This page contains pricing on tube fly tubes, yarn, chenilles, dubbing, dubbing furs, dry fly tailing and antennae materials, beads and eyes.

Beads, Eyes & Rattles

Doll Eyes: 4mm & 7mm. Use the 4mm for 3/8" live body, 7mm for 1/2 " live body. Colors: White, Yellow, Orange: $1.50

Lead Eyes: Plain, pack of 10: sizes: S (1/8), M (5/32) , L(5/32). :$2.50/pack of 24

Plated Lead Eyes: These are silver platted lead. Use them for almost any pattern. S-M-L $2.00

Flat End Eyes: Have flat ends, machined brass eyes, allows you to attach 3D eye or sticker eyes to them. XS, S,M, L, XL $3.00/pack of 20.


Pre-Painted Lead Eyes: When Laura selected these, I had my doubts. After using them I remembered what a pain painting all of these eyes are! Laura was right these save time and hassles. One color only: Red w/ Black Dot. Sizes: XS, S, M : $2.00/10



Holographic 3D Eyes:These are epoxy coated sticker eyes. Really cool! Colors: Silver, Gold, Red, Yellow. XS, S, M or L $3.00

Big Game 3D Eyes: Super sized eyes, use for pike, saltwater or really big hair bugs. Silver, size XL and XXL: $3.00

Mirage Holo Eyes: Stick on dome eyes, which change colors based on the light. Very cool. Sizes XS-S-M-L. $3.00 a pack. New Jumbo and Super jumbo for saltwater, same price.


Glass Rattles: Often used in the center of streamer flies to add a bit more noise. Usually folks tie these on to the hook shank and pull tubing over the rattle. Sizes: 4mm or 3mm. $4.00


Spirit River Real Hot Eyes: These are recessed eyes which have room for the 3d epoxy eyes, then these are painted hot colors. Choose from Hot Orange or Chartreuse eyes. Sizes: 3/16" /Small or 7/32" /Medium. $3.50/ 15


Non- Tarnish Beads: 24/pack/sizes: 1/16, 5/64, 3/32, 1/8, 7/64, 5/32, 3/16. Non tarnish finish, counter drilled back. Colors; Silver, CCopper, Copper Brown/Olive, Black and Gold Plated. $2.25/pack/size



Coneheads: Added at your request, the coneheads give you lots of choices for making weighted flies. Choose from Sizes: Mini 1/8", X-Small 5/32", Medium 7/32", Large 1/4". Colors: Mini , X-Small, Small: Gold Only, Medium and Large Choose from Black, Nickel or Gold. Price: $3.00/pack


Hot Cones: I have had several folks ask me for these and added these to go along with the reg cones. Makes great bass, salmon or steelhead flies. Colors: Chartreuse, Hot Orange, Red. Sizes: S, M, L, $3.00/pack


Anodized Cone Heads: These are aluminum cone heads that are anodized. Paint is bonded to metal to create a brighter cone which has a more durable finish. Colors: Black, Purple, Green, Hot Pink. Red. Sizes: 3/16", 1/4", 3/8".






Cam Siegler's Bubble Cone Head: Nope these aren't salt and pepper caps I ripped from the school lunfch room! These are large cones with holes drilled to create bubbles on retrive. Use for making very large flies. Silver Only. Size:1/2", 5/8", 3/4" $6.00




Sanchez Heart Pony Bead: If you have been looking for "the bead" to make the double bunny fly, then look no further. Each bead is plastic and shaped like a heart. Makes an arrow shaped head when attached. Colors: Red Only: ( Limited Supply) $1.50





Tyer's Glass Beads: Glass beads can be used for a variety of flies. No more shopping from store to store to find the perfect sizes. I have selected the best sizes and colors. Colors ( shown on color band below): Root Beer, Crystal, Caddis Green, Red, Orange. Sizes: Midge ( 18-24 ), Small (14-18), Medium (10-14), Large ( 8 or larger). Price: $1.50/pack




Tungston Beads: At your request I added tungston beads. About twice as heavy as standard brass beads. Colors: Black or Gold. Sizes: 3/16", 5/32", 1/8". 764", 3/32", 5/64", 1/16". $3.75/pack of 10





Mike's Hot Metal Beads: For those that like the weight of a metal bead but want the Hot Head colors, these beads are for YOU! Each bead is a metal with a baked on color. Available in 3 colors: Red, Chartreuse, Orange and 2 sizes: 1/8" ( Standard nymph Size for 10-12-14) or 5/32" (Wooly Bugger size 8-10). Price: $3.50 / per 25




