Harrop flies. Choose from Dark Dun, Lt. Dun, Olive, White or Wooduck. $3.50

Duck Flanks

Dyed Gadwell:Wide and long dyed flank. Useful for spey hackle. Colors: Flo Blue, Orange $3.50







Mallard Flanks: Finding good flanks for Joe's Smelt is darn near impossible. A fair number of Maine tyers have given up and substitute mallard. Use for wings, cheeks, as a tailing material. Pearl gray with light bars. $1.50

Mallard Dyed Wooduck: Use as a sub for Wooduck, Ideal for beginners or commerical tyers: $1.50Mallard Flank Dyed Wooduck: Very nice color..exact wooduck match! $1.50.





Mallard Silver Bellies: Silver bellies are breast feathers from mallards. These I like to call a "poor man's" silver pheasant. These are wonderful feathers to use on cheeks. Use them on all of your New England type streamers. Great for saltwater eyes too! Simply apply stick on eyes and tie in. Used also on Whitlock's sheep shad series of flies! One color only: natural white/cream Price: $1.50



Canvas Back Feathers: These are used to make Joe's Smelt. These are an imitation of the original "Pintail" that was used to make Joe's Smelt. Originally, this fly used a Japanese flank feather that is now on an endangered list. These are flanks of canvasbacks that are trimmed and nearly identical to the original feathers. $5.00/pack ( about a dozen)




Matched Bronze Mallard: Matched pairs of bronze, use for wets and spey flies. Select material. $3.50







Matched Barred Wooduck: Each packet contains the matched barred rights and lefts of an entire drake. These are used on salmon flies and old time streamers. $15.00/ set of 50 unmatched barred flanks, small pack: $4.50




Real Wooduck Flank: Real wooduck keeps getting harder and harder to find at a reasonable price. Nothing quite replaces these flanks for Catskill dries. Hand selected flanks, large pack. $4.50




Specific Species Duck Flank: Select from Teal, Gadwell or Pintail Flank. Each is some what different. All have fine tips, dark to lighter barring.Ideal for spey flies, Catskkill wings, cheeks or collars. Very nice and hard to get.

Teal: $2.50

Pintail: $2.50

Gadwell: $3.50




Dyed Teal Flanks: Teal flanks make nice spey hackles for small sized salmon and steelhead flies. Each has a rich dark bar with a colored accent. Choose from Red, Purple or Hot Orange. Price: $2.50/ each



A Few Exotic Feathers:

Pluma De Gallo De Leon: For the first time I am able to offer these imported Coq-de-Leon hackles. Each hackle is hand selected for prefect coloration. Great for spinners, tails or awesome compara duns!. Colors: Claro, Medio, Oscuro: Each $6.00/ pack



Imitation Exotic Feathers: For the hard to find feathers for salmon flies, these are ideal replacements. Choose from imitation Indian Crow, Toucan, Chatter. Makes very cool beetles and jassid type flies too! Just coat with glue, stroke fibers together and tie on. $3.25



Spey Hackle I have a ton of imitation Heron. These are select turkey flats burned with bleach and dyed Heron Gray. $2.50

Blue Peacock Neck Feathers: These can be used for a blue spey hackle and also on the cheeks of some salmon flies. Neck feathers are a mix of metallic blue and can used for a jay sub or as a collar too. Price: $2.50





Quills for Full Dress Salmon Flies, Wings or Bodies


Mallard Wings: Whole mallard wings.Complete matched wing pairs. Use quills for wets and dries. Each pair includes blue McGinty feathers. $5.50pair







Goose Shoulders: Looking for marrying quills for steelhead and salmon flies? This is it. Really nice long fiber goose, ideal for making married wings. Colors: Black, Chartreuse, Orange, Purple, Claret, White, Highlander Green, Light Dun, Yellow, Red and Blue. Price:$3.00 per 5 quills/one color

Ozark Mottled Oak Turkey/ Grade 1: Mix of Light tan, brown, white. For hopper wings or muddlers. Very Nice! $5.50/pair

Oak Turkey: Remember that really nice oak turkey we used to get? Well it's back..... and this is the good stuff. These are white marbled oak quills great for muddlers, strips wings, wing cases, hopper wings and wet flies. Nice matched quills. Natural: $6.50 Dyed Olive or Dyed Yellow: $6.50






Peacock Quills: Long used as a sub for Bustard, this is a nice quill with vivid markings. Select #1 quills, suitable for full dress wings. $6.50/pair.