Pupil Eyed Tungston Beads: These are tungston gold beads with small eyes. Ideal for nymphs, you can paint the eyes if you wish for added realism. Size 3/32", 7/64", 1/8", 5/32", 3/16". 20 per pack. Price: $6.00


Ribbed Tungston Scud/Shrimp Bodies: These are tungston weights that can be tied on the back of hooks or put in the curve of shrimp hooks. Really neat innovation, best method I have seen to weight curved hooks. Sizes: XS, S, M, L $6.00/ pack of 10.





Strung Colored Eyes: These are plastic pearls strung, and make very nice nymph or bug eyes. Won't sink flies! To use: cut eyes into pairs by clipping string. Tie on in figure 8's like lead or dumb bell eyes. Add a drop of Zap-a-Gap and they are locked down tight. Try marking with a red, black or blue maker for extra realistic effects. These are available nowhere else! Size: 3mm size only. Colors: Blue, Green and Yellow. Price: $1.50 for all 3.

More colors: Metallic! Mulit pack with Green, Red, Cream, Gold $1.50


Hot Bead Chain: For those of you that love my Mylar minnow, TRY this! Chartreuse colored bead chain. Ideal for Charlies and for giving a fly a bit of weight. Size Small only ( about 4mm or so). Price: $2.50 each

Hot Metal Chain Eyes: Try these for steelhead or salmon leeches, bonefish flies or even bass flies. Colors: Flo Red, Flo Green, Hot Pink, Hot Orange and Black.$2.50


Not shown: Mottled Bead Chain: Chain eyes with marbled colors. Black/White, Chartruese/Blue and Antique Copper. $2.50

Standard Size Bead Chain Eyes: These are great for making Mylar Minnows, Beady Eyed Leeches or Mike's Feather Leeches. Size 1/8" , Colors; Gold or Silver: $2.50/ pack




Dry Fly Tailing & Antennae Material

Microfibbets: If you use Hoffman saddles, its very difficult to find tailing material for dry flies. Microfibbets are plastic, tapered paint brushes in a strip to use for dry fly tails. Colors: Ginger, Brown, Dark Dun, Lt. Dun,Tan, White & Olive. White can be colored with a marker. One pack will tie alot of flies! 2.25/ each

Tinted Mayfly Tails: These are one of the coolest new items I've ever added. Tails are synthetic tails like the well known Microfibbets. These are fine tappered plastic fibers you can use for making tails, caddis horns or use for emergers. Has multi-colors that are tinted and tipped. Unique colors will make your flies more realistic. Colors: All Black, Cream/Dun/Gold, Clear/Dun/Cream, Clear/Dun/ Cinnamon, Lt Cahill to PMD, Brown Olive, Brown to Black, Black Barred White and Red Fix Squirrel Tail. $2.50/pack



Mongoose Guard Hair: This is some nice stuff. Fibers are similar to squirrel. Each strand is about 3" long and colors range from rust, brown, gray and white. Tips are mostly rust. These are perfect for making rats. Use for tails or wind as a fiber for a body. Very unusual and hard to find. $4.50





Almost all of my dubbings are natural materials. Look for neat stuff like Muskrat, Rabbit, Squirrel and Lots of Interesting Synthetic Dubbings

Antron: Single packs of popular material. Squirrel Belly, Hare's Ear, Tan, Med Olive, Cahill Cream, Light Grey, Yellow Stone, Black, Charcoal, White. $1.75

Austrailian Opossum Dubbing: Long time favorite is back in single packs! Ideal for nymphs. Colors: Black, Rust, Olive, Natural, Bleached, Yellow Stone $1.75







Fine and Dry: Dry fly dubbing in individual packs. Choose from: Black, Rust, March Brown, Hare's Ear, Adams, Blue Dun, Med Olive, BWO, Tan, Hend Pink, Creamy Yellow, Creamy White, ISO and Eastern Sulpher Yellow. $1.75

Borden's Beetle Bug Dubbin: Search no more! Beetle Bug Dubbin is here! This is the exact shade of Red Bob Borden and Dave Hughes use on the Beetle Bug. This is Hareline's own Flo. Red #06. $1.75 pack

Click Here to See How to Make this Fly!

As a Bonus, I have a kit made up!

Beetle Bug Kit!

Includes: Moose Body Patch, Beetle Bug Dub, Calf Body Hair ( You supply the hooks and the Hackle! ) $5.00/kit


Hareline Rabbit Dubbing: Hare's Ear, Dark Hare's Ear, Dark Dun, Hot Orange, Light Cahill, Flo Red, Black, Hendrickson Pink, Lt Olive, Seal Brown, Insect Green. Great for Mike's Z-lon scud, wet flies or more. $1.75

Mike's Red Fox Squirrel Dub: 100% pure red fox squirrel dub, cut from red fox squirrel hides, pre-mixed. Makes a nice spikey body. Use for scuds, nymphs and as a nice hare's ear type dubbing. $1.75

Mike's Hair's Ear Dubbing: Light tan/brown mix of rabbit. Ideal for nymphs, soft hackles and more. $1.75

Squirrel Belly Sub: If you like to make the Whitlock Squirrel Tails, this is the perfect sub for getting enough squirrel belly.......squirrel belly antron. I've used this for years! $1.75/pack

Pure Antron/ Short Cut Fibers: One of my long time favorites. I use this in my own mixes and with fur. Adds a pinch of sparkle to any dubbing mix. $1.75





Angora Goat Dubbing: This is a very close subsitute for seal fur. Use for salmon flies, wet flies, large nymphs and classic streamers. Colors: Black, Claret, Yellow, Purple, Hot Orange, Olive, Cream, Fiery Brown, KingFisher Blue, Highlander Green, Chartreuse, Olive Brown. $1.75


Hareline's Custom Dub Box: Custom Dub is Hareline's special mixed dubbing that has Ice Dubbing and Natural Furs Bleneded together. Reallu nice colors. Includes: Purple, Hot Orange, Black Stone, Black Dragon, Brown Stone, Fl Chartreuse, Fuchis, Hot Pink, Shell Pink, Golden Stone, Olive Dragon. $13.00



Hareline's Custom Blend: This is Hareline's newest dubbing which has a mix of goat, rabbit and Ice Dub. It has a very nice texture. Use for damsels, stoneflies, nymphs, leeches, bass nymphs and more. Colors: Black Stone, Golden Stone, Hot Orange, Chartreuse, Hot Pink, Purple, Brown Stone. $2.00



Hareline's Rainbow Scud Dub: This is a blend of 4 colors. Use for scuds, sowbugs, mysis shrimp and shrimp patterns. Very realistic when wet, mix of colors imitate natural vains and blood in scud bodies. 2 Colors: light shade and dark shade. $2.50/pack/each








Psuedo Peacock ( AKA AZ Sparkle Dub): This is synthetic peacock dubbing. Use for princes, zug bugs, pass lake specials or even H+L Variants. Very easy to dub with. Colors: Bronze Peacock, Golden Peacock, Natural Peacock, Golden Peacock. $1.75

Dubbing Dispensers


Hareline's Hare'e Ice Dub Dispenser: This is a blend of Hareline's popular Ice Dub and Hare's Ear. Mix of great colors and textures. Includes 12 colors. Use for nymphs, caddis and mayfly patterns. $15.00







Hareline Hare'e Wiggle Dub Dispenser: This is a mix of hare's ear dub and micro rubber legs. This type of material was made popular by Doug Swisher. He uses this to created wiggle buggers and twists the dubbing in a loop to create unbelievable motion in flies. Can be used in bead head patterns to create interesting new effects. 12 colors in a box. $15.00






Hareline's New Ice Dubbing: This new dubbing contains many new UV dubbing that create and reflect UV light. WOW! Will add flash and sparkle to any fly. Use for nymphs, steelhead, trout or bass flies. Packed into a travel box which includes these colors: Peacock, UV Olive, UV Black, UV Shrimp, UV Red, Olive Brown, Olive, Chartreuse, UV Pearl, Caddis Green, Orange and Pearl. $15.00

Steelhead Colors: These have bright steelhead and salmon colors. $15.00



Hareline's STS Trilobal Salmon, Trout & Steelhead Dub: ( Salmon / Steelhead Colors ): If you are looking for some really electric colors this is it! This is a trilobal dubbing that is translucent and will add life to any pattern. Boxed travel set includes: Fl. Flame, Fl. Orange, Purple, Fl. Yellow, Fl. Cerise, Red, Claret, Black, Fl. Chartreuse, Hot Orange,, Fl. Hot Pink, Fl. Shell Pink. $13.00