Turkey Biot Quills: Fibers are extra long for making dry fly or emerger bodies or AK Best Style flies. Colors: Black, Tan, PMD (Lt. Olive), White, Rust, Trico ( Dark Dun), Light Dun. $2.50 each






Ruffed Grouse Tail Clump: Full clump. Use these like pheasant tail and wind fibers for a body. Clip sections out for wet fly wings or cut out to make caddis wings. If you soak the quill, you can pull the center off the stem and use this for a condor substitute on nymphs. $4.50








Wild Turkey Tails: Mix of red brown and brown for dark hopper wings or darker muddlers. $5.50/Pair




White Tip Turkey( Not Shown): Long time favorite used for salon flies, has a wild turkey base with a small white stripe across the top. Use for married wings and wet flies. Nice edge with clean tops. $5.00 /pair

White Dyed Turkey Rounds: Use for samller salmon flies, these are white wing quills dyed various colors. Nice fibers with a good edge. Colors: Black, Red, White, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green, Purple. $2.50/Pair

Guinea Hen Quills: Often used for many Ray Bergman patterns as a wet fly wing. Favored by Don Bastion. Paired quills with clean edges. Price is $1.50 a pair

Duck Quills: Used in classic patterns like the Trout Finn, these quills are ideal for all of your Ray Berman wets and Don Bastion patterns. Choose from Black, Orange, Yellow, Red, White, Natural, Green, Olive, Gray, Silver Doc Blue. $1.50 a pair

More Hopper Materials


Round Rubber legs: Yellow, Flo Yellow, Hot Green, Gray, Brown, Black, Hot Orange: $1.50/pack






Poly Yarn: White, Yellow, Lt. Dun, Medium Gray, Dark Dun, Lt Chart, Orange. For Hopper Bodies or Parachute Wings: $1.00

Fun Foam: Great for hopper bodies, Mike's Damsel, ants, spiders or beetle bodies.Black, Blue, Yellow, Chartrreuse, Tan, Cranberry, Purple, Brown, Orange, Olive, Gray, Ginger, Cream $.50

Large ASssortment Pack: $2.00


Guinea Hen Skins, Bass Bug Tailing, Strung Hackle and Skirts

Giant Guinea Hen Feathers:Guinea hen makes some really nice trashy skirts on bass bugs. The feathers are black with white spots. Can also be cut out for Jungle Cock subs or used on steelhead/salmon flies. Big pack $3.50


Pearl Guinea Hen Skin: Complete pearl skin. Feathers are black with white sports. Contains head, body, wings and tail. Many sizes for salmon flies, collars, throats: $25.00

From time to time I also have Lavender Guinea Hen, Suede and Purple skins. Email me for more info.



Strung Guinea Hen Hackle: These are brillant dyed colors. Ideal for spey hackle, steelhead collars and as a sub for jay wings. Used as a collar in the new scrubber bugs. Colors: Natural, Flo Pink, Flo Yellow, Flo Blue, Flo Green, Purple, Olive, Flo Orange. $3.75each

More Colors! Claret, Red, Highlander Green and Kingfisher Blue






Select Dyed Strung Grizzly Variant Hackle: A long time favorite of mine is now available. For several years I used to dye this stuff on my own! 5-7" length, ideal for bass, pike or saltwater flies. Colors: Red, Hot Orange, Olive, Yellow, Chartreuse or Natural. $6.00/pack

Strung Variant Saddle Hackle: 6 to 8" strung hackle dyed over Red Variant/Cree......beautiful colors! Colors: Black, Blood Red, Claret, Purple, Olive and Nat Red Game/ Cree $6.00 1/4 oz.Whitlock's Turquosie ( dyed over white): $6.00

Dyed Over White Strung Hackle: 5-7" hackles dyed over white, use for salwater flies, salmon flies, bass bug tails, collars or as a beard. Colors: White, Chartreuse, Yellow, Hot Orange, Purple, Claret, Red, Black, Green, Fiery Brown, Tan. $6.00


Strung Badger Hackle: A favorite of my friend Larry Young, dyed badger hackle is ideal for bass flies, matukas, collars and as wings for streamers. Colors: Hot Orange, Yellow, Olive and Natural: $4.50


Badger Creek's Strung Spade Hackle: These are small hackles that are strung, ideal for spade hackle. Can be used to make tails. Also makes nice skater hackle. Colors: Golden Badger or Barred Dark Ginger. $1.50



Mike's Jailbird Marabou: These are really cool! Featured in the Winter Issue of Fly Tyer. Feathers are blood marabou that is silk screened with a barred ( or jailbird ) pattern. Makes really cool spey hackle or can be used for wooly buggers or streamer wings. Colors; Olive/Black, Purple/Pink, Orange/Red, Chartreuse/Orange, Brown/Black. $3.50 a pack.