Hareline's STS Trilobal Salmon, Trout & Steelhead Dub: ( Trout Colors ): Nice mix of trilobal dubbing in popular trout colors. Fibers are transluscent and will enhance all trout patterns. Boxed travel set includes: Bloody Leech, Olive, Olive Brown, Brown Stone, Caddis Green, Golden Stone, Olive Black Leech, Burnt Orange, Damsel Green, Dark Olive, Dark Brown, Black. $13.00




Polar Dub: Another Hot new dubbing from Hareline. Transparenent sparkle dub. 12 colors packed in a dispenser. I like to mix many of these together with other dubbings for different effects. Nice colors. $15.00





Harelines' Quick Decent: This is a new dubbing that is pre-treated to sink. Quick Decent is actually a fine shredded aluminum based dubbing which twists & wraps easily. Use for all your nymphs and swimming or sinking flies. Set includes: Silver, Lt. Olive, Golden Orange, Red, Olive, Brown, Gold, Copper, Rust. Caddis Green, Gray and Black. $15.00




Holo-Brite Dubbing: This dubbing is some really cool stuff. Holo-Brite is a shredded mylar which contains very reflective materials. Use this for collars, as a body or mix with other synthetic or natural materials. Very Uunique. Boxed set of 12 dubbings which contains: Lt. Olive, Brown, Green Olive, Purple, Tan, Hot Pink, Claret, Blue, Gold, Lavender, Black, Silver. $15.00




Spirit River's Lite Brite Dubbing: Lite Brite is made of long coarse fibers of shredded mylar. Many of the colors are metallic which create interesting and unusal effects. Can be mixed with all sorts of things or can be used as is! Great for nymphs, stoneflies, caddis emergers or for salmon and steelhead flies. Full set includes a loaded travel dispenser box with these colors: Pearl Blue, Burgandy, Salmon Pink, Ocen Blue, Yellow, Pearl Green, River Green, Copper, Polar Pearl, Gold, Peacock, Silver. Price: $13.00





Not Shown:

Antron Dubbing: Package kit contains the most popular colors. I like this for mixing or on caddis puap flies. $13.00

Beaver Dubbing Dispenser: Box of beaver dubbing dyed for dry flies. Extra Fine texture, includes most popular colors: $15.00

Hareline's Rabbit Dub: 12 popular colors of Hareline's famous rabbit dub. Can be used for nymphs or dries. $13.00

Hareline's Crystal Dub: Mix of rabbit and flash-a-bou dubbing this stuff is great. Profiled in the Fly Fisher.The peacock is used for making sparkle Prince nymphs. $13.00

Hareline's Custom Dub Box: Custom Dub is Hareline's special mixed dubbing that has Ice Dubbing and Natural Furs Bleneded together. Reallu nice colors. Includes: Purple, Hot Orange, Black Stone, Black Dragon, Brown Stone, Fl Chartreuse, Fuchis, Hot Pink, Shell Pink, Golden Stone, Olive Dragon. $13.00


Hareline's Micro Fine Dubbing: A new natural dubbing dry fly dubbing. Micro Fly Dub is cut short so that even the smallest of flies can be tied evenly. Very nice and easy to use. $13.00

Spirit River's Antron + Squirrel dubbing is my favorite for nymphs! It makes a nice spiky body. 12 Colors packed in a box. $13.00

Whitlock's SLF Box: Has a mix of his favorite colors, Use to make red Fox Squrriel Nymphs and more. $15.00

Often used for making Czech Nymphs. Loads of great colors.




Master Brite: This is the same stuff as Glister, very course, holographic type material. Makes excellent material for nymphs and as a sparkle dubbing. Assortment box of 12 colors: $15.00




Super Dry Fly Dubbing: Synthetic dry dubbing from Wapsi. Long time favorite of many tyers. Contains 12 of the most popular colors. $13.00

Dubbing Boxes: These boxes are milky white. Use for your own selections of dubbing. (Boxes are sold without dubbing. Dah!) $3.50 each


Dubbing Furs

Select English Hare's Mask: These are great for making the famous hare's ear nymph. Dried faces include, the ears, face and cheeks. Nice clean masks. Choose from: Natural, Dyed Black, Bleached, Dyed Olive. $3.50


( Shown Above: Muskrat, Woodchuck, Badger, Gray Fox)

Dubbing Fur Patches: Go Nuts with all the fur choices here. Many shades and colors to choose from. Nutria, Beaver, Red Fox, Gray Fox, Cahill Cream Fox, Otter, Beaver Dyed Brown, Beaver Dyed Black, Rusty Orange Australian Opossom, Dark Brown Austalian Opossom $1.50 each or 3 for $4.00

Mike's Ausable Fly Kit: Use this kit to make all of your North Country flies. Includes: Snowshoe Rabbit, Select Kip Tail, Woddchuck, Rusty Orange Australian Opossum and Fire Orange Thread. Make Usuals and Ausable Wulffs with this. $10.00

Badger ( Not shown): Often used for various hair wing flies. Used for several of the rat flies, can be used for Llamas and such also. Barred fur. $2.50/patch

Bleached Muskrat: This is great for cahills, sulphers and light tan colored PMD's. Standard Muskrat patch, bleached to a cream and tan mix. $2.50



Cream Australian Opossum: You love this stuff for the Ausable Wulff. Now in a light cream. Use for making a light version of your favorite fly. Great material in lighter color. $1.50








Gray Fox Fur Patch: Used for making Flick's Fox Variant,Great New England, Catskill and Penn. Color. $1.50








Select English Mole Skins: There are back! I had a very hard time finding these. Your favorite soft hackle fur is once again available. Extra fine hair. Use for dubbing and spin some into loops of Pearsall's silk floss. Great with midges or as a nice dubbing fur. Colors: Royal Blue, Dark Green, Dark Dun, Black, Dark Brown, Dark Blue, Tan, Fiery Brown, Claret, Olive. $3.50


I temp out of a few colors, before ordering, please email first.




Peccary ( AKA Boar or Javelina ): The fibers on these are long and have a taper to them. The color ranges from cream to brown. Use these for tails, crawdads, prawns or wind as a rib. Makes nice dry flies if you flatten the fibers. ( Do this by running your fingers or a blunt object like a spool long them.) $3.50







Porcupine Guard Hair: Used in many new super realistic patterns. These are cream fibers from porcupine. Extra stiff, about 2-3" long. $3.50







Pink Vixen Fox: This is the real stuff! VERY hard to find. Pink vixen is THE color used to make the Pink Hendrickson dry and wet. Impossible color to duplicate using synthetic colors. Good stock of patches. Available in light ( pink-white-tan) or medium( tan-pink-amber). $2.50


Note: At the present time all I have is Pink Coyote. Very similar and actually has more pink. Email me before ordering!



Woodchuck: At your request, I added this fur again. Use woodchuck for the Llama, Chuck Caddis and Ausable Wulff. Great stuff! $2.50/ patch






Select Tanned Pine Squirrel Skins: Contains loads the entire pelt. Has some rust mixed in with gray and brown. Fibers are a bit shorter than red fox squirrel. $10.00





Tanned Squirrel Pelts: These are tanned hides of the entire squirrel. Contains head, belly, backs ( no tails). Soft tanned. Red Fox or Gray: $12.00







Extra Select Calf Body Hair: Select Patch of calf body hair. Large full patch has straight hair. Ideal for Wullfs and dry flies. $2.50





Zonker Strips

Tiger Barred Rabbit Strips. These are very cool. 3 toned colors. First is a base, then the fur is tipped in one color, then there is a grizzly pattern on the back. This was a super big hit at the Denver Fly Tackle Dealer Show and won the Ca Ching award by American Angler magazine for hot new material. Colors: Orange/black barred over yellow ( tiger), Black Bard Orange over tan( cree), Blue Black Barred over white (minnow), Mahi Green Black Barrd over Chartreuse. $5.00


Two Toned Rabbit Strips Flesh Strips: If you are fishing for salmon /steelhead or waters that have flesh in them this is a hot ticket. These are colored to look like real fish flesh. In the water they will move just like the real thing. Very cool.

Colors: Creamy Pink, Fleshy Pink, Peachy Orange, Pinky Shrimp, Salmon Pink Orange.