Grizzly Marabou: Great for Mike's Marabou Humpy or Harrop style marabou flies. Colors: Tan, Brown, Olive, Yellow, Natural. $2.50 each

Strung Marabou: I also have some very nice strung marabou. Straight w/ no stems. Colors: red, yellow, white, black, brown, purple, claret, olive, hot orange and chartreuse. Large pack $2.25

Select Marabou Spey Hackle: Use for showgirls ( the fly not to attract them! ) and marabou spey hackles. Colors: ( Colors shown below) Fuchsia, Heron Grey, Kingfisher Blue, Chartreuse, Hot Orange, Black and Purple. $2.50


Wooly Bugger Marabou: I finally found some very high quality wooly bugger marabou! Has a much more fluffy texture than straight marabou and contians no broken ends! Much nicer than the Wapsi stuff.....Colors: Olive, Sculpin Olive, Black , White, Brown $2.00 per pack

Pheasant Tails


Hen Pheasant Complete Tails: Contains the complete center section of the hen pheasant tail. Ideal for backs, strips or wets. Very unioque colors. $3.50





Complete Golden Pheasant Tails: (Includes red spears and secondary tails ) Useful for hopper legs, backs or sculpins. $8.50 each . Currently not available. Email for more info.


Ringneck Rooster Pheasant Tails: ( Complete tail section 15 " long) Can be used for pheasant tail nymphs, hopper legs or as strips for nymphs. $3.75

Ringneck tails center quills dyed: Yellow, Orange, Red, Olive, Black or Bleached $2.50





Legs On a Stick: These are pheasant quills knotted. Entire quill has bundles of legs pre knotted. Just clip and tye on. Makes great hopper patterns. Use for craneflies and also for stoneflies. Has natural brown/black bars. $4.50



Pheasant Pelts, Hackle or Feathers

Dyed Ringneck Pheasant Skins: These are beautifully dyed full pelts that include the body, wings and capes. These pelts are loaded with metallic feathers that can be used for nymphs, salmon flies and trout patterns. Colors: Black, Orange, Olive, Yellow, Red. $20.00

Non-Dyed #2 Pheasant Rooster Pelts ( WithTail): Not quite perfect, but still loads of feathers. Use for making sparrows, hoppers, stoneflies and more. $6.00


Gold or Amherst Pheasant Heads: Complete head with tippets and crests:

#1 Gold $9.00..................#1 Amherst: $12.00

Amherst Dyed: Kingfisher Blue, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow, Highland Green, Cerise $12.00


Dyed Ringneck Pheasant Patches: They are back! For several years I have sold these patches and lost my source. I located a new source and I am again able to offer these patches. Dyed over saddles contain lots of interesting colors. Useful for spey hackle and Gartside sparrows.Choose from Orange, Purple, Olive, Claret, Flo Red, Black and Chartreuse. $6.00 each.

Ringneck Saddle Patch: The exact item to use for the Sparrow. Price: $5.00

Packet of Dyed Pheasant Saddle: For speys & the sparrow. Yellow, Black, Ginger, Olive, Orange, Claret. $2.50/packet

Ringneck Pheasant Spey Patch: This is the really long stuff, selected from the tops of ringneck tails. Use for psy flies, mudbugs and prawns. Large patch full of mult colored spey hackle $2.50


Natural/Undyed Golden Pheasant Bodies: I got a special buy on these great skins. These are the bodies only, no head or tail. Use for spey hackle, salmon flies, prawns and crawdad patterns. Very nice:

Very difficult to get. Email me for the price.










Grade 1 Silver Pheasants ( Body & Wings , No Tails) : These are prime skins hand selected by me. The flanks are used in New England Streamer Pattersn and are white with dark bars. Head and breast contains some metallic feathers. $50.00


Limited Supply: Email me for more info.


Reeves Pheasant: Chestnut w/brown edge, used in streamer patterns. No tail. $25.00





Natural White ( Or Dyed) Cock Pheasant: The entire skin is white. No metallic feathers. Ideal for spey flies, salmon flies. You can dye this skin any color you wish. ( Body, Wings only /Some of the head is missing. ) White Only or Dyed colors: Black, Fuchia, Hot Orange, Hot Pink, Orange, Purple: $40.00






For more Info Contact:

Mike Hogue / Badger Creek Fly Tying / 622 West Dryden Road, Freeville, NY 13068

Phone: 607-347-4946