Price: $3.00



Red Fox Squirrel Strips: Dyed and split squirrel. This has a grizzly effect. Creates a nice zonker. Colors: Fox, Olive, Rusty Orange, Sculpin Olive, Chartreuse. $3.00

Bar Dyed Zonker Strips: These are very cool. The edges have one tone and the bottom is another color, to give a grizzly effect. Use for zonkers, crawdads, salmon flies or steelhead. Colors: Chartreuse/Olive, Orange/ Black, Olive/Brown, Olive/Black, Tan/Brown, Yellow/Olive. $5.00

Not Shown: Brown Barred Peach and Flesh. Ideal for Alaskan patterns or use salmon, steelhead or flesh patterns. $5.00



Standard Rabbit Zonker Strips! Ideal for trout , streamers or smaller bass flies. Makes dandy pinchers on crawdads! Colors: Purple, White, Orange , Black, Chinicilla/grizzly, Yellow, Ginger , Olive, Chartreuse.

$1.50 for 4 strips



Two Toned Rabbit Strips: These are zonker strips with dyed tips. Base color is solid and the tips have a variety of colors. Creates a two toned effect for zonkers. Standard width with standard cut strip. Colors: (Tip is first) Purple/Fuchsia, Purple/Hot Pink, Black/Red, Black/Hot Orange, Black/Chartreuse, Black/Hot Pink, Black/Olive: $3.00

Really Hot Two Tone New Colors: Blue/ White, Violet/White, Hot Orange/Yellow, Hot Orange/Flo Orange. Use these to dress up some traditional streamer patterns! $3.00


Pine Squirrel Strips: This is the stuff you wanted! Pine squirrel zonkers can be used for making the squirrelpin.......okay, sorry this is an Arkansas fly after all. Makes a very neat leech and a nice worm fly too! $3.00 per pack


Bugskin: This is a thin split leather used for all sorts of patterns. Very popular for leeches, crawdads, stoneflies and many other patterns. Nice colors: Black, Mottled Brown,Tan, Caddis Green, Holographic Cracked Holoskin ( Silver), Holoskin/ Silver, Light Mottled Brown, Brown/Silver, Bright Metallic Gold, Olive, Red and Orange. $5.00






Yarns & Chenilles

It's Back! Aunt Lydia's Sparkle AntronYarn! I have found a new source for my long time favorite yarn. Can be used for deep caddis, bodies or to build up a body ( after you cover the hook with lead ). Use the white or cream for spinner, tricos & parachute posts. Colors: White, Oct Caddis (Orange), Damsel Blue, Caddis Green, Hopper Yellow, Rusty Spinner, Red, Tan, Cream, Brown. $.50 a 3 yard card



Chironomid Braid: This a woven braid that will lie flat when turned. Ideal for midge bodies, streamers or use for some smaller salt H2O Crazy Charlies. Colors: Black , Charteruse, Peacock, Tan, Pearl, Silver, Gold and Red. $2.50





Spooled Antron: I use this for wings, parachute posts, backs of scud and as shucks. Colors: Brown, Gray, Tan, Claret, Gold, Olive, Olive Dun, Burnt Orange, Flo. White, Flo. Yellow, Flo. Pink, Flo. Orange, Flo. Lime, Caddis Green, Black, Rust. $1.50/spool

Sparkle Emerger Yarn ( AKA Antron Body Wool ): My long time favorite, Antron Body Wool is now gone. I use this material instead. These are big hanks of antron. Use for making LaFontaine Emergers, Sparkle Duns, Spinners, Paraposts or use for Serendipty flies. Try this as a sub for zelon. Colros: Amber, Black, Brown, Burnt Orange, Claret, Clear White, Cream, Dk Olve Dun, Ginger, Gray, Light Olive, Olive, Olive Brown, Orange, Pale Yellow, Tan. $3.00




Crystal Antron Chenille: This is very nice stuff. It is antron spun into a chenille with small flecks of mylar. Creates a bit more flash. Use for woolly buggers, eggs, egg sucking leeches or bass flies. Size Small . Colors: Red, Black, Olive, Flo Yellow, Chartreuse, Brown, Tan, Hot Orange, Purple, Dun. $2.25






Crystal Midge Yarn: This is a fine sized cactus chenille or a fine size Estaz type chenille. Use for all of your smaller sized trout type flies. Great for bodies on woolly buggers or use for streamers. Colors: Pearl< Root Beer, Orange, Fl Chartreuse, Olive, Peacock/Black, Blue, $3.50





Diamond Braid: This is a great material for bodies, Just wind on and you are done. Often used on bonefish flies and very hot with many steelheaders on the cold fushion sparkle egg patterns.

Colors ( Metallic/ Spooled): Black, Pearl, Silver, Gold, Copper, Bronze.

Dyed Over Pearl: Blue, Shrimp, Tan, Olive, Black/Pearl, Purple, Hot Pink, Orange, Purple, Chartreuse. $1.75

Midge Size: Same colors in midge size. Tis is about 50% smaller than the medium size: $1.75

Flat Diamond Braid: This is great stuff. Similar to the old Gudebrod Holo Braid many of us used. This is is useful for streamer flies, bonefish flies or other flies, ties flat. Somewhat wider (slightly) than the regular Diamond. Color: Blackm Chartreuse, Gold, Orange, Pearl, Root Beet, Shrimp Pink, Silver, Yellow. $2.50 /4 yards

Mike's Glimmer Chenille: This is some nice stuff. Course fuzzy pearlized yarn, a bit wider than the estaz but a bit more sparse. Dyed over pearl. Use for buggers, scuplins and crawdad patterns. I liked this so much I bought several bundles. Colors: Black and Olive. $2.50





Ice Yarn: This is a twisted yarn version of Glister or Master Brite dubbing. Comes in a 2 strand piece. Split to make wings, shucks, bodies. Great for terrestrial patterns. or steelhead flies. Colors: Black, Tan, Brown, Chartreuse, Blue, Purple, Dark Olive, Golden Olive, Hot Orange and Pearl. $2.50



Ice Dub Chenille: Popular dubbing by Hareline twisted into a chenille. Really nice material mixed into a load of colors. Black, Brown, Olive, Peacock, Tan, White, Chartreuse. $3.00







Ultra Chenille ( AKA Vernille) : A long time favorite of mine for weaving, extended bodies or San Juan worms. Colors: Black, Brown, Olive, Lt. Olive, Gray, Yellow, Tan, White, Red, Hot Pink, Flo Orange, Flo Lime, Worm Green and Worm Brown. .Sizes : Med or Micro : $1.50/card


Medium Chenille: Standard Danville Chenille. Colors: Purple, White, Yellow, Ginger, Tan, Brown, Dark Olive, Black, Light Gray, Red: $1.50/ 3 yard card


Micro Braid: This is a fine braid, spooled, ideal for terrestrial bodies or use for midge bodies, salmon ribbing or nice ribs. Really cool colors. Pearl, Green/Black, Copper/Red, Olive/Pearl, Bronze/Brown, Light Olive/Pearl, Blue/Black, Blue/Green. $2.50 a spool.





Micro UV Polar Chenille: This is a hot new chenille. use this for smaller trout flies, buggers, steelhead nymphs or small salmon flies. Has UV fibers mixed in with mylar strands. About 1/2' long or so. Colors: UV Blck, UV Borwn, UV Chartreuse, UV Fushsia, UV Orange, UV Pink, UV Olive, UV Borwn, UV Clear. $3.00/pack





Mike's New Age Chenille: This is all the rage out west, many stores have not been able to keep this in stock! I have had several colors custom made for me which are available only from Badger Creek Fly Tying. This chenille is a three way mix of colors. Choose from Midnight Fire ( Black with Blue and Red Crystal Chenille), Cherry Chocolate ( Red and Brown with Red Crystal Chenille), Henry's Lake ( Tan and Brown with Copper Crystal), Snake River Woolly ( Olive and Pearl) and White River Sculpin ( Tan and Olive with Green Crystal). $1.75 or get all 5 for $7.50



Mike's Metallica/Heavy Metal Chenille: These are just too cool! I came up with these new colors for all you of tyers and head bangers looking for something the fish have never seen before! These are twists of metallic chenille mixed with standard chenille. The Metallica/Heavy Metal chenilles are ideal for woolies, stoneflies and can be used with some other materials. Size Med only, choose from: Black N' Blue, Black N' Silver. $1.75/card





Danville Sparkle Chenille: Regular chenille wrapped with a silver or gold core makes and easy leech or wooly. Colors: Black with Silver Core or Dark Olive with a Gold Core. Size Medium: $1.25 /card



Danville Varigated Chenille: One of my long time favorites, I have had several new colors custom made for me by Danville. All are twists of 2 colors of reg chenille. Great for woolies, sculpins, crawdads, stoneflies or bitch creeks. Avoid all of that braiding and weaving, just wrap for a nice effect!Colors: Olive& Black, Tan & Brown, Hot Orange & Black, Orange & Black: $1.25/card, Or all 4 for $4!





Egg Yarn: Long time favorite for Great Lakes egg patterns. Colors: Hot Orange, Chartreuse, Cheese, Roe Orange, Bubblegum/Pink. $2.50


Sparkle Eggs: 5mm pre-made eggs, just wrap thread, slide on hook and glue in place. Colors: Red, Chartreuse, Cheese, Bubblegum, Orange or Pink. $2.50 each




Estaz: Long time Great Lakes Favorite. Use for all you your steelhead flies. Colors: Red, Orange, Black, Opal, Root Beer, Pink, Gold, Salmon, Butterum, Pearl Purple, Pearl Orange, Pearl Black, Pearl Blue Price : $3.00









Petite Estaz: This is a smaller version of the popular material. Use for woolies, stoneflies, streamers or on bass flies. Colors: Olive, Peach, Pearl, Peacock, Simmer Gold, Hot Pink. $3.00 each



Electra Holographic Braid. Ouch! This one is loud, about 1/4" or so wide. Fine braided holographic stuff made into a flat braid. Wind as a streamer body or use in flashbacks. Colors: gold, silver, pearl, copper, black, purple. Very cool ! $2.50 a card.


Mike's Leech Yarn: Genuine English Mohair used to make the famous Beady-Eyed Leech. Easy to use! Just wrap on and twist. Great for folks that hate to dub! If you are off to Canada or Alaska for lake fishing this is a must! Colors: Black, Olive, Purple, Wine, Blood Red. $1.50 each











McFlyFoam: Use this as an egg type material. Colors: Hot Pink, Cheese, Red, Chartreuse, Hot Orange. $3.50 Clown Egg/4 Mixed Colors: $4.00

Hareline's Parapost: This is pure antron combed out and treated with Watershed. Parachutes will become almost unsinkable! Use for spinner wings, shucks or as a tail in a sparkle dun. Can also be used for emergers and for split dry fly wings. Colors: Dark Gray, Flo. Orange, Flo Yellow, Medium Dun, White and Light Gray. Price: $2.50




Pearl Core Braid: This is sort of like ultra chenille, except it has a woven sleeve that is holographic! This is very cool stuff. Use like ultra chenille or use instread of making a woven body. This is one of the most interesting new items I have carried. Colors: Tan, Pearl, Chartreuse, Red, Olive, Hot Orange, Root Beer, Hot Pink and Black. Price: $1.75

Makes a Really Cool Worm Pattern! Use this to make atomic worms. Burn ends, tie in at head and wrap down using fine wire. Try It!



Polar Chenille: This is a very long pearl chenille which is a bit finer than Estaz ( about tiwce as long ) and is somewhat similar to the material we use on the Gold Trash Woolly. Great for fall steelhead or salmon. Choose from Black, Purple, Hot Pink, Chartreuse, Olive, , Pearl, Tan and Root Beer. $3 a pack




UV Polar Chenille: One of the coolest new things. These are very long fibers that are in a sparse chenille. Fibers have a mix of Long UV fibers and also clear mylar type material. Makes very cool looking patterns. Ideal for steelhead, salmon, bass patterns. Colors; Copper UV, Gold UV, Olive Copper UV, Rusyt Copper UV, Silver UV, UV Pearl. $3.00





Poly Yarn: Black, Brown, White, Yellow, Lt. Dun, Orange. For Hopper Bodies , Spinner or Parachute Wings:$1.00 a pack

Crystal Pearl Chenille: This is a bit thinner than med chenille and much smaller than the fat cactus stuff. Fuzzy pearl color will dye with a Pantone marker. $1.75 3 yard

Spirit River Bodi-Braid (AKA Krienik Flat Braid): At your request I added this one! This is a flat mylar ribbon which is used for bodies. Fray and used for wings or color w/a marker. Colors: Black, Silver, Gold, Pearl, Pearl Blue: $2.00


Spirit River Bodi-Brite: This is the stuff we use to make the Gold Trash Wooly. Very long fibers! Colors: Purple, Charcoal Gray, Silver, Gold, Pearl, ( Not Shown: Black ) $2.75/pack





Ultra Braid: Ideal for making worms or long flies for pike or saltwater. Also used for making backs for crawdads. Colors: Red ( Not shown), Brown, Chartreuse, Hot Orange, Black, Tan. Price: $2.75



Wooly Chenille: Very cool chenille! This is a twist of sparkle chenille and very shaggy yarn. Cool for crawdads, woolies or leeches. Colors: Rust, Olive, Pale Olive, Black, Light Olive. Medium size only. $2.50




